Serious Nokia Symbian Product Placement in Fast & Furious 6

| May 24, 2013 | 34 Replies

Fast and Furious 6 MovieSo yesterday I watched Fast & Furious 6 at the movies, and at first I thought I was imagining things. I caught a glimpse of the plastic end caps of a N8; nothing too suggestive, but after that I knew something was up; without fail almost every single phone in the movie was a Nokia… running Symbian.


There were some obvious shots of the E6 (both in black and white), one where Ludacris lets his hand hover over the phone for a second or two so you can get a clear glimpse of the NOKIA logo.

Also there was a brief glimpse of either an N9 or a Lumia 800 (only the side buttons were visible). Either way it’s interesting to see these old phones in what looks like a paid placement; perhaps they filmed this a couple years ago?

Just thought it was interesting, anyone else watch the movie/spot the phones?



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  • RA

    yup! E6 on the spotlite ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Pras

    also black Nokia 700, used by Jah (Joe Taslim), the Range Rover / tank driver. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • adit38

      I really love that e6 is the star of the show ๐Ÿ™‚

    • nabkawe



    an old contract obligation I’d say.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Why do they all look so furious

  • viipottaja

    Well, the movie is kinda retro… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • tiyo xi

      When it comes to c++ symbian will always better from windows phone , but we all knows it never got fund to go upto carla or dona
      …. …. ….
      Linux phones based phone will be future of market are geting all enviormental supports to , and without nokia wp is nothing but the garbage

      • mirco

        WP8 supports native applications in C++. So what is your claim?

        • Ibrahim

          i guess he meant Nokia should have used Android in their phones, and Elop is trojan horse. lol

          • Mooking

            not android…symbian rework or meego and yes elop is a trollin s*** head

            • Andy User

              Considering WP: in commercials and in marketing this is more then divine piece of miracle, only users are so unaware and have unfounded and unsubstantiated claims. Course them MS evangelists, before will spread out.

            • bigbenwpnokia

              Symbian dead meego has no ecosystem and your point is invalid.

      • bigbenwpnokia

        please Linux is garbage and slow and Symbian is like an old cripple man your point is nothing#

        and c++ is supported in windows phone so you need to do your research before spilling bullshit

        do you even no nokia plans to boost its company no so ** ff

  • AnandRo

    FAST N FURIOUS MOVIE Showing FAST(not like laggdroids) and DURABLE (not like cheap plastics) phones… So, no wonder only Nokia being shown ๐Ÿ˜›


    its now the 6th movie already? i think i missed a few.

    • Viipottaja

      you did not miss much.

    • Hypnopottamus

      If you’ve seen 1, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

      • Dominic

        Well the 1st one was actually a life chancer for a little kid like me, by seeing only that one would give you a completely wrong picture. I know most of people consider that movie as a joke but it’s still one of my favorite ones. And no, I’m not a piston head with glass fibre bumpers on my old toyota.

  • muhsal

    hey… “Also there was a brief glimpse of either an N9 or a Lumia 800 (only the side buttons were visible)”
    if there was a camera button ,then its a lumia 800 . if there’s not ,then its an n9 !!

  • aria

    The show “Pretty Little Liars” still rock Symbian Nokias.

  • I was going to capture images. They did some SERIOUS work. I mean the movie start with the Nokia’s tone.

  • An interesting Sci-Fi TV Series “Black Orphans” is full with Nokia devices.

    A new good movie “Identity Thief” shows off Nokia 603 I think upclose several times. I have screen for you guys to send over.

  • gal

    nokia everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  • milojko

    hm, maybe the movie was shot with 808 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • *****

    Chronologically, this movie is “before” Tokyo Drift(Han Dies in that one)

    Thus, they cannot show any newer cars than what appeared in that movie, and well, only Symbians because its “old” I guess.

    • MdN

      True, but still they could have used iPhones or older Androids and they didn’t. Maybe there weren’t any in working condition left. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • You will also Nokia x7 symbian anna in Transformer 2

  • Shreenit

    True! Stars of FF6, A Nokia E6, E7, A N8, A 701 and 500 too!

  • AnythingButNokia

    Yes we should all get excited over a dead OS that even its own mother set on fire and pushed into the cold arctic waters off the Finnish shore.

  • Erudy

    I think nokia hit the nail as far as phone’s . all phones now days have no self image. they are all a glass with a plastic cover. think about it no matter how high tech they get the still look just like the phone of the guy next to you. kind of like a casio and a rolex. Casio super tech rolex tells time.

  • Jiraiya

    Nokia is just a phone that is durable. Not like the other brands (Samsung, Sony, Lg) with Android OS. Still I love nokia phones (especially my Nokia N85 with Symbian OS). I have this for over 4 years. For how many times it fell on the ground, it still works. I love This movies coz they choOse the riGht phone for the movie.

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