More Proof That the Lumia 1020 was Called the 909

| July 27, 2013 | 14 Replies

svUdnjWWe previously saw some Lumia 1020 early prototypes calling themselves the “Nokia 909” under the software information, well in case you needed any more proof when the 1020 is connected to a PC the default device name is “Nokia 909”. Honestly it’s not something very important, but it’s kind of interesting to me as a fan (sort of like the Lumia 800 calling itself “Searay” while updating); I like to think of them as little easter eggs for the loyalists.





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  • dss

    Much better name for this particular device..

    Nokia 909 PureView would’ve been perfect… skip lumia altogether

    • Cod3rror


      “Lumia” is a horrible brand! Sounds like it does not know what it is or what it wants to be.

      Plus, it’s so easy to make fun of – Loomia, Lamia, Gloomia.

      They should’ve called the series something more powerful, like GSX-R-Mustang-Pitbull or just kept the numbers or stayed with the Nseries.

      However, since 1020 has a smaller sensor than 808, it does not deserve the 909 name.

      • jiipee

        L1020 has OIS, which constitutes that it deserves to be higher in the ranks.

        Still, I have mixed feelings on the Lumia brand. When I first heard it, I mixed it with Lumix, which is also related to photography. Nokia does need a separate brand names for Asha and Lumia at least for business reasons. That way it is easier to keep the door open for selling parts of the device business.

        I would have preferred the 909 name. Going beyond 1000 mixes the message again. What is the ultimate high end numbering now: 1099, 1100, 9999, 10000?

        • Janne

          That way it is easier to keep the door open for selling parts of the device business

          LOL! You are on fire these days…

          As if that’s the reason…

          Oh boy oh boy. The FUD-fest.

          • jiipee

            That is your opinion. You can discuss marketing specialists about it.

      • v.s.i

        How about Galagsy?

        Didn’t think so…

  • Matej


  • swain

    909 would have given the device a feeling of being clear inferior to 920. Since it has more RAM and a better camera, only logical alternative was to give it a number higher than 928. But something like 930 or 940 justifies more given the fact that it’s not a drastic upgrade over 920.

    • Janne

      So far Nokia seems intent on using the second-last digit as a generational marker in Lumia though, so it makes sense to keep 1020 in the “20” family (810 is an interesting exception, explained in part by its lack of LTE). I wouldn’t be surprised if Q4 saw the release of 830, 930 and 1030.

      • dss

        1030 … snap 800, ip57 cert, 64gb, 2500mah battery..


        • rafaelinux

          I think you missed the actually important thing. New WP.

        • swain

          I would like to add a 4.8″ or 5″ FHD screen to the specifications.

      • swain

        Yeah may be it’s the beginning of new 10xx series which will be mainly high performance camera phones and they will use the 9xx series for mainstream phones. Instead of this I don’t see any other logical reason to give such a higher number to a device which hardly brings anything new to plate(I am not considering camera).

  • Carbontubby

    Heh, as in “One After 909”?

    I said I’m trav’ling on the one after 909
    Pick up my bag, run to the station
    Railman says you’ve got the the wrong location
    Pick up my bag, run right home
    Then I find I’ve got the number wrong…