Less than meets the eye: A rant on perception

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A long time ago, my boss in a previous career once told me “Perception is reality” and he believed that 100%. I was never convinced because I know that the reality of something may be totally different from what it seems. Sure, people can perceive anything to be anything but that does NOT mean that it is what you think it is.

Let’s start with the Galaxy S4 Zoom…

First, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a bash Samsung, GS4 Zoomest Suxxors, Android lageth!!! post. If that isn’t what this post is about, then what is it about? It all goes back to perception. Let’s look at a few photos of the GS4 Zoom:

Point and shootingness

The better to see you with

I see you


Look at it! (no seriously…look at it) This device has perception written all over it. What do I mean? When the average consumer sees the GS4 Zoom, all of their attention will be on the massive camera array and telescoping lens. Perception says “OMG there is a REAL camera on that phone!!! It MUST take the BEST pictures of any smartphone..seriously, did you SEE that real camera on the back??? Look at the size of that camera lens, it zooms just like my (insert camera brand)!! Best smartphone camera EVER!!! All other phones have smaller cameras and “cell phone” cameras but THIS is the real deal!!!”

Yes, perception says a LOT. I can hear the ATT reps now “The Galaxy S4 Zoom has the best and most advanced camera of any smartphone known to man. Look at the size of the camera, it takes the best pictures ever. You will never need to take a separate camera with you again because your camera is right here (points to the zoom array). Customer buys GS4 Zoom..after perceiving that the camera LOOKS like a high-end point and shoot and hearing the high praises from the media and store reps.

Perception is doing the consumer a BIG injustice. Here’s why:

Our good friend, Steve Litchfield, guessed the sensor size of the Zoom before the specifics were even mentioned. I have bolded the sentences that Steve was pointing out.

From his article:

Here’s part of the official press release:

“Part of the GALAXY S4 family, the GALAXY S4 zoom is the realization of Samsung’s mission to create a single device that can fulfill the role of both an industry leading smartphone and a high-end compact camera. Combining 10x Optical Zoom, 16 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor, OIS and Xenon Flash with the very latest Samsung GALAXY S4 technology, the GALAXY S4 zoom sets new standards for perfect mobile photography. It is the ultimate smartphone and camera experience in one, and the only device you’ll ever need.

The Zoom Ring also revolutionizes conventional camera zoom controls. Optical zoom control replaces traditional dials and buttons with smooth, easy-to-operate digital controls. Professional-quality accuracy and unprecedented ease of use are just a twist away, making it easy to compose a scene and capture wide-angle shots or tight close-ups.

When it comes to high quality photography, bigger isn’t always better. The compact GALAXY S4 zoom’s best-in-class 10x Optical Zoom and 16MP BSI CMOS Sensor lets you capture beautiful images from far away or up close and personal, in all light conditions, without having to carry heavy camera gear around with you. Furthermore, the built-in Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) helps keep the camera perfectly still even when you’re not, reducing blur and stabilizing the image while zoomed in for high-quality photos and video.”

Interesting stuff – the size of the sensor in the S4 zoom isn’t mentioned, but I suspect it’s 1/2.3″ and a lot smaller than the 1/1.2″ unit in the Nokia 808 PureView and rumoured to be in the Nokia EOS. (1/2.3″ was the size of the sensor in Nokia’s 2009 S60 3rd Edition-running N86.) The combination of true optical zoom and optical image stabilisation is welcome, of course, the two technologies do rather go together. Though note that Nokia’s software zoom system from the 41 megapixel sensor in their flagship PureView devices does have the advantage that it’s less bulky and doesn’t restrict light ingress, unlike optical zoom systems, which only really work well in good light conditions.

I have yet to see a press release that lists the sensor size BUT Samsung has released a video highlighting all of the neat things that you can do with the zoom and in the video, we can finally see the all important sensor size of…… 1/2.33, or rounded to 1/2.3 just as Steve predicted above!

small sensor

Perception….. The reality is that 1/2.33 is a small sensor! I would like to mention this again: this isn’t a bash GS4 Zoom or Samsung article. If Nokia did the same exact thing, I would write the same exact article.  Samsung has, by design, given the perception that the GS4 Zoom is a serious camera phone with a best in class camera and the masses WILL believe it. It will be hard to convince the average consumer that the Nokia N8 (1/1.8 sensor) may, that the Nokia 808 PureView (1/1.2 sensor) does and that the rumored Nokia EOS (rumored to have a 1/1.2 sensor like the 808) will take better photos. Now that sentence is all speculation because I haven’t seen any thorough comparison of the Zoom to the aforementioned devices.


What I can say as a FACT is that those Nokia devices have larger sensors and many proven advantages over smaller sensors similar to the GS4 Zoom. Perception will say “There is NO WAY that your 808’s puny camera (looking at both camera arrays) can beat this MONSTER camera on my S4 Zoom…no way!” it will also say “My Zoom has a real camera, your EOS has a cell phone camera and fake digital zoom!” Now, I am not going to touch on actual performance of the device, just the perception, but if you want to see a comparison of a similar situation, look no further than GSMArena’s excellent Galaxy Camera vs. 808 PureView: Shoot ’em up

From the article:

Sensors and lenses

The Samsung Galaxy Camera uses a 16.3MP backlit CMOS sensor, while the Nokia 808 PureView relies on a 41MP front-lit CMOS. The 808 PureView a sensor that’s more than 3 and a half times bigger than that  of the camera: 1/1.2″ against the Galaxy Camera’s regular 1/2.3″.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Nokia 808 PureView
Sensor Type BSI FSI
Sensor Size 1/2.3″ 1/1.2″
Effective Megapixels 16.3 MP 38 MP
F-number F/2.4 – F/8.0 F/2.4
Focal Length 4.1 – 86.1 mm 8.0 mm
Zoom 21x optical zoom Up to 4x lossless digital zoom Up to 12x lossless digital zoom in video recording
Optical Image Stabilization Yes No
Flash Xenon (up to 6m) Xenon (up to 4m)
AF light Yes (AF red light) Yes (single-LED)
Video recording 1080p@30fps, 720p@60fps 1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps
Slow-motion video 768×512@120fps No


The original Galaxy Camera (GC) (no phone capabilities) has a 1/2.3 sensor and while I cannot confirm nor deny if it is the same sensor that is in the Zoom, Samsung has been known to reuse their camera sensors and modules in different devices. The end result is that the 808 took better pictures yet the GC (not GameCube) had better zoom capabilities. The 1/2.3 sensor does not, cannot live up to the design of the GC and the expectations of the buyers.

Here is my big issue with Perception and my reason for this article: We are the consumers and we trust whatever company to deliver on what they sell us, on their promises. We have expectations. When a company, in this case Samsung, purposely designs a product for a specific purpose yet DOES NOT PUT TECH THAT IS IN LINE WITH THAT PURPOSE, they let us down, they deceive us, they basically bet on perception and do JUST ENOUGH to be acceptable. This is damaging to the consumers, damaging to the advancement of technology and damaging to competing companies and brands. Again, we have expectations, not just the techie people but general consumers. When they see devices like these, they EXPECT, perceive them to be the best because the look like a best fit for the intended purpose only to find out that looks can be deceiving and that perception is not reality. I had one of THESE…..

samsung-memoir-t-mobile-t929 t-mobile-scoop-feb-09


….at the same time that I had this…



I would show people both phones and show the backside and people just KNEW that the Memoir would take better photos. They just knew it. Their perception was based on the fact that it looked like a real camera, felt like a real camera, the hump was bigger, the higher megapixels, the marketing stronger and they were TOLD that it takes pro-photos and stuff. It was such a disservice to the consumer who bought the Memoir based on design, expectations and perception when Samsung did not deliver on its design and use case promises. Reality showed that no matter how much the Memoir LOOKED like a real camera, its tiny sensor, sub par optics and crude software algorithms did not live up to the size of the hump, the design and consumer expectations. The 2007 Nokia N82 (pictured above) had a larger sensor, better optics and finely tuned imaging software that resulted in factually better photos, even at a lower 5 Megapixels compared to the Memoirs highly touted 8MP camera. Perception was definitely NOT reality. Consumers spent their  hard-earned money and were let down when the best camera phones were found elsewhere, even if they didn’t look like a real camera.

Fast forward to today. Technology has improved leaps and bounds, limits have been broken, the impossible has been done. Many companies possess the ability to design and manufacture ground breaking devices and have divisions dedicated to imaging, sound and other technologies. Samsung chose to target the photo centric consumer, seemingly, combining everything that many smartphone buyers have been looking for in a camera…a “real camera” but somehow decided to skimp on the most important part of the assembly…the sensor. I find it akin to coming to a car show, seeing an AMAZING muscle car, I mean, all the right muscular lines, oozing with a powerful stance, quad pipes, and it is being pitched as the best muscle car ever made. You are stoked, stumped at the fact that the car is in a certain price range and you walk up to the car….pop the hood……only to find a 4 Cylinder 150 HP engine. The perception was great, the stuff people have been asking for, wanting, needing, yet some how…the manufacturer, those that put the specifications together, decided to over promise by design and under deliver by decision while simultaneously letting down every consumer that trusted in their promise, their perception.

It is my hope that in the future, when a company decides to target a specific group of consumers, with specific designs that they would choose the best interest of those consumers and deliver on their promises. The saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is as true as it has ever been in the world of technology. I encourage everyone to learn more about the products that we buy, the promises manufactures make to us and take them to task on those promises, on the perceptions that they give and on the words that they dazzle us with. Nokia isn’t excluded, we could write another 2000 words about how the PureView brand has changed since the introduction of the 808. In the end, a company must deliver. I am ok with the GS4 Zoom, with Zoom being in the name, it at least steers consumers to a factual perception that the zoom is the key but when a company or the media talks it up as being the best camera phone ever, then…I have a problem.

Have you all experience a let down of perception? What is your take on the subject of the article? Any things that stand out? I was let down when Nokia made the X7 to appear to have stereo speakers when it only had one…. Sound off in the comments below and thank you for bearing with us………..2000 words later.

As always, thank you for choosing MyNokiaBlog!


Image credits: AllAboutSymbian, PhoneArena, Google Images.



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  • Mapantz

    Fantastic article and an interesting read. 🙂

    • Deaconclgi

      Thank you.

      • jiipee

        This was really good article. You had chosen your poiny of view and argumented it well and kept it well balanced. Great stuff!

        This applies also to the soc, eventhough in lesser weight. When a non-enthusiast goes into store he has a price range in mind. The seller tells about the specs and mighy mention that one has mote or less apps and he himself has used either or both. The sales guy might also gey better bonuses from the sales of either device. If apps arent a deal breaker, then he might compare specs like megapixels or speed of the processor or size of the screen.

        The question is: how big are the informed/less-informed segments and how well informed they are.

      • sunnyvale

        You never cease to amaze me with your awesome articles, Deaconclgi.

        • Deaconclgi

          Thank you!

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    Great post sir, you are a big asset to MNB.

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  • twig

    Deacon, I have a perception camera question. In using my Nokia 620, the are two ways of taking a photo, correct? One way is with the 5MP camera, another is with the video recording at 1280 by 720 and taking a screen shot by hold on/off button and Microsoft button. Is the video picture of better quality since its HD?

    on the Sammie issue I think photography buffs, the ones who will buy either or, will research both photo quality since both Sammie and EzoS are target buyers. Its a hard sell for masses of Sammie buyers who have had thin droned into their brain for so long.

    • Deaconclgi

      Considering the 720 HD resolution is 1280×720 pixels and your 5MP photos should come out to be 2592х1936 pixels, the quality from your still images should be better.

      With that being said, you can still make good photos from screenshots of your videos, even if they are technically of a lower resolution.

      Also, check the output of your screen shot as the screen shot itself may be a lower resolution than the 720p HD video. Most screenshot applications make screenshots at the resolution of the actual screen which would be 800×480 if it matches the screen resolution.

      If that is the case, I would choose the 5MP photos unless you just happen to get a great scene in a video and want to turn it into a photo.

      I do this with my 808 at times.

      I agree that the masses will look over the Zoom but there still are consumers who are not professionals but want to get as close to professional quality from their smartphone and that is where perception can be let down.

      The photo buff would more than likely choose a 808 or (hopefully)EOS IF…IF… they really want the best mobile photography due to them researching all specifications and reviews like you mentioned.

      Thanks for the question and I hope my answer was relative.

      • Rio

        Hi Deaconclgi, there you can easily see the perception of people. Consumers don’t even know the nomenclature of the HD. As the thing is HD, they think that the screen-snap of it can be better/equal to the original 5 mp picture. To be very realistic, people don’t even have an idea what the bulls**t sensor do in the cameras. The only thing they know how much megapixel it has and how much zoom it can do. That’s it. And the S4 Zoom excels in that department as people hardly know the name of PV808.

  • Matt

    21x optical zoom, really? I thought it was 10x

    • Deaconclgi

      The Galaxy Camera has 21x Optical Zoom, the GS4 Zoom has 10x.

  • Mimi

    Excellent article, thank you. Perception has let me down a few times, mostly due to high expectations. An example: when I was evaluating a new phone, I tried out, amongst other an iPhone. I had pictures of queues in my mind and ravings of enamored iPhone users in my ears, so before I picked it up and played around with it, I expected to fall in love with it. It didn’t happen, I failed to see what’s so special about it. My reaction might have been different if my expectations had been lower, who knows.

    • Deaconclgi

      You’re welcome and thanks for sharing your experience. I think you are right about expectations. Sometimes we may set them too high…I sure know I have had some sky high expectations from Nokia and been let down a few times. Jay has written about his frustrations with that too.

      I wish Nokia would have made a nice video for the 808 like the S4 Zoom promo. It would have been nice to see something like that at Mobile World Congress.

      • This was it

        Expectations. Yes, they really can be too high and certainly are for some people.

        Then again, products like Lumia are badmouthed even while they are not supposed to be beasts in spec count. Some people have just decided that they will be disappointed on every Lumia product Nokia will ever release. They claim that it’s because they expected more features, but really, that’s hardly true.

        Maybe Microsoft and Nokia will do the same Apple did with iOS 7. People were just astonished with the feature set iOS 7 had and today even haters have very hard time trying to figure how to badmouth the new iOS.

        WP will eventually do the same once Microsoft figures out how to do it.

      • dss

        I think Nokia did make a few videos covering the 808’s zoom capabilities.. but overall, the amazing technology inside the 808 got almost no attention.. it deserves A LOT more than it ever got.

        Let’s hope Nokia can properly market it in the WP variant..

        • This was it

          I have been using 808 for almost a year and I must say that overall I’m a bit disappointed on 808’s zooming capabilities. It sure shines on other areas, but the zoom is not even mediocre.


          It’s mostly about the loss of quality when the full zoom is used. When that happens, there is much more noise and the resolution is no longer that great.

      • Rio

        With the Nokia EOS, Nokia should go over MS and put the “Zoom while Shooting” system in the camera. After coming from PV 808, anyone will be disappointed with the way ‘zoom’ in WP works. Nokia should correct this fault in their upcoming EOS.

  • twig

    Looks like those ATT salesreps pumping Androids will meet more competition as Microsoft is opening 600 stores within Best Buy.

    • dss

      Samsung already did that.. I was just at my local bb and they have a HUGE stand right in the middle of the store.

      But, good.. Microsoft need the exposure.

  • yemi

    Having the big circle on the back of the EOS might help with the perception issue. I still think Nokia designed the bulge to house something which we will get explanation for in the July 11 event

  • Jonobo

    “The 2007 Nokia N8(pictured above)”, you mean N86…

    • Deaconclgi

      Thanks for pointing that out, I actually meant the N82….left the 2 off. I will correct it to say N82 as that’s the correct phone. 🙂

    • Keith

      Actually, it’s the N82. The first Nokia cameraphone to feature a Xenon flash. N86 had LED.

      Great article though! It was a good read.

  • skit

    I was definitely thinking a few days ago about this old samsung, and how it disappeared without leaving anything remarkable in the history-I think it will be the same with the new fancy super-duper SGS4 zoom. Same as projector phone SGS Beam, and many other-interesting design and good marketing, and nothing after…

    /just a small correction-on last the picture above is not N8, but N82, guess a typo 😉

    • Deaconclgi

      Yes, typo indeed lol. Thanks for pointing it out as well.

      I agree about them not leaving anything remarkable in history. It is a shame too as they had an opportunity to over deliver vs under deliver.

      I would have to say that the 808 over delivered beyond our wildest dreams. I remember all of the speculation, we guessed 16 MP and crazily 20MP was like “YEAH RIGHT!!!” and BOOM!!! 41MP that actually serve a purpose and that deliver consistent results, fulfills the promises, expectations and blows away perceptions.

      • Rio

        ’41MP’ – The first time I read it in the ‘Phonearena’ news, I thought “What the heck, these website news are being checked and edited by a 100 educated people and they manged to put a ‘number’ totally wrong. I couldn’t even imagine that the 808 really had the 41mp camera with a 1/1.2 sensor. What the… Afterwards I realized the reality and WOW, simply WOW. How on earth a phone could do all this? Since that day I knew that the 808 will be my next phone. I am using it for past 6 months now. And one thing is fixed that I am not going to sell this phone.

  • Drigombaki

    Now, that’s a well written article.

    Infact i like all your articles, they are articulate.

    Keep on keeping on…

    • Deaconclgi

      Thanks! 🙂

  • mirco

    Honestly, I don’t agree with your intention (or maybe I’m getting it wrong… we’ll see). While I agree with you that the back of this device tries to convince you that it is a “real” camera, I don’t see why this would be a wrong perception. The fact is that this is a small point-and-shoot-camera with considerable zooming capabilities. Most probably it is on par with many simillar sized dedicated cameras. If you want an equivalent zoom range of 24-240mm (!!!) in a small package you have to choose a small sensor and end up with a slow lens (F3.1-F6.3). This is neither bad design nor wrong perception. And don’t forget that it has OIS (like most of the better p&s’s) and most probably a variable aperture (standard for a real camera). In this way, it is unfair to say that the 808 IS the better camera (in an absolute and definitve manner). I have no doubts that the 808 will be better in many conditions but if you need to go past the zooming range of the 808 how could you still call it better?

    • Rio

      Deaconclgi did not try to point the capabilities or the lack of it in the Galaxy S4 Zoom. He only pointed against Samsung portraying it as the best camera phone. Of course, the S4 Zoom will be better against the 808 in many areas. Like – the Optical Zooming, OIS stabilization and the more capable Xenon. But when the two cameras will be put together side by side, without using the Zoom and the OIS, the 808 will always take the better picture with more depth and details in the pictures. That’s what Deaconclgi wanted to point out. But people won’t know that.

      • Rio

        To be very honest, I am always against the Zoom capabilities in the ‘Point-n-shoot’ cameras. 10x zoom means 10×10 = 100 times more shake in the pictures. And if you don’t put the camera on a tripod, your zoomed picture mostly will be a blurry mess. OIS negates a percentage of it, but only a percentage. Unless you have a big sensor to draw all the lights it capture, no OIS no Zoom can render a picture perfectly.

  • sbw44

    Great read Deacon! I have to agree with you, was also really disappointed with the X7! I actually thought it has 4 speakers! I was one who went out telling people wait for the X7 it has 4 speakers! I saw the pics, but actually it only had one.

    You can actually bring in the Core race in as well, the fact that most apps don’t even use the extra core’s but when people see it has more core’s they will definitely say this has to be faster!

    I have to ask you though why didn’t Nokia market the crap out of the 808’s massive 41mp sensor? With that they could have also made some perception to the consumers.

    But anyway really nice article. Definitely one of my favorite sites to visit!

    • dss

      Because of the change in strategy.

      Elop couldn’t even say the number “808” .. I am still surprised that they even released it.

      It caused them all sorts of trouble.. like for example if the 808 didn’t exist, no one would have to compare the 920 “pureview” to it..

      We would’ve never known that a 41Mpix exists, and the first time you would be hearing about it would be next month at that presentation.

      Its a much better scenario for the new management, but.. good thing it didn’t work out that way. The 808 is a masterpiece..

      • sbw44

        Can the 920 actually be classified as a PureView? I mean HTC and Samsung has done OIS as well but none oversampling.

        I still this Nokia could have done better marketing on the 808, its still the best camera phone and it looks like for Nokia it does not exist.

        • dss

          Of course.. its up to Nokia do decide that, but it doesn’t change the fact that the 808 is much better in every way expect stabilization during video rec.

          • Rio

            Plus 10.

  • dss

    Deaconclgi, thanks for the good read!

    One thing, I dunno who made the vs. table .. but on the 808 side it should be

    F2.4 (throughout the zoom range)

    This is a very important aspect of this zoom technology.. with an optical zoom, the more you zoom in, the higher the F number goes = less light.

    With phase 1.. you are always at F2.4 no matter the zoom level.

    • dss
    • mirco

      This is not the full truth (and you know that). It leaves the wrong perception that zooming on the 808 works without any degeneration in image quality. While zooming in you are using less area of the sensor and the benefits of oversampling vanish.

      • This was it

        This is completely true.

        The loss of PureView really hits the quality even if there are lots of light. If there are less light, for example if it’s cloudy, using the zoom really takes its toll.

  • Alen

    Excellent article!
    I agree, perception has caught me before and since then I do proper research.
    I got my Nokia 808 PureView after seeing so many reviews, blogs, and videos. Unfortunatly with the advertising behind Samsung the Galaxy Zoom will sell like hot cakes because the perception will be there as you said.

    A pity Nokia never advertised the 808 PureView (not in South Africa anyway). I did manage to convince a friend to trade his S3 for a 808 and he has been much happier.

    Nokia for life.

  • welcome to te great egress.

    dear p.t. barnum we are not that stupid…….signed the public

  • nokiaman

    Great read but I still can’t see EOS arriving this year. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Hary

    Here is another perception example like X7.

    How many people know that there is only 1 speaker in iphone 4s? Not 2?
    It has been made to look symmetrical, but there is only 1 speaker. (I don’t have proof, but that’s what I was
    told by Apple Store employee).
    Same thing may apply to iphone 4 or 5. (I don’t know).

  • Diazene

    and most importantly, it’s branded as an S4, it’s not even close to the S4, it’s based on the s4 mini, should’ve called it S4 mini zoom

    that’s deception

    and PV phase 2 is great

    and BTW, excellent article

    • Deaconclgi

      Thanks Diazene.

      So true about it being called the S4. Consumers will think it is a GS4 with zoom when it is not.

      It is really a shame that they try to capitalize on people’s lack of knowledge for the sake of profit. I know they are in business to make money but it seems like an insult to consumer intelligence…really, it’s not even a Galaxy S 4!

  • Sa Ra

    samsung always have s**t devices …ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • chris wayne

    Great, i had the black n82 as well back in the day and damn i really miss it, now i just can’t wait to buy the EOS or 925, i’ll buy the first one to come to my country.

  • GordonH

    Great article.

    Just tried the HTC one camera last night. Very impressive image quality. I did not have my 808 to compare the images, but the HTC photos had great feel. Night photos at the restaurants came out fine.
    Nokia better look out cause other manufacturers are catching on in the imaging department.
    Consumers do not need the best photo taking smartphone, most are just very happy to get “good enough” image quality on their phones.

    • Rio

      Exactly. People are buying smartphones as they can snap a good enough photo and then immediately post it in their Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you browse the sites, the pictures they post are aweful. Blurry, full with shake, out of focus mess most of the times. But, what they convey there is the feel. The share the enjoyment they are having in the pub or in some holiday journey. To do that people don’t need a sharp, clear, full with details photo. Any camera will do, the only thing required is you presence in the scene.

  • mushfiq

    Indeed a very nice article . Keep it up..


    Great article and amazing insight into how perception affects the majority of consumers, i never thought of it like that.
    In the future i wont easily dismiss such products as inferior and therefore no threat to Nokia sales,
    Now I will try and see how the average consumer perceives new products and how that will effect what people end up buying.

    • Deaconclgi

      Thank you and well said!

  • Shrey

    Amazing article ! Good job ! Holds good extremely well in India , where the untrained customer thinks bigger and flashier is better !