Lumia 928 Listed at 99 Cents on Amazon

| June 29, 2013 | 22 Replies

358c78f5d418abf2ae3da828400e3198Once again the Lumia 928’s on contract price has dipped, this time to the super low penny-shy-of-a-dollar price tag. If you’re up for an upgrade now would be the time to splurge on this xenon monster; grab it at the link below:


Nokia Lumia 928, Black (Verizon Wireless)




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  • anon2

    As shallow as it sounds, I really believe that WP will struggle until they up the ante on hardware (quad-core, 1080p screen, 1GB RAM), even if the operating system runs fine without it.
    The Lumia 920 is by far the best phone I have owned in a long time (i’ve owned them all, so please don’t start with your android, iphone, blackberry BS) and I really look forward to upgrading it to another Windows model next year; Hopefully the Lumia EOS (1020) won’t disappoint.

    • Bloob

      I agree, Android manufacturers have managed to create a strong perception of “specs rule” (and I agree when it comes to GPU).

  • tiyo xi

    with lumia 1020 ms will get new pluse point for there Os, yes they have markets camera high-end with it, but for hd gamers windows phone still sucqs.., and without hdmi,
    and now after 1 and half year , i m feeling bored with that Ui of wp… Really shi.*.t, like now, come on phone needs different feels ?

  • Brian

    still too expensive for a Lumia

    • Viipottaja

      Thanks for playing! Time to move on for you too? 😉

      • Brian

        come on u want this blog to reduce to a bin with jay, ali, u, janne and 2-3 more fanboys singing praises to each other for a dying product just because u bought it or got it for free, you only want to talk to people who think exactly like you, what a monotonous life 🙂

        • v.s.i

          Oh… so I guess you love flashing the latest nightlies on your Samsung all day in a desperate but futile attempt to get rid of the lag? What an exciting and pleasurable life you must have. 🙂

          • Brian

            Still crying over the same thing, just because u saw few biased youtube vids and saw few people talking about it, I don’t have android but my cousin is using it for 2 years and it never lagged, most of the time the lag is there for people who try to install pirated apps and end up with viruses 😐

            • v.s.i

              So what phone do you use then?

              • Brian

                Symbian 😛
                Right now confused between S4 and One.

              • Brian

                Used Symbian earlier, was Nokia fan, though i don’t like the fan/fanboy so i would simply say i used to love Nokia, iphone release had little effect on me, always thought it is overpriced and it misses features i want, but it’s a desirable product there is no doubt about it.
                Nokia did a few things that pissed me off 🙁 and i am not talking about WP. (2008-2010)
                Then Android came and i didn’t like it initially, i waited because i wanted to see how it develops, till 2.3 it didn’t really excite me but 4.0 was great and right now i have no other choice but to get current Android flagship.
                Symbian users wanted something that worked exactly
                like Sym and although i am little late but many people have moved on , since Nokia knows that Sym users have moved on to a similar legacy, i don’t understand how they are trying to win back those lost customers, are new users the only target of WP?
                Janne, I hope u like my critical contribution. 😉

                • Janne

                  I do like this contribution better than the previous one. 🙂

                  I do think, seeing that you skipped on the iPhone, WP *does* have a hard time reaching an audience that absolutely demands features not offered by the iOS type of product. While WP is much more customizable than iOS (and more interesting too, in my opinion), it does follow many of the same philosophies – and yes, it probably is most attractive for iOS users and feature phone users upgrading to smartphones for the first time.

                  It is one of the many compromises Nokia made when they chose where they’d do “their best work” on. WP is not for everyone, although it can be for most. It is a completely fair question to ask, why didn’t Nokia go into multiple directions? Well, Nokia has never really gone into multiple directions in that way. They didn’t have an “iOS competitor” before WP, they really just had “their own Android” back then. They focus.

                  Should they un-focus? Who knows. I wouldn’t mind, but it could hurt their focus on Lumia. Most of all I’d like great products that I like. So far the Lumia strategy is delivering that, so I’m happy about that part. Not happy about their market performance of course.

                  Personally I’m not too bothered about the Android/Symbian type of smartphone product, when compared to iOS/WP. iOS/WP style suits me just fine in that comparison. Now on the other hand, the N900 type of mobile computer, that might be interesting to me – but nobody really has been doing that since. Let’s see if Jolla or Ubuntu efforts go towards that someday, so far it seems they are looking for the more mainstream smartphone markets than a “desktop in the pocket” that N900 was. N9 was no N900, sadly.

                  P.S. Finally, one more point to consider: What is the point of going year and year around this same conversation? Nokia surely isn’t changing their ways no matter what we discuss here. I think as the three-year anniversary of February 11th looms half a year from now, it might be a good time to finally start letting the past be. They chose what they did. We’ll see how it plays out. Most of us didn’t like one part or another of it – personally I hated the Feb11 execution and subsequent failures to sustain Symbian and first Lumia generation – but what the heck does it matter now. We’re just bothering each other by bickering about it year on, year out.

                • v.s.i

                  OK, it seems you’re better off with Android. But that doesn’t mean current Nokia smartphones are useless for other people like you implied in the first post. It was borderline flamebait, so I thought you were just trolling. Please consider adding a personal disclaimer so that next time we won’t jump on you like before, and have a good day! 😉

            • Viipottaja

              Btw, regarding “lag”, I tried the Galaxy S4 in a store and compared e.g. opening the email, messaging, calendar etc. apps and my 920 felt/seemed definitely faster. Not a scientific test by any means and its not likely its terribly slow or anything, but I was frankly surprised it did not feel snappier, what with all the supposed processing power it has.

              • Brian

                You wanna talk about store experience, 2 months ago i walked in a Nokia store to check 920 just for fun. There was a white Lumia 920 on display, when i checked it out, only the search , bing or third button whatever it is called was working, nothing else.

        • Janne


          Frankly, I wouldn’t miss comments on the level of: “still too expensive for a Lumia”. At least put some effort into explaining why you think that is too expensive for a Lumia.

          Not commenting on you, but just the overall situation:

          Repetitive, pointless bashing nobody would miss. But certainly good critical contributions are welcome and welcomed.

          I think Viipottaja does have a point: If the current Nokia stops offering interesting products for someone, and all they can contribute is negativity and not even bother with trying to make a good dialog out of it, at some point there comes a time when moving on might benefit everyone and basically be the right thing to do.

          Sometimes people get bitter about stuff and linger on around them for far too long to be healthy. Forgive or forget, move on with your life – sometimes that might be the good and right thing to do.

          • arts

            “I think Viipottaja does have a point: If the current Nokia stops offering interesting products for someone, and all they can contribute is negativity and not even bother with trying to make a good dialog out of it, at some point there comes a time when moving on might benefit everyone and basically be the right thing to do.”


          • Brian

            nice choice of words, appreciate it

            As Viipottaja doesn’t own this blog he had no right to say get out of this blog 😐

            • Viipottaja

              Sorry, since the Lumias apparently don’t interest you at all, I meant you may want to move on to other products (which it sounds like you are considering doing). Plus, I did end with a ;).