Lumia 925 First Hands On images & Videos + Trending Worldwide

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To avoid having a billion posts we’ll be sure to post all hands-ons,comparisons images and everything else here (and update regularly) so be sure to check back. On a related subject the Lumia 925 was the #1 subject trending worldwide pretty cool huh!

BBC’s first look at the 925: (looks to be about a week ago or so?)

The Verge’s hands-on Gallery:



Vs. the One

#lumia925 vs #htcone

Vs. the 920:

Thickness vs 920 #lumia925

Wireless Charging Covers:

Wireless charging back covers

Via Gadgetsboy’s instagram


Via Engadget:

3Uk Launch video:


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  • dss

    That plastic back should’ve been removable.. SD card slot underneath

    • Vineet

      Completely agree with you re: SD slot. 16 GB with no SD when its not even a unibody at the same price as a 920?

      I know this might sound insane, but in all my years I’ve never once heard of using metal to save weight. I’m fairly certain the back is there to save weight(Yes Al is stronger and yes as a result it can be thinner, but its not lighter by any means). I think when rumours started floating about Nokia using Al to make it slimmer, it mutated to lighter as well when that is rarely the case.


      yeah it could have at least had an SD tray like the L720.

  • manu

    trending on twitter =! sales :D. totally disappointed.

    and the wait continues……..

    • Santeri Hiitola

      I totally agree.. So disappointed. Still waiting for something really awesome.

  • dss

    How much of this phone is actually aluminum ? I feel like its mostly plastic…

    • Vineet

      Its a completely plastic back with a completely glass front. There is Al along the sides for the frame, except it has cutouts for the antenna which look fine in black but terrible on white with seams and lines everywhere.

      So the sides are going to be slippery and scratch easier than polycarbonate. I would have preferred the inverse of this design, part brushed AL on the back without needing cutouts for the antenna and where it would dissipate heat near the CPU and look nice and not be as slippery since the edges would be polycarbonate.

      • Doug

        No Aluminum on the back = Fail

    • Symbianitta

      Did Nokia really copy Apple on the antenna design? That’s interesting.

    • D Harries

      Looking at the video above, the metal sides are part of the inner sheet with all the components attached, and then sandwiched with the front glass screen and the backplate.

  • Banderpop

    Typically the BBC guy is completely convinced that Nokia had nothing to offer during the iPhone’s early years. Lets just forget the always superior cameras, slide out keyboards, USB-OTG, Maemo, TV-out, HDMI out, Xenon flash, the anodised aluminium of the N8 and E7, multitaksing, mass storage, great battery life, AMOLED, antenae that work…

    • The BBC Guys wins the award for world’s biggest Ass-hat.

    • Symbianitta

      Nokia had some nice cameras, but they were failing in the most important features.

      Nokia had phones without enough applications and a great UI. That was a huge failure.

      USB-OTG was pretty irrelevant feature just to point out one.

      They didn’t have true mobile multitasking and applications like Whatsapp must be running in order to get it to work. HDMI out was a feature that required an adapter, so it was not so handy.

      • Banderpop

        Oh good, it’s you again.

        I think the BBC guy has some competition in the ass-hat category.

        • Symbianitta

          It seems that the BBC guy makes some very good points.

          Why making niche features if you want to have lots of unit sales and market share?

          • Mark

            Agree. They had lots of features that absolutely no-one cared about which is why they got demolished when phones that did the basics better came out.

            • Banderpop

              So the real answer to the BBC guy’s question would be:

              “We realised that adding features and functionality to our phones didn’t appeal to the masses, who really just wanted whooshy transition effects. So now we use Windows Phone, which gives us those effects and as a bonus also ditches all the features, expandability and customisation we couldn’t be bothered to advertise properly.”

              • Jerry


              • Mark

                No, the answer is that 99% of the phone buying population doesn’t care about features that only appeal to nerds.

                Something that Nokia and some of its fans just don’t get.

                • Banderpop

                  Tell that to Google and Samsung.

                  Where’d all these new people posting under generic first names suddenly come from? It has to be one nerd with too much time on his hands.

      • incognito

        … thus, the Nokia remained the same. It’s just that they don’t have the nice features like USB-OTG, HDMI out, and proper multitasking (please do not redefine something which you don’t understand) – the horrible UI and not enough applications are still there, albeit in a different flavor.

    • D Harries

      I think we’re trying to look at this as if there is some proper answer for the correct way to make a phone, when there is none. You make something, and see if it sells. Sometimes you can be market leader, sometimes not. Whatever you make could lead the way for others to follow. Nokia have had their turn, so have Apple, and now Samsung. Who’s next?

  • sbw44

    Where does the “more than your eyes can see motto come” in?


      with Jo Harlow jumping around in sports cloths, the motto should have been “more than your eyes should see”

      • Shh

        lol +10000

      • julius

        Ha ha +1, I was looking forward to seeing Marko explain this new design, but my guess is that he hates it, so then Jo had to show up instead…

      • incognito

        They should do post-presentation motto with ‘what was seen cannot be unseen’. It actually is quite surprising how Nokia still manages to survive with such PR and marketing strategists. So surprising that it verges on miraculous.

  • tiyo xi

    where is that sh*t eos ?

    • milojko

      in imagination of wp lovers

      • In imagination of Nokia lovers 🙂

        • Drangons’ Tear

          LOL….if only they used symbian/Meego hybrid :(…..

        • milojko

          Nokia lovers already possess 808 and don’t need the WP clone.

          • Bassman


  • doc76

    I dont like to colors, why grey? I feel disappointed, dont know why exactly….

  • John

    HTC looks so dated compared to Lumia!

  • DesR85

    Personally, I prefer the 920’s design over both the 925 and 928. Didn’t like the former because of the big camera lens at the back and the latter for its rather blocky design and the weird positioning of both the Xenon and LED flash.

  • Xpress0705

    Nokia has got to be kidding everyone! This phone is weaker than its predecessor! Slimmer maybe, but at what cost? No wireless charging built in,16GB non-expandable vs 920 32GB? 2 HAAC mics vs 3 for 928..

    The design of the last 2 Lumias degraded progressively!The standardised location of the micro-usb port has been moved from the bottom to the top of the device for unknown reasons. The location of this port at the bottom allowed the creation of 3rd party accessories like micro-usb charging desk cradles!

    Also the back of this device is horrible!! really cheap looking..Like that Huawei. Nokia is slowly losing the clean & pure look of the Fabula design that once made its reputation. It is becoming overcrowded at the back. The HTC One is a better looking phone going for a more simplistic approach whereas Nokia is doing the opposite! Just compare the Lumia 920 to the 925.. The 920 looks far more beautiful with its clean unibody back, standard micro-usb port location, centrally located 3.5mm jack and all those small details that made the difference.

    The 920 design was great.. Needed more polishing making it slimmer, lighter and reducing that ridiculous amount of fat bezel at the front!!

    Nokia only had one job to do.. And they came up with this!
    Oh well… Nokia being Nokia… -_-

    • you do know 925 is focused in being thin (8.5mm!) and getting aluminum somehow…

      and 920 is the real flagship. thats why 925 928 design is lower than 920. they intend to maintain 920 as ther top flagship

      • Bob

        But 925 also comes with 32gb, thinner than 920, lighter than 920, better optics hardware ( 6-element lens v 5 for 920/925 – for even sharper photos).

        The 925 is the flagship.


      no-way is the htc1 better looking than the 925,
      just look at the side by side photo, the htc1 looks squarish, bulky with big metal bars top and bottom, a very messy look, while the 925 has a clean front design, rounded aluminium sides.

    • Drangons’ Tear

      the design was good for the N9 cause it was fresh then stolen for the WP….for a ‘New Look’…since the UI is soo flat and boring they have to make their phones just as flat and boring ……….and now NOKIA IS BECOMING FLAT AND BORING

      • Bassman

        Can you please explain how Nokia ‘stole’ their own design?

        • incognito

          Inadequately re-purposed would be a better term…

  • StefanP

    The colour revolution is over, or left to competitors. Back to grey and black.
    Out of the three 92x I like the 920 most. 925 is truly a downgrade. I assume that “more than your eyes can see” needs MORE memory as all original frames are kept. Very logical to half the memory. Vodafone seems to be clever enough not to accept this.
    Now lets wait for Jolla.


      colourful backplates with built-in wireless charging that also protect the camera hump. 🙂

      • StefanP

        A backplate is a bit different than a unibody. The 920 is a bit “unlike”, it’s successors are mainstream. Waiting for the real “unlike”. 🙂

        • jiipee

          +1 waiting for the Unlike

        • +1 for the “Unlike”

  • Iva Biggun

    In one way I am disappointed that the 925 is not a true upgrade to my 920 not only for me but all the people out there looking for an alternative to the S4’s or Iphones. It just doesn’t excite me that much. In another way I am elated as I have only had the phone 6 months LOL. Maybe I am expecting too much still waiting for that Eos. In my opinion Nokia really needs that alternative to it’s competitors and unfortunately the 925 is not it. Sorry about the long rant.

    • jalyst

      (apologies for capitalisation)

      • Iva Biggun

        Greetings Jalyst. It’s a pleasure to see a fellow Aussie here on MNB. Apology accepted. LOL

  • julius

    well, the good news is that after almost two years and 9-10 lumias nokia finally realised what size the bezel should be, and that their logo should stay in the centre. Good! Maybe there is some hope for a nice fabula 930, after all..,

    • GordonH

      +1 dude +1…
      finally a 4.5 inch screen that is not the same weight as a 5.5 inch screen.

  • Toni

    Tom Warren at the Verge at least is impressed, quipping that “the only problem here is Windows Phone.” Without having any hands-on myself to the device it is really hard to say how the design plays out. The hardware limitations were known even before the release (yes, you could have had that microSD for extra storage), and there is little reason to have upgrades on specs just for the sake of it.

    I think that Nokia did great work with these product releases of the past week, from Asha to these two new Lumias. They have all garnered positive response from the media pundits, which is essential in growing the mind-share. If Nokia can keep on pushing devices at this level, they will eventually also gain market-share. Now it is up for Microsoft to put out their A-game and provide Nokia a software backdrop where the beautiful and masterfully engineered hardware can truly shine. Till then, it surely will be a struggle.

    But as for today, every Nokia fan ought to be rejoicing for Nokia has done a stellar work. They are about to release an app everyone has been asking for (it is them, not Microsoft); they managed to push out entirely new industrial design, which is by many touted as something good. At the same time they provide better user experience with the camera by issuing a specific app for the purpose, and, further, they hone their camera technique one notch to make it an additional step ahead of the competition. It is funny how the lack of microSD in HTC One (championed by many here and used as comparison to new Nokia devices) is of no concern, but when it comes to Nokia it means that the entire line of innovation is wasted.

    • nn

      They have all garnered positive response from the media pundits, which is essential in growing the mind-share. If Nokia can keep on pushing devices at this level, they will eventually also gain market-share.

      You know, the reality is that the big gains in pundits love and public mind share you are imagining are accompanied by massive market share crash. So it’s not even that you mix correlation and causation, because the correlation points to precisely the opposite direction than you would need.

      But don’t let the facts or logic get in the way of your WP love!

      • Mark

        So has Nokia increased its volume of WP sales quarter by quarter? yes or no?

        Simple answer please. 🙂

        • jiipee

          Thats a good question, no they havent. Q3 was smaller than Q2 2012. They did last quarter.

          More interesting question is, when they finally get to break-even?

        • nn


        • No. It is a failure in all angles.

          • Mark

            You have Symbian in your avatar. I suppose that makes you qualified to talk about failure. 🙂

            • tom3256

              What kind of failure? The real PureView in 808? The N9, the best phone ever created by Nokia and killed by Microsoft employee, who protects Microsoft profits? This way android would be also failure when Elop will become a CEO of Google. The sales volume of Lumias is lower than symbians in 2013? Explain, which system is a big failure?

              • Symbianitta

                Symbian was a big failure and so was MeeGo. The first one was almost obsoleted by modern smartphones and the second one was too little too late.

                • sbw44

                  Wonder why almost every tech site praised the N9 even stating stuff like why is Nokia going to WP if they had such a beautiful OS available!

                  • Symbianitta

                    That’s easy to explain.

                    After years of waiting Nokia managed to create a smooth UI. It doesn’t matter the smooth UI was almost everything it had because they never really had to use it.

                    It’s easy to praise something you don’t have to use.

                    • Banderpop

                      Does this also explain why RIM recycled the N9’s UI for BB10?

                    • Symbianitta

                      N9 was almost a one trick pony with the UI. Sure, if someone wants to take that one trick and add it to the product they are making, why not?

                      It’s not like N9’s swipe UI would be very hard to implement.

                    • Banderpop

                      Not sure what you’re getting at now. I thought UI was supposed to be a more important trick than other features, according to you?

                      The funny (frustrating) thing about Harmattan is that all the UI ideas weren’t meant to just work in isolation. The case of the phone, from the lack of buttons to the curved but long and narrow screen were all meant to compliment each other, to maximise the display and yet acheive fast navigation with just one thumb. Ideal conditions for the Swype keyboard too. Pairing ‘Fabula’ with Windows Phone doesn’t serve any intelligent purpose other than the phone looking okay when it isn’t doing anything. Copying Harmattan and putting it on Blackberrys and Ashas isn’t quite ideal either.

                    • Symbianitta

                      N9 was never going to have a comparable amount of applications to iOS and Android. That’s a problem. WP doesn’t have those and look at the sales of it.

                      Having a smooth UI is a requirement, but it’s not all a modern smartphone must have.

                      There have to be services, applications, nice camera features in addition to the hardware and of course also cloud services. Not some hacks but something like Google and Apple can offer.

                      At the time of N9’s release it didn’t even have video calls and front camera support. There could have been but there was not.

                      Swipe UI was almost the only thing the competition didn’t have. Why would it make a phone to be able to compete against Android and iOS?

                      There is also copying. If Swipe UI became popular, Samsung could have implemented it pretty quickly for their phones. Nokia implemented Swipe UI in a year and they were also doing other tasks at the same time. It’s fully possible that Samsung could have implemented Swipe in 6 months on a real Android device. There goes Nokia’s one trick. What then?

                      Patents? They didn’t prevent Samsung from copying Apple. Samsung just goes to court and pays years later if they have to.

            • noki

              Nokia should would not mid a bit of Symbian like “faliour” now you know seling tens of milion devices per quarter…

              Let me remind you that luma sales are so pathetic that till this day the combined sales still have not matched half of symbians last quarter (before beinf declared dead). yeah that pathetic that after 2.5 years its still only 2.5% of the market and the only way nokia manages to push more devices is by fire sale prices…

              Some people have some interesting def. of “faliour”

              • Symbianitta

                Lumia is definitely not a failure when you look at YoY growth.

                The problem is that Nokia started the transition too late.

                You suggested that MeeGo would have had almost 100% YoY growth rates. I really doubt that would have been possible because Nokia never had that kind of growth even when Symbian was the number one.

                YoY growth rates pretty much tell the truth about how quickly you can replace an OS with another one. That applies also to MeeGo.

          • Joe

            You’re an idiot with Symbian in your avatar. That says all that needs to be said about you.

        • Mark

          Ah right, but…

          Q4 2011 – 1 million
          Q1 2012 – 2 million
          Q2 2012 – 4 million
          Q3 2012 – 2.9 million
          Q4 2012 – 4.4 million
          Q1 2013 – 5.6 million

          The drop in Q2 to Q3 2012 aside this is an increasing trend? Right? 🙂

          • nn

            Nice numbers, indeed. Now I have also one question – what is your point in bringing absolute volumes into the discussion and what do you think that increasing trend (which is increasing apart from the times it’s decreasing) tell us about WP? Go on, I’m really interested in reading the rationale.

            Meanwhile allow me to toss here some random numbers, just in case they will come handy in further discussion.

            Q3 2009 – 16.4 million
            Q4 2009 – 20.8 million
            Q1 2010 – 21.5 million
            Q2 2010 – 24.0 million
            Q3 2010 – 26.5 million
            Q4 2010 – 28.3 million

            • tom3256


            • Drangons’ Tear

              +10000000000000000000000000000 they are too blind to see…after all they are looking through a shit ton of DIRTY WINDOWS…aka tiles XD….of course their views will be muddled….they need windex

            • Symbianitta

              Why do you oppose using absolute volumes when talking about WP while you want to use them when talked about Symbian?

              Didn’t you know that Symbian was losing market share at that time and it was also losing both unit sales and market share in high?

              • noki

                oo is wp wining marker share ??? were last time i checked it was still unde the radar with less that 3%
                AKA less than windows mobile had I repeat LESS THAN WM….

                • Symbianitta

                  I have not seen any proof that MeeGo would have been doing any better.

                  Nokia just started too late.

                  Even iPhone didn’t have growth like the ones you suggested.

            • Joe

              LOL! Q4 of 2010? That’s the best you’ve got? That was two and a half years ago you idiot. Nokia was getting slaughtered by Android and the iPhone years before WP was even announced dumbass. Who cares how many Symbian devices they shipped to completely irrelevant developing markets? Two plus years ago, Windows Mobile had more market share. That’s irrelevant now. Nokia’s revenue, profits and market share were crashing years in relevant western markets years before WP was released. So try again.

              Symbian was a crap OS, and it didn’t even have half the developer support of WP. Nokia couldn’t build an ecosystem with it.

            • Mark

              Random numbers and you bring up three year old Symbian numbers before low end Android destroyed it?

              Bitch please. Stay on point! 🙂

              • nn

                Don’t let the random numbers distract you and try to answer the question!

          • arts

            mark, drop it. 😉 not worth your time. =D

            • nn

              What do you mean stop and not worthy his time?!? Such threads are the reason we are keeping him here!

              • arts

                He contributes far more than you ever did. 😉

                • noki

                  what Mark??? what like you ? with personal insults and LIES? and FUD? sure…

                  • arts

                    oh i know what i contribute to my nokia blog. and i dare say its far more useful than speculating nokia’s death at every turn or giving silly ultimatums about leaving this blog when there is 10mil lumia sales.

                    • arts

                      To put it in another way, I dont come here BECAUSE of some silly NUMBER of devices nokia sells per quarter. And leave because it exceeds the targeted number of devices sold. YOU do. And that frankly is facking pathetic.

                    • noki

                      you do put it really well wen you say…” I dont come here BECAUSE of some silly NUMBER of devices nokia sells per quarter.”

                      I agree its is silly…

                    • arts

                      oh fack off.

      • Toni

        Hmm, strange. I thought that I was rather neutral, but seemingly I was emanating some WP love without owning a single WP device. You do not actually challenge the assumption on that quotation you provide from my writing. Moreover, if there will be more WP devices sold this quarter compared to last one, I am doubtful you will return here and issue a restatement.

        You also seem to lack some experience in the lively field of correlations and causations as you seem to suggest that the fact that Nokia is producing WP is the reason they are losing the market share, whilst it is generally agreed that the seed for failure is of much more ancient origin. I am not that well-versed in your inner logic as you are seemingly of mine, but I venture a guess that you would rather see home-grown OS in Nokia phones or, alternatively, one from Google?

        Obviously, you can argue that Nokia would have significantly greater market share with such a tactic, yet your argument is fairly superfluous as you cannot possibly have any evidence apart from your hunch. It is in the realm of possible that such would have happened, likewise it is in the very same realm that it would not have happened. Therefore, your argument whereby my comment “mix[ed] correlation and causation” is a curious piece self-refusal, as you provide no support for your own argument, which would show either correlation or causation towards anything outside your personal sentiments.

        Thence, I’d argue that what you essentially are conflicting is the fact that there has been positive feed-back to Nokia devices of late, it has been of relatively universal and that such positive response will likely also materialise in greater sales. The two first arguments are factual statements, whereas the third one is a guesstimate based on common sense argument, which can equally well prove out to be wrong (see e.g. response to HTC products and their market share). However, whilst I did actually provide some food for the thought, you provide naught. Hence, I would be inclined to call your rebuttal an attempt to troll, yet as you seem to have such a strong conviction of your own arguments, I guess that you have postulated them elsewhere.

        Here I am, waiting for the “facts [and] logic” to prove my argument in the quotation manifestly ill-founded as, then, I would have no option but to revise my argument. As I have argued above, however, you provide neither facts nor logic which would efficiently counter my assumptions, as the very fundamental assumption of yours creates an alternate reality from which you provide insights that are not available to anyone but you and confuse such arguments as facts and logic. The choice of Windows Phone as operating system of Nokia’s smartphones does not: a) mark a cause for Nokia’s declining market share b) correlate with this decline in market share or c) provide any nexus between a) and b).

        • nn

          That’s the problem with love – you can’t hide it and when you try, that only makes it even more apparent. So just admit it to yourself, you hopelessly and eternally love WP. The anxiety will be gone and after the coming out you will feel a lot better.

          It was you who claimed causal connection between PR games and turning unsellable product into hit. So it’s your and only your responsibility to back that claim, otherwise it’s just random nonsense.

          On the other hand I did not make any claims about causal links. What I actually did was just point out the little fact that Nokia is seeing massive cratering of sales, both in terms of market share and absolute volumes, precisely over the time Nokia is supposed to finally have big increases in mind share (whatever it means we have no data for that, of course, just trust us people love WP more than they liked Symbian). But I see you quite predictably decided to completely ignore that fact.

          • Joe

            You’re an idiot of epic proportions. He will admit it when you admit that you have some weird love for that godawful Symbian.

            “What I actually did was just point out the little fact that Nokia is seeing massive cratering of sales, both in terms of market share and absolute volumes”

            Straight up lie, but keep trolling dumbass.

            • noki

              wen there are no arguments …. INSULTS its a complement nn, its a complement…. 🙁

    • dansus

      ‘The only problem here is Windows Phone. It’s a solid operating system, but it needs improving and a higher quality of apps.’

      • Ya, someday maybe we can have over 1000 fart apps like Google and Apple.

        • Patata

          Until then, we can keep on playing with those thousands of shortcut tile apps 😉

          • noki

            and the 1000 fart apps WP has as well… Some times I’m almost sure most of this guys never had an WP device…

            • Viipottaja

              Sometime I feel you haven’t either.. 😛 Just kid you noki, ok among us Finns I hope.

              • noki

                O I admit the one I had I didn’t had for long, :). But becouse of my work i have o keep up with the stores and the apps there and im sure you can testify that there are plenty of “fart” like apps in wp just like in any other app store…

      • Just Visiting

        You know, I had my N8 for 1yr and 5 months…The app situation for Symbian was not good when I purchased my device, and it didn’t improve at all.

        I bought my Lumia 900 last November – not only is the experience 100% better in every way, I cannot keep my hands off of my device – I always find myself using it, the apps, and there are still more apps that I want to use, but I just don’t have the time to explore more.

        My point: With regards to apps and quality, WP for me, has been leaps and bounds above Symbian.

        • Symbianitta

          It’s great to hear that you like your new modern smartphone.

          Applications matter.

          Back in 2010 it was not so uncommon to hear Symbian users claiming that apps on iPhone and applications on Android phones are irrelevant and people don’t really need apps or applications.

          WP seems to have lots to offer. At least it has some nice applications.

          • sbw44

            The apps is definitely better but how about all the features and customization it lost? the stuff Android fanboys keep pointing out that WP is not as open as Android?

            Where is FM-Transmitter,HDMI Out, File MAnager, Notifications,USB OTG,Wallpapers/Themes?

            It took 2 years for MS to bring double tap to wake,FM Radio and still no FM radio available now!

            Nokia needs to bring all this stuff back to show all the users they lost that WP also has all the features Symbian had in the past!

            • Symbianitta

              That HDMI out once again. Symbian phones always needed a connector for that feature. It never worked with a HDMI cable used in normal DVD players and devices like that.

              USB-OTG was pretty pointless feature and the rest of those, mostly niche features.

            • Joe

              LOL! Customizations? You mean those shitty Android skins which cause massive amounts of fragmentation? WP8 has enough customization with allowing OEMs are users to shit up the OS.

              • sbw44

                As much as I hate saying this, but if that customizations that those Android OEMs has is screwing up the OS why the F**k is android still selling like hotcakes? why does a company like Huawei sell more smartphones than Nokia?

                People like options that’s why Apple’s stock is plummeting. That’s why WP is not selling as well because its more like IOS!

                • noki


          • incognito

            Meanwhile, now in 2013 it is not uncommon to hear WP users claiming that apps are irrelevant using the same ‘arguments’. Case in point, twig, two posts above:

            Ya, someday maybe we can have over 1000 fart apps like Google and Apple.

            Same old, same old…

            • noki

              and as if wp app store was a good apps after good apps… its mostly the same carp per nice ratio (if not worse) as any other store out there…

      • D Harries

        How many apps is the correct number? 145,000? Or more? I’ll have a free phone if Nokia wants to give me one, so that everyone can see me using it.

    • HTC one has NO microSD? Its TRASH !

      • manu

        htc one has a 64gb varient who needs micro sd.

  • Grazy

    I would prefer the 928 over this? to be honest!

  • chris

    I think what everyone is failing to realize is that this isn’t meant as a replacement to the 920. This phone, along with the 928 in VZW, is all about expanding the market. You don’t like the 925? Get one of the others. Need lots if colors? Get the 920. Want VZE exclusivity? Get the 928. All of these phones are almost the same in hardware. This is all about expanding the number of designs for their flagship build to give the consumer design choice. Its smart, but hopefully not confusing to the consumer.

    • mj12

      Just like what Samsung does with the myriad of galaxy phones.

      • Grazy

        fair point! but its a shame there 928 isn’t available everywhere!

      • manu

        the problem is not with the phone but the event wtf was that teaser about and what was the need of a launch event for this ?

        • incognito

          One might explain it with stock market shenanigans – rise the hype to rise the stock price, then short it before announcement… Now I don’t subscribe to the theory that the most investors on the stock exchange are gamblers, but if that’s your cup of tea:

    • Barry

      The strategy is ok, but it just takes too much time. If they have 920/925/928 at the same time? that would be totally different story. now everyone is looking for the next flagship, not a variant 6 months, actually 7 months, later.

  • julius

    Next logical step would be for Nokia to question the inverted logic of the industry that people in general want gigantic phones. I spoke to a girl the other day who was gonna upgrade her iphone 4s and she was hesitant about iphone 5 because she thought it was too big! I’ve heard the same thing from a lot of guys too that are not tech geeks. Bigger isn’t better, ha ha!

    • Hmmmm very good point, but I think at this point sooner or later Nokia will cave in to the market’s will (they’ve done it to please Verizon so why not?). I expect a phablet from Nokia soon..

    • sbw44

      A 4.5″ display like the 920 will be enough for most people but maybe 4.7″ won’t be that bad also. Nokia just has to keep the bezel to a minimum a then it would be okay. Also 1080p resolution is a must now!

      • manu

        bro if you`ve used something like note II you`d never want to use a phone with smaller display.with smartphone size getting bigger and bigger it makes more sense to buy a 7″ tab with sim slot 😀

        • sbw44

          Actually my brother has a Note2 and an S2. He actually tried to convince my sister to get a Note2 while I tried to convince her to get a 920!

          At the end it was the Build Quality, Camera, Free GPS and loyalty to the brand that she got a 920. I used my Bro’s Note a couple of times and for me the only thing I could see myself doing on that thing is watching movies, browsing the web playing games.

          but what I meant to say is 4.5″ is currently the sweet spot for most people.

          • noki

            I have to commend you for thinking for yourself, congrats…its a pleasure to read your comments.

  • Mapantz

    Loving the 6 different lens elements with the ability to set ISO 3200, my photography friend claims this will be a pretty good thing against now having a Xenon flash, and with OIS built in, i’m willing to bet that’s true?!

    • D Harries

      +1 Can’t wait to see some pics

  • I like this in the wpcentral video. Nice combination of materials. Great phone for t mobiles new business plan. Fits in perfect instead of a danger Android the drudge says the Bilderberg are combining with Google. No thanks Android boys. I need freedom.

    • incognito

      You need freedom, so you ask for a platform that is in many ways even more locked down and tightly controlled by their creator than even the iOS? What part of the word ‘freedom’ you don’t understand?

      • noki

        the freedom to have is messages in Skype read…
        This “new” narrative that android is the EVIL that comes from MS is funny, I guess it takes one to know another…

  • Sam

    Nokia still relying on cameraphones for sales, ohh dear, wasn’t it all the point about N8 and symbian.

    • Toni

      They do realise that it is their only asset; they cannot compete in terms of specs as WP does not support such specs nor can they compete in terms of applications as they perfectly well know that other operating systems are miles ahead.

      Nokia has provided now new designs to please different consumer segments, it has provided better low-light camera experience together with greater video taking capabilities and it has provided an array of other (minor) improvements (such as super-sensitive screens, wireless charging).

      If you compare these devices with others in the market, you can fairly quickly notice that these devices of the last 6 months are showing, as a matter of fact, more innovation than most other phones. There is fairly limited innovation in HTC One or Samsung S4 or Apple’s iPhone5 yet they are touted as examples of what Nokia should do. I am at times baffled what it is that these phones which actually is all that innovative?

      • Symbianitta

        You should define innovation.

        Those seem to be very good phones. Consumers want to have great products and it doesn’t really matter if they have or don’t have innovations.

    • D Harries

      Windows Phone is a very good alternative to Apple and Android. You should try one. Plenty of scope for regular updates with development and maturity

      • Drangons’ Tear

        they said the same shit 2 years ago…..still not actual progress with WP XD

        • D Harries

          What were you expecting?

  • noki

    O nokia now even the devices look rubbish 🙁
    plastic back on aluminium ??? and glass,, That thing looks far worse than the L928

    • Mark

      Shouldn’t you be away cashing your paycheck from Samsung?

      • arts

        nah, he wants nokia to get bankrupt. 😉 said that during the aftermath of feb 11.

        • noki

          hey mister i don’t want that, but that what I expect back then, in fact I expect nowadays that Microsoft will acquire Nokia…

          Time for what I wanted is long gone, nokia is now on one way street and we are here just to enjoy the landscape as it gets there.


          • arts

            oh my bad then, mark, noki is here to WATCH nokia get bankrupt. 😉 and oh also to ENJOY it. 😉

      • noki

        Mark what is your problem? You know very well what I think and how I find Samsung Products plasticity rubbish looking.. but you spread personal FUD every time around..

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