Rumour: Nokia Zoom on tablets too. Slim aluminium10.5″/8.5″ tablets on the way, Lumias getting bigger too, 525, 725, 825, 926.

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Have you got some salt on the ready? This is nothing more than a rumour. I’ll file the name under ‘anonymous’ unless the person wants their name mentioned.

Zoom for Tablets. That would be interesting as no one is really putting effort into making imaging any good on tablets. Clearly people don’t mind looking silly taking pictures on devices with such big screens. My class certainly doesn’t mine using it in lectures (although the iPad 2’s cameras are dire).

  • 10.5″ tablet, 8.5mm thick
  • 8.5″ tablet
  • Available in Green, Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  • Both Aluminium
  • Zoom range is a family of devices – putting good cameras into phones and tablets.
  • Big phones – Lumia 525 – 4.5″ like the 920 and friends
  • 625 has a bigger 4.6″ screen
  • Nokia Lumia 725 has a whopping 5″ screen
  • Nokia Lumia 825 has a phablet like 5.2″
  • Nokia Lumia 926 has a 5.5″ screen.
  • In 2014, Nokia’s phablet will be in the 6-7″ range. Coming mid June.
We are told that the:
This information is not a fairy tale … You’ll hear more soon from Nokia

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  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    Nokia, give us a proper tablet with at least Full HD resolution (higher resolution 16:10 or even 4:3 aspect ratio would be even better) and Wacom pen support.

  • Adnan

    Phones getting bigger. Tablets getting smaller. Why do we even need two separate devices that largely have the same functionality? Just put Windows RT on a 6 inch device and call it a day.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      “Just put Windows RT on a 6 inch device and call it a day.”

      … and come up with a proper (10″ and Full HD resolution at least) tablet, preferably with dual WinRT (ARM) and Win8 (x86) support, with switchable architecture and Wacom pen support. The latter is painfully missing from both Nexus 10 and all iPads, making them useless for me for, say, PDF annotation.

  • AMT

    Holy shit what a load of crap for the most part. But I must agree that it would be only natural for Nokia to put a kickass camera to their future/possible tablet. That would also differentiate them from others.

  • svedu

    Is Nokia World confirmed this year, or have they cancelled that annual event? I remember it was scaled down a bit last time. Is there any info on when it is this year, if they still have the event.

  • Ayush

    unable to digest this….
    I mean come on, a 5.5″ phone is flagship!!! this is way far from strategy of Nokia.

    • Ritesh

      Well, they arent the only ones to blame for that.
      Markets looking @ large screens now.
      Take a look at Note II
      I believe its around 5.5″ .. huge.. but selling like hot cakes


    For me the entire rumour sounds possible, a natural progression, zoom on tablets would help differentiate from other tablets,

    • xconomicron

      Do you think that the zoom components have been scaled down in cost for them to implement in most of these devices? I would think that it would be too costly for them to do this…especially if they use it in most of their future gen products.


        the zoom family range might be for higher end devices.

        • twig

          Enterprise market.

          • Viipottaja

            Enterprise, for the most part, does not require high end cameras.

            • Just Visiting

              ^This. Also, some companies forbid cameras on phones (which is why I think at one point Blackberry made their phones without the camera).

              It just seems the Pureview technology would be wasted/underutilized on a 10″ tablet.

              • Just Visiting

                **CORRECTION** 10″ Tablet.

      • Viipottaja

        Well, economies of scale.

  • mushfiq

    I jus cant believe this , this is a fairy tale for me. But Nokia please do this. Please , I need a tablet and I want to replace my 710.

  • ashutosh

    this z just awsum..if nokia does this with a proper hardware..m sure nokia z gonna plz 1080p in flagships,,

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  • Ritesh

    I really want the 41 MP Lumia.. But looking @ this
    looks like its worth waiting till next yr?
    Fingers crossed !

    Feels gr8 @ heart watching nokia catching up with competitors with screen size and tablets.

  • v.s.i

    Good, good, good! *cue the evil-plotting raccoon meme*

  • Andrew_b

    I’m not buying the screen sizes mapped out here. They look like the fantasies of someone who loves big screens. There will always be a big market for smartphones with more manageable screen sizes between 3.5″ – 4.0″. The iPhone 5, for example, has a relatively small screen and seems to be very popular with the ladies.

    Given Nokia are driving WP8 into extremely low cost smartphone (sub-$99) territory, neglecting the market for smaller screens in this segment would be a mistake.

    • Viipottaja

      Obviously, nothing in this rumor (as unlikely as it may otherwise be) excludes the possibility of smaller screen devices.

      • Sefriol

        But without higher resolution those screens are going for waste. 720 is quite on the edge PPI for my taste.

        Plus, rumor talks about total of 5 devices. 926 as a name sound of since with 5.5 inch screen you go for Full HD. And that would be next generation of high end Lumias. Why would you name 926?

        Plus, I don’t remember a single device with 4.6 inch screen which is really weird because on a cheap device you want a screen with high production. Otherwise it would cost a fortune.

        Plus, launching two tablets before 2014.. I’m really sceptical about it. Let’s repeat: they are launching 2 Windows RT tablets before 2014? Excuse me? And I would imagine that a cheap tablet would be a better starter for RT than an expensive one..

        Ofc everything is possible, but I’m sorry to think that this one is a lie.

        • xconomicron

          Hold on there…don’t get your panties in a notch. We all know higher resolutions will be coming this year with GDR3…if this rumor is true, then most likely a higher resolution will already been available for quite some time.

          • Sefriol

            I know that these rumors were floating around, but you have to think about the price. We are talking about very cheap devices so getting higher resolution screens would be quite huge investment for such a cheap device.

            Plus, if they are going to keep the same aspect ratio (5:3) we would be talking about 1280×768 pixel screen which was too much.

  • t t

    When those tablets supposed to be announced? How about those x25 Lumias?

  • prashant

    So this might be the rapid change in the strategy and i guarantee that there will be no tablets untill q4.

    • Viipottaja

      Please, stop making definitive statements unless you actually know something other than what can be binged easily.

      • swain

        Binged !!! LoL:)

  • prashant

    well admins of this blog,
    I request them to see tips page regularily now onwards.

  • Daro64

    Pls, a Nokia phablet whit W8, no RT,+PUREVIEW this is a phablet killer

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  • swain

    Few months back there was a rumor of presence of a nokia tablet running meego os. In last 2 years they have adopted the N9 design and churned out many lumia phones. But they couldn’t release even one tablet. This shows their unwillingness to enter into tablet business. May be they are afraid of loosing to apple, samsung or google(nexus). So don’t keep high hopes of seeing a nokia tablet. It is just my opinion and I will be glad to be proved wrong.

    • twig

      enterprise market. windows has millions of true software programs plus corporate software. BB is going bye,bye.

      • swain

        Your point. ?

  • bogdo

    I don’t care much about the cameras in the tablets, but if nokia came out with a high res screen like the iPad 3 I would jump all over it. 1080p just won’t cut it imo

  • tiyo xi

    main part of attraction in tabs is its os , if they can give Rt in it then ok , if they can give windows 8 custom os in it then its must buy , but if they are thinking to give it with wp8 they i really dont want this camera tab i have 808 and gonna buy next nokia lumia eos and for tablet i could have ipad4 which is surely better option

  • DanT

    Well, this is stupid. Smallest screen of 4.5″ is just stupid. 520 is already too big. They should keep the smallest screen at 4″.

    • tim

      or they are going to reducing the bezels so much like the G2! that would mean the same size but bigger display

      • DanT

        It doesn’t matter, you can not manipulate a 4.5+” screen with one hand, even with small bezels. And at 4.5″ you will have an entry level phone, for a flagship you’d have to choose a 5.5″ phone. Plain stupid. Maybe I should just buy a backup 808, EOS is already huge anyway …

        • JGrove

          Malarkey. I manipulate the 4.5″ display on my 920 just fine.

          Folks with Carney hands may not be able to. That’s their problem.

          What about the workingman who’s thumbs are much to big for these 4″ and under screens? You wanna cut them out?

          selfish small handed man.

    • Viipottaja

      Sorry to be blunt, but you are the one being stupid: where does it say in this rumor (again, as unlikely as it may be) that there would not be any phones with less than 4.5in?

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  • dss

    Hopefully its Intel Atom (bay trail) based and not ARM.. x86 programs are the main advantage of Windows 8 machines.

    • Bloob

      Or an AMD APU (since their graphics are superior to Intels).

  • tim

    the rumor say the 6-7 phablets coming 201 so it means we can wait for the other devices in q4 2013??