Nokia Event Invites: Zoom Reinvented, July 11, 11am, NYC

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This invite has apparently been sent to press. 11 July, 11am. NYC.

41MP PureView EOS. Is it version 1 or True PureView or something else?

What we do know is that it is Zoom Reinvented. Perhaps in the way the 808 does it or something else (internal zoom?)

Source: WMPU

Thanks Manpreet for the tip!


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  • jason

    Fingers crossed for a microSD card slot! Otherwise, I’m sticking with my 808…unless there’s a 64GB version.

    • tej prrkkkkeeerrr

      Of all the things one could wish to be on that highly anticipated device, you want a micro sd card slot? LOL

      BTW, Tej Parker hereby declares that the device better be compact as the 808 or else he’s not buying it

      • Makes no sense having such a powerful camera and limited storage.That’s one of the reasons I love my 808

        • Werner Ruotsalainen

          BTW, speaking of memory cards, I really hope Nokia adds microHDMI or SlimPort to output full-quality HDMI to an external TV.

          Both the “old” MHL (which isn’t supported by any WP8 handset ATM AFAIK) and the new, wireless Miracast, which WP8.1 is said to support, deliver lower quality. As is the case with Apple’s comparable technologies: HDMI / VGA over Lightning (not very good) and AirPlay (only delivers high quality when playing back native media files). That is, native, non-recompressed (unlike with MHL / Miracast) HDMI would be pretty great.

      • Cod3rror

        Buying that Nokia would be like buying a LADA with a really small gas tank.

        It’s a LADA so it already sucks, but now you also have a small tank.

        • shallow ocean shoal


      • sunnyvale

        Believe me parker, seeing as almost no WP device has MicroSD, having a flagship with microSD is reason to rave on.

    • jooondaLomia

      I really want an amazingly sharp and natural superzoom 🙂

  • Called it! I knew Nokia was up to something when they decided to stop shipping Symbian phones!

  • Matt

    Surely it’s PureView 1 (oversampling) + PureView 2 (OIS)?!

    • viipottaja

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only PV1.

      • suabesh

        It would be really really disappointing if Nokia took 1.5 years to get a technology that they already had on to Windows phone. I’m surely hoping for Phase1 + Phase2. That would make it a sure buy for me irrespective of other hardware improvements.

        If it only phase 1, Nokia better put in a snapdragon 600/800 to get me interested. I’m not spending my valuable money 3-4 months before the next generation of hardware (Quadcore, 1080p, better gpu) hits WP.

        • Viipottaja

          The 808 was for most practical purposes a non-event for most consumers and markets. In that sense having “just” PV1 in a device that will likely/hopefully get much wider marketing and availability might well be more than enough.

          Second, Nokia did need to balance bulk with performace – adding PV2 might have added “even” more to the hump.

          Third, I just want to emphasize I have no info. PV2 might well be there too.

          If you have the 808, you probably do want to waith at least a few months. Nokia may not primarily trying to get you interested anyway.. 😉 😛

          • IMHO not including OIS would be a missed oportunity. Just a few days ago I was toying around with how good (or bad) OIS was and decided too do some zoomed in video. Normally the video would be so jittery that playing it back would make me motion sick.

            But no, the OIS in my 920 did the job properly and filtered nearly all of it. Hence why OIS should be inside EOS. With loss-less zooming in videos it would be a true killer feature when making a video.

            I don’t really believe that OIS would really add that much to the hump as the OIS system will add more bulk to the width of the lens assembly and not so much to the depth (thickness) of it.

            • That was it

              That would be a really good feature, but the reason for 808 not having OIS was, that according to some claims Symbian can’t handle oversampling and OIS at the same time.

              • Never heard that being said, could be true. But I’m more inclined to think that technical specs for the lens assembly were already set before OIS could really be made into what it is now.

                • Rafaelinux

                  what Harangue said.

              • Werner Ruotsalainen

                “That would be a really good feature, but the reason for 808 not having OIS was, that according to some claims Symbian can’t handle oversampling and OIS at the same time.”

                I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.

                1. According to Nokia, the biggest problem has always been the pure size of the sensor and the mechanical, spring-based “floating” OIS needed to stabilize it.

                The Nokia folks have stated several times they’re working on an OIS module allowing for stabilizing large sensors, not only the small ones in the Lumia 92x series.

                2, you don’t need any (active) sampling bandwidth for purely mechanical (optical) stabilization. Neitehr does the 92x series use any kind of electronic stabilization, that is, using the outer pixels of the sensor to “stabilize” the image.

                • Janne

                  Is the 920 OIS purely mechanical though? The interviews and whitepapers at a time said it was controlled by software. The fact that OIS is only active on 920 when shooting (and inactive when the camera app is open without targeting) would suggest it is more than just mechanics too. If it was purely a mechanical compensation, it should be on all the time, not just when recording or focusing, right?

                  I think the “purely mechanical” was a myth propagated by people who believe in the “WP can’t myth” of WP not being able to control something like this. There are many such myths.

                  • Werner Ruotsalainen

                    “Is the 920 OIS purely mechanical though? The interviews and whitepapers at a time said it was controlled by software.”

                    En/disabling doesn’t equal to dedicating a large percentage of the sensor as a “crop” area to purely electronic IS. This is why the S4 has a significantly narrower FoV when you enable IS on it. (And this is why the iPhone5 also might use a roughly 40mm equiv FoV when shooting video, while it has a 33mm equiv lens otherwise. Another reason, with all the iPhone models is, of course, the slow-to-sample sensor only allowing for about 19.5 fps full sensor sampling according to my measurements done while developing a full sensor oversampler for a wide-FoV 4:3 video recorder, in which it’s about an order of magnitude slower than the system in the 808, taking the number of pixels to sample into account.)

                    “The fact that OIS is only active on 920 when shooting (and inactive when the camera app is open without targeting) would suggest it is more than just mechanics too. If it was purely a mechanical compensation, it should be on all the time, not just when recording or focusing, right?”

                    Many cameras only enable OIS electronically to, say, extend battery life while not taking a shot (with active OIS using, say, sensor shifter motors / piezoelectronics, operating OIS does consume a lot of power). However, the OIS itself is purely optical, even if it’s inactive while, say, framing: no active pixels on the sensor are used for the “cropping” area, unlike on purely EIS systems like the S4.

                    • Janne

                      Yes, obviously I can discern between optical OIS and one based on cropping. 🙂 That wasn’t my point.

                      My point was that I think Nokia’s own materials suggest OIS in 920 is controlled by software, not by purely passive means.

                    • As Janne said, I’ve also read some stuff that OIS is controlled via the gyro. This could be true as I’ve seen some overcorrecting being done by OIS when zoomed in in video mode.

                      Also, OIS doens’t appear to work in camera mode whereas it immediately works when switched to video mode, even when you aren’t actually filming.

      • who knows

        Are there any technical problems for the two pw-versions to coexist? Elop has talked about going forward with Nokias camera technology with mixing different building blocks in the next iteration, thought it meant pw 1 + pw 2 (but of course it could mean pw 1 with some new app).

        • Viipottaja

          I don’t know. I am just wondering if both can be combined in such a small space. Perhaps they can. If they have been, hopefully not too much to the detriment of image quality (which arguably should come first in a device like this) “just” to get e.g. nighttime shot quality or video stability up.

          Second, having “just” PV1 with 808 level image qualiry might well be more than enough for Nokia right now, and they could – IMO – fairly safely only combine PV1 and PV2 in the next model.

          • who knows

            I agree that “only” using PV 1 in a WP still would make it a very intriguing device but I’m hoping that Nokia will come out swinging right out the gate by combining both PV1 and PV2 immediately. I’m guessing Microsoft will enable new hardware (processors, RAM…) soon and a natural evolution of EOS could be just to implement the new hardware (keep the two phases), add some software (apps) and EOS 2 is born.

            This is of course me presuming (hoping) that it won’t be any technical problems with combining PV1 and PV2.

      • sbw44

        Does OIS actually increase thickness?

        • Viipottaja

          Good question, I don’t know. It must add some bulk (and a little bit of weight not only in the lense itself but I assume also in the “protective structures” around the lense) in some direction, one would imagine.

        • JGrove303

          There’s a stack of 5 (920/928) or 6 (925) lenses in the PV2 cameras. There’s definitely a footprint and height increase. Building the 808 camera up with OIS is going to take more room. Hense, EOS’ hump. Surely the display is setup SuperAMOLED style and the touch screen is going to use a conventional thickness of Gorilla Glass II, along with other updates and modifications to the internal structure of the Lumia 920 basework to fit that brute in there.

          • I’m not convinced that it adds bulk. After all, OIS takes out bumps to right/left and up/down, not forward/backward. Therefor, I assume there is just a spring assembly around the lens to the sides and no more. Yes, it does add bulk to include OIS, but not to the thickness of it. Going by some logical thinking that is. 😛

            • Viipottaja

              I am sure it does try to mitigate forward/backward shakes as well, but of course most of the structure is likely to be on the sides. does not mean, necessarily, that there isn’t _any_ difference in thickness and in phones micrometers matter. 🙂 also, if it is significantly larger sideways, then of course everything else around has to move.

              anyway, pure speculation and I was more saying that even being able to squeeze PV1 into this much thinner package would be another engineering marvel from Nokia! 🙂

              • Based on experience or? I’ve done a lot of testing with the OIS stuff and without taking the actual lens assembly apart I’d be under the impression that forward/backward motion isn’t corrected.

                Then again, I could be wrong. 🙂 Either way, even without OIS it should be pretty amazing. OIS to me is only really amazing in videos, for pictures it isn’t that much of a difference.

                • That was it

                  Anyone saying OIS is useless should try zooming to the max with 360P video and trying to hold 808 still.

                  It still shakes just as much when zoomed to the max with 1080P but it’s just easier to notice how badly when tested with 360P.

                  • As I said, OIS really shines with video and helps create non-nauseating videos. For photography it doesn’t really make a big change. (720 vs. 920 for example)

            • Janne

              Harangue: 920 OIS was said at the time to work in three axis, not just two. Also it can’t just be mechanical springs, because OIS is active only when software wants it to be active.

              • Ah right, missed that then. I wasn’t sure about it, it was just going by what I saw and could test. Guess it does 3 axis then.

  • misterstu

    More importantly, MNB will be there, wont they?

  • jjkj

    LOL. Now Samsung S4 Zoom is in trouble!!!!!!!!!

    • dss

      gs4 zoom is already beaten by Phase 1..

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        Apples to oranges. The two are meant for entirely different things – just like low-light enthusiast fixed-lens, moderately priced (as opposed to, say, the Sony RX1 or the Fuji X100) compact cameras like the Pana LX series, the Canon S110 etc. vs. small-sensor superzooms.

        They cater for entirely different folks.

        • dss

          I guess they do.. both cameraphones, but I guess we now have different categories within the category.

  • ryfsap

    A Nokia phone with (Canon) EOS codename with an invitation in Nikon-colours ;)?

    Can’t wait!

    • viipottaja

      Perhaps just that yellow will be the lead release color.

  • svedu

    Most importantly: Harlow is most likely on vacation during that time and cant present it.

    • ryfsap

      Too bad, was hoping for a 41 MP full res actionshot of her in a basketball outfit.

      • Mapantz

        I still cannot unsee that!

      • svedu

        Well, even if she wont make the presentation they might still show some sample pictures of her. Zoomed ones.

        • xconomicron


        • Viipottaja

          Perhaps they can have 60 or 120 even higher special mode frames per second and then ultra detailed slow motion playback.. could see her body punish those balls..

    • JamesSB

      Nokia needs someone like Panos Panay to give presentations.

      • Owl City

        Or they could hire the very handsome David Gandy

      • virobloc

        “Nokia needs someone like Panos Panay to give presentations.”
        This +100
        I would hire him just to give presentations.

        • suabesh

          Nokia have a lot of talented people who can speak really well. I, for one, would like Elop to take the stage. Lead from the front.

          P.S. Harlow sucks

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  • ernes

    what of that tech is researching (having previously bought that.allows.for.multiple focus on one photograph?

    hope to see that materialised

    nice tech

    • Viipottaja

      won’t happen in this model, and likely not until late 2014 at the earliest.

  • ZiiimZooon

    If they announce the Nokia EOS with 64 gb internal or with SD-slot, I would for sure sell my coming HTC One immediately!

  • dss

    They are going to reinvent what they invented a year ago.. which makes sense, the American audience doesn’t even know that ta 41Mpix smartphone exists.

    It has the potential to be a huge marketing success, considering the Mpix count.. I mean, most people think that 12mpix is a lot for a phone camera, just wait and see what they think about 41

    I still remember that it took the blogosphere and most people a week or two to fully understand what actually happened at MWC 2012 ..

    • xconomicron

      It is sad over on WPC/WMPU that I still see people not knowing what Phase 1 can do. So many people over there JUST DON’T KNOW!

      • Viipottaja

        Goes to my point (although don’t know what lack of knowledge specifically you refer to) that PV1 might well be more than enough Nokia needs to have in this one.

        • dss

          Its above and beyond anything else currently on the market.. it might not be for too long, still is.

          The 808 announcement was 17 months ago… it going to take them almost 2 years to bring this to WP.. so… it might have some improvements.

          • Viipottaja

            True. It appears to be significantly thinner than the 808 is so that “alone” may have taken significant effort (not the mention integration to WP) and there _may_ not be many other changes.

          • Janne

            dss: Since when is 17 months two years? 😉

            808 was in the shops in June 2012. If EOS is in the shops in July 2013, it would be 13 months…

            • dss

              True.. I overestimated ..

              If they mange to start selling these in the US by the end of summer, it will be great.

            • theflew

              But you have to imagine ever since the announcement of Nokia moving from Symbian to WP that they’ve been working on such a device. So, I imagine they’ve been working on it since mid year 2011. The 2012 release of the 808 was basically of a stillborn phone. It was already in the pipe. so Nokia released it to see market reaction.

              Just like Nokia did with the 925 I imagine things have gotten smaller since the 808. Both the camera, battery and surrounding electronics.

    • sbw44

      So if they do release the exact same camera like on the 808 that will mean the 808 did not exist because like you said how can they reinvent something they have already invented.

      • Viipottaja

        Folks need to relax a little about marketing language. 🙂

      • That was it

        Sure, but what about allowing the user to choose the resolution and zoom level in the post production? That would be quite great if integrated to the OS. If you post an image to Facebook/mail/whatever, you could have it oversampled from 41MP to xMP resulting with really noiseless image quality.

  • Peter L

    Maybe they’ll go even higher this time. 50-60MP.

    • Paulo

      That’s what I thought!

    • Owl City

      My gosh just imagine 61MP + OIS + 6400 ISO

    • sbw44

      What took Nokia 5 years to develop? the 41mp sensor or what?

      • Viipottaja

        all of it combined. the sensor, the lense, the camera module, the oversampling, the algorithms etc.

        add to that the Nokia inertia at the time and voi la, 5 years has passed. 😛

      • dss

        I think they were waiting to get their hands on enough processing power to do it all… non of this existed, everything needed to be developed from scratch. That takes a while, but.. on the other hand you collect a bunch of patents along the way.

    • arg0

      Wouldn’t make that much sense, unless the sensor is bigger, too.
      I really hope they’re re-using the 1/1.2″ sensor of the 808 in the EOS, because if they’re not, I fear that the EOS sensor will be rather smaller, than bigger. By upping the pixel count they could indeed provide more zoom capability, but at the cost of added noise.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        “I really hope they’re re-using the 1/1.2″ sensor of the 808 in the EOS, because if they’re not, I fear that the EOS sensor will be rather smaller, than bigger.”

        I don’t think Nokia risks that. After all, the Lumia 92x delivers significantly worse daylight, noise etc. performance than the 808 because of its 1/3″ sensor. Going the 1/2.3″…1/3″ way would result in pretty bad IQ and very bad press.

      • dss

        At this point I am 95% sure that they are indeed using the Toshiba HES9 sensor.

        • With or without VideoCore III/VideoCore IV Broadcom BCM2763/BC28155? How?

          • poopshoot

            Isn’t it obvious though? With the Broadcom VC 4 of course…

  • Fred

    Was hoping for EOS and tablet, but unfortunately “zooming reinvented” doesn’t make sense for tablet…


    Lumia 911


    • sunnyvale

      So, any of the MNB are taking the role of covering the event? Jay, Michael, Ali?

      • Viipottaja

        AFAIK none of those guys are in the US. Deoconcilqi might.

        • Deaconclgi

          Just pulled up the travel info in Nokia Drive……from where I am in the us, it is a 942 mile flight or a 15 HOUR 21 minute drive…..sadly I won’t be able to attend this one.

          Rest assured though, we will bring the new to you all as soon as we can.

          Now…if Nokia hosts an even in Chicago…I can definitely try to make that! It’s only a 2 hour 16 minute drive and 131 miles. I could even take the train!!! 🙂

          • sunnyvale

            When Jay or Ali goes to Nokia Nokia pays their expenses? Ask Jay or Ali to check if they received the invitation, with all paid stuff. If that’s so, you could ask them you would like to go representing MNB.

            Too bad you can’t go Deaconclgi. You write nice articles, so I expect nothing less than a excellent event coverage outta you.

            • Werner Ruotsalainen

              Does anyone know if Nokia is going to do the same in Finland? I could pop in and report on the event / the device (if it’s not under NDA, of course)…

              • sunnyvale

                PM the guys about it. I don’t remember if Jay/Ali/Michael have gone to cover Finland based events. Usually, if Jay has some time to spare, he accepts the invite, otherwise he can’t go.

                As for Ali and Michael. Ali is in Jordan and Michael is on Australia, so that’s pretty difficult for them.

                I’m sure a lot of MNB readership are from Finland, but so far, the only active commenters I know are in Finland is Janne, and probably jiipee.

          • Viipottaja

            I might go if I was invited and not out of the country at the time (I am in DC so not THAT far). 🙂

            • sunnyvale

              I was about to ask you, because I remember you saying you’re in the US in past comments.

              • Viipottaja

                problem is Nokia would of course not invite me out of the blue, but if say Jay gets an invite and is not able to go I could talk with him and see. I am sure there might be a reader here from closer to NYC too.

                • sunnyvale

                  I’m aware of the invites issue. Given that MNB hasn’t been able to go to some events, that can be solved by letting nearby MNB folks to cover it.

                  Of course, there’s also the issue of the invite conditions, Nokia probably restricts the invitation to none other than the invited person. That’s something Jay could also check out.

                  Guys, it’s just my opinion, I would be really glad seeing some contributors like you, Werner, Deaconclgi, and others to represent us in the event that Jay/Ali/Michael couldn’t go.

                  • Deaconclgi

                    I will definitely ask around…..maybe Nokia Conversations can sponsor us sometimes…..since they like us 😉

                    Thanks for the suggestion, comments and compliments on the articles.

                    • sunnyvale


                      My reason is, we’re in the top 5 blogs for Nokia’s news source, so it goes without saying, that at least we could have representation at most, if not all events.

                      Well, I’m a little bit skeptic about receiving sponsorship from Nokia. As that could put you in a dilemma where you will have to speak good and glorious stuff about Nokia’s strategy and products. You know very well, that’s not the case, as sometimes we have our rants here and there. We also complain about Nokia’s course. In the end, we support Nokia, but not as a whole.

                      By receiving official sponsorship, that could hurt the blog.

                      BUT, I assume you’re talking about sponsor a trip for bloggers, which I think is pretty fine. In the end, we end up there drooling about the new devices!

          • wiishesh

            If I were a tech gig I would have but I still want to attend the event. Can ordinary guy like me attend the events? And where is it exactly in NYC?

  • Owl City

    If you zoom in further on the letter “L” in July, you’d be able to read the White Paper of the new device. Amazing!

    • n8thebest


  • dn8


    So close now…

    Can’t wait…

    So excited…


  • sbw44

    That magnifying glass makes me think about the round back of the EOS leaks. Also from the pic above it looks like its safe to say it will have the same 41mp sensor because of the massive zoom in the pic. But is it possible that they have a higher mp sensor maybe? something like 60mp?

  • JGrove303

    I’ll say it again: I’ll kill my contract and upgrade to this on delivery.

    • Viipottaja

      Are you on AT&T? Try talking to their online reps to have them lower the early upgrade price. I talked my 920 down from $350 to $99 and I had had the 900 for only 6-7 months. 🙂

      • xconomicron

        Is it possible to extend contracts? I remember Daniel Rubino from WPC stated to me once that he just goes into ATT and just asks for an extension of the contract, thus able to upgrade to a new device.

  • Lenseppo

    Maybe there is different shifting zoom lenses in that round shape..?lenses would rotate inside that round thing..

  • Keith

    I wouldnèt expect anything too spectacular from this release. For us 808-owners, unless you are extremely frustrated with Symbian and use the 808 as your daily driver, this may not be a worthy upgrade since it will essentially be the same camera on both the EOS and 808. Nonetheless, Ièm excited to see a bigger set of audience come to know about Phase 1 technology. Keep in mind that even if Nokia uses the same 41MP sensor (without the OIS) in EOS, it will still be amazing after 18 months of the 808 announcement since one can easily argue that the 808 is miles ahead of any other smartphone camera. So using the same tech in EOS will still be amazing. Eve more so to the people who have never heard of the 808.

    I’m very excited for this event. And I also hope we see another, more powerful version of the EOS sometime next year. Perhaps with improved OIS and better Algorithms, higher MP count or something. Or even better, combine the 41MP sensor with OIS and Pelican imaging lens that Nokia is investing in. That would result in something amazing.

    • Deaconclgi

      I will definitely be upgrading from my 808, even if it is the same exact camera. I’ll only upgrade if it is the same or better.

      I prefer the rear design of the 808 vs the leaked pictures of the EOS.

      • Keith

        I’m most likely going to skip out on this release. I don’t use my 808 as my regular driver anyways. I keep it for taking great pictures. My daily driver is my Lumia 920, which is pretty decent. My next upgrade will either be the rumoured EOS v2 (if true and a worthy enough of an upgrade) or the next generation WP8 Lumia flagship.

        I also prefer the 808 rear design, and the size of the phone itself, too. However, I’ll judge once I see the official pictures and videos. I also think the round hump will probably be better for marketing purposes as it makes the EOS look more like a camera the the 808.

    • Viipottaja

      I agree, this is VERY likely to be “just” the 808 with WP in thinner package and as such amazing. And, may well not be a worth it for 808 owners.

    • dss

      True.. i see no incentive to switch from the 808 to the new one,unless there is some killer camera feature that I can’t live without.

      Symbian works perfectly fine as a daily smartphone OS.. i have no major complaints.

    • MF

      I’m using 808, and will upgrade to this even if it’s just PV1. Reason being the improved processor speed, better screen, WP, etc. Being much thinner helps too. Besides, there’s a bunch of camera lenses available in Lumia. But that large circular hump gives hope that there may be a lot more than 41MP.

  • Pathetic

    disappointment in sight, Nokia is rushing thanks to Samsung, poor Nokia they never going to understand?

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      Excuse me?

      • sunnyvale

        You are always a gentleman, even with the trolls.

    • Nope, no real rushing going on. The date of the event was set for the 9th a while back but has apparantly been pushed back 2 days for some reason.

  • That was it

    Actually, it would be pretty stupid to take two images at once by default. Unless the user decides to do so by zooming or setting another resolution – and even in that case the OS could do it on the fly without a real need to save the original image twice.

    A better choice would be taking just one picture with full resolution and allow the user to “zoom” it just as much as they like at a later time. The user could also save the picture in 8MP or 5MP format at a later time with the full PureView pixel binning if he or she decided to do so.

    When implemented in that way, the camera should save every picture in the native format and the user could choose to zoom in the post production while saving the image in preferred resolution.

    That could be called a revolution in the marketing.

    I already suggested that last year long before 808 hit the market but some Nokia fans claimed that the idea was either impossible or stupid. Let’s see if Nokia implements that idea.

    About the file system.

    Of course having full access to the file system could easily allow the user to break a system like this so it’s probably a better idea to implement it on WP than Symbian. After all, the system should take care of the original and the copies on different resolutions. If not, the result would be a mess of several almost identical copies of the same picture.

  • dss

    So its going to be a yellow/black phone.. I am okay with that

  • wiishesh

    Can ordinary guy like me attend this event? I wana go…

  • D Harries

    I wonder how much of OIS is software based. There was a review comparing front cameras of 920 and 720. No special lenses there. But was still a difference in video stability

    • Deaconclgi

      OIS is Optical Image Stabilization so the OIS part of the main camera is all hardware as the optics are physically stabilized. The front facing cameras on those devices do not have OIS so what you saw was differences in software Digital Image Stabilization (DIS).

      • Janne

        Sure, but to what extent the OIS mechanics are controlled by software? I remember reading about the 920 at the time that it was software controlled that could make this and this many adjustments in a second.

        The fact that OIS is active on the 920 only when recording or focusing says that software does control the OIS, it is not only some completely passive element the “WP can’t handle anything myth” people were propagating as “Nokia can’t add their PV magic to WP, so they just added some springs”…

        If they just added some passive springs, how come OIS only activates when you start focusing or recording? 😉

        There ar many such myths about WP.

        Now, will EOS have OIS? I don’t know. I guess it depends on how slim they tried and could and wanted to make it.