Nokia updates its Lumia Pro Cam , makes the 808 proud.

| July 27, 2013 | 62 Replies

The Lumia 1020 was just launched and right away an update is available for  Nokia Pro Cam.

you see while the Lumia 1020 brought several amazing features and settings to the table it also dropped a few of the 808’s settings, well it seems the new Pureview flagship is picking those up once on a time, and today it brought bracketing back in version

2013-07-24-011 crop


So what is bracketing ?

In photography, bracketing is the general technique of taking several shots of the same subject using different camera settings. Bracketing is useful and often recommended in situations that make it difficult to obtain a satisfactory image with a single shot.


It basically means you can set 3 or 5 shots to be shot in succession with different exposure values.

what does it mean for a normal user? you can take a picture without worrying that you’d over or under expose it.



what does it mean for a photography geek , handmade HDRs  with the images captured set to his preferences but the trade off is having to manually stitch the images together on a PC to form the final HDR. ( I suspect there will be a WP app for this soon as a similar app was developed for the Nokia 808 too.)

You should know that bracketing was meant for mounted/fixed photography and not handheld photography so plan accordingly.


If you’re among the lucky ones who own a Lumia 1020

you can force the update by visiting this link 






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I love mobile photography, I have a serious 8 years relationship with Nokia , and a love/hate affair with Microsoft. you can follow me on twitter @nabkawe5
  • wiishesh

    Not lucky yet.. 🙁

    • wiishesh

      That sounds amazing. Nokia ftw

  • Al

    If the 1020 is bruteforcing the 5MP Pureview photos via the cpu instead of using dedicated gpu like on the 808, I suspect a dedicated HDR app will be made eventually.

    OIS and cropping from full size photos should help make lining up the photos easy enough to do handheld. With the dev kit available, we should be seeing desktop class HDR photos, not the cheap stuff we see on other phones.

    • lets hope so.

    • mirco

      I don’t think that the processing is done on the CPU. Every modern SoC also has a DSP besides its CPU and GPU.

      • ammad

        whats a DSP , how does it work, what its function?


        • mirco

          A DSP (= digital signal processor) is a processor type which is optimized for periodic tasks (i.e. audio, video or imaging) where a quite large amount of data needs to be processed in a fixed time. They are not as versatile as CPUs (i.e. they cannot execute complicated code) but are very efficient and fast in what they are doing. The “custom chip” of the 808 was a DSP (no GPU!) and did the number crunching for PureView.
          The Snapdragon SoC has a so called Hexagon DSP. While I don’t know how powerfull or useable it is for PureView, it is more reasonable to assume that the basic tasks are done there. No (mobile) CPU would be able to process 41MP with 30fps and I am not sure if a GPU would be!

    • the_newtype

      Did you pick up a 1020, Tran?

      (HoFo forever)

    • bean

      …nokia collaborated with qualcomm to re-design the imaging stack/ processor of snapdragon, which makes the whole processor different from same snapdragon…

  • chris wayne

    Lucky?, i don’t even have a 920 yet! ;(

    • tiyo xi

      you are lucky cause your money is safe

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        Yeah, he can himself lucky not to have purchased the 920. Its price essentially dropped to one-third of the original price at least here in Finland (of course it’s a second-hand price but current-gen second-hand flagships like the GS4 or the iPhone 5 are still around 500 euros).

  • Paul grenfell

    Pity the 808 didn’t get the same love and attention it deserved at the time..
    It truly was and still is as remarkable camera..
    I’ll never get rid of it..

    • stylinred

      we have bracketing in the 808…

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        But not some other stuff like manual shutter speed setting.

        • milojko

          since we can control it via ISO setting, somehow I don’t miss it

          • mirco

            No, it is simply not the same (and touch-to-focus is not a replacement for manual focus).

            • dss

              I don’t see much difference..

              • mirco

                In some cases you want independent settings for shutter speed and iso (or simply you don’t want to guess how the automatic behind your camera behaves but set it directly. Would you accept any higher level camera without manual controls like this?

    • Random Random


      People should praise it because it had all those megapixels.

  • DannyBoy

    in this pace 1020 will get better than 808 in 2015. i dont know why nobody says the truth, the emperor is naked. 1020 may be nice but it misses so many things from 808. do anyone here imagine himself taking pics at full res all day? the lag between pics is terrible! and the 5mp is not good for everything. maybe we have to do a list with 808/1020 +es and -es. but at first sight 4 shooting res, 4 focus modes/shutter speed control, ois. nokia was on the run on 1020 but the price is so steady:)

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      “do anyone here imagine himself taking pics at full res all day? the lag between pics is terrible!”

      Well, writing times could indeed be better – but I think it’s an acceptable price to be paid for the immense resolution.

      ” and the 5mp is not good for everything.”

      Unfortunately, that’s right. The 5MP encoder, as has also been pointed out in some of my previous posts, is much weaker than that of the 808.

      “nokia was on the run on 1020 but the price is so steady:)”

      If you wait a year, it’ll be around $250/e200, particularly second-hand, as is now the 920 (at least here in Finland). Otherwise, it’s priced the same as other unlocked flagships (the 32GB iPhone 5 is even more expensive and is waaay worse camera-wise in every respect. Probably only the panorama mode that is better than that of the 1020 – and, of course, the shot-to-shot times).

      • DannyBoy

        “acceptable price to be paid for the immense resolution” nobody needs this res from a phone, some nice res will be 8-12mp as torcida says, with added PV effect. this will be not be a selling point for sure:)
        “it’s priced the same as other unlocked flagships” for someone that is so small on the market the price is way to high. both nokia and wp have to fight with some giants so its no about the cam quality is about the place on the market and public image. if you ask me, with this strategy nokia and wp will fail in 1 year but pls dont ask:)
        what im really waiting for is this:

        • Werner Ruotsalainen

          ““acceptable price to be paid for the immense resolution” nobody needs this res from a phone, some nice res will be 8-12mp as torcida says, with added PV effect. this will be not be a selling point for sure:)”

          1. Well, until Nokia improves on the PV algorithm (which is certainly not as good as on the 808), for photo freaks wanting to have as much detail as possible will need to stick with shooting full res + doing the downsampling on the desktop.

          2. I’m one of those that has no problems with such long storing times if (and only if) I know the result will have TONS of more detail and SIGNIFICANTLY better DR than with cameras with worse imaging (e.g., iPhone 5 or even the GS4).

          • DannyBoy

            the main issue with 1020 is that is the 1st time that nokia release a cam phone that is in many ways worse that the previous
            1. nokia will not improve the pv on 1020. if they could they would put many res from the 1st time, they are not so stupid.
            2 come on, you will not see more details on a ful res pic than on a 8-12mp res pic even on a huge screen. the full res is good only for cropping and to back up PV

            • Janne


              the main issue with 1020 is that is the 1st time that nokia release a cam phone that is in many ways worse that the previous

              Without commenting on 808 vs. 1020, let’s cut that myth. Nokia has plenty of times made compromises in new cameraphones that have resulted in them being worse in some ways – this has happened both in the N8x and N9x ranges, not to mention many other phone ranges where for example market requirements for thinness has mandated compromises.

              Let’s not forget, the very first Nokia cameraphones had horizontal camera modules. There were even models with optical zoom. These kinds of optics have had to be compromised because the market would no longer accept horizontal camera modules due to the thickess of the device.

              • Janne

                Let’s not forget, the very first Nokia cameraphones had horizontal camera modules.

                To clarify: This, if we assume N90 was the first cameraphone from Nokia. Of course Nokia had cameras in phones prior to that.

              • dss

                .. those are not cameraphones.

                N86 to N8 to 808 … all of those improved upon each other.

                The 1020 is not a complete step back from the 808, but its certainly not a clear step forward either.

                • mirco

                  It is because of OIS. Overall, you will get a much better ratio of good to blurry shots (not just in low light).

                  • Viipottaja

                    and the Pro Cam is for the average user also a major improvement as it makes it easier to get into tweaking settings (being able to see the impact on screen and advised if going to far with a setting).

                    Some of the other things are also a bit of a matter of preference and perception, and down to how one views a pic. A lot of times these tests zoom into the pics to analyze noise, grain, sharpening etc. etc. which most people in the end won’t do, and the way the pic looks in a normal view is what matters more to most users.

            • mirco

              Creating myths is fun for you?

              Why should it be technically impossible to add different PureView resolutions?

    • Viipottaja

      Btw, I tried in the store. What it does is that it takes the pic, and shows on the screen the (I assume) 5MP one immediately. At top left it says “Saving picture”. So for 99.999999% of use cases you will not even think about the saving time, as you are looking at the 5mp one already on the screen.

      ONLY if you want to snap several in a succession, you would have a problem. And for that I gather e.g. the bracketing option or one of the smartshoot modes or disabling the saving of the bigger version etc etc can provide a work around (which is not ideal of course but at least they are there).

      • DannyBoy

        i dont think you can disable full res pic saving but if you can play with it in a shop pls tell us. anyway, you had in your hand a “nude” device, i can bet that if you put the phone to work gsm+3g and fill half of the memory the lag will be bigger. pls tell me what are the preset modes for focus and some personal impressions if you like.

        • Viipottaja

          I only had 10 min or so with the device. It feels noticeably lighter than 920, is quite thin outside the camera module, matte yellow looks great. Ability to see impact of manual settings immediately in the view finder is fantastic, manual focus is cool, ability to reframe after the fact is very nifty. I was generally impressed and tempted.

          How would being on GSM would make the saving time get longer, it has nothing to do with the network speed, does it?

          I thought I saw in some preview that the dual saving can be disabled, but I might be wrong. Perhaps you can get at least some of the info in the user manual (although it probably does not cover every single setting separately).

        • Viipottaja

          I confirmed with Daniel Rubino on WPCentral: you can turn off the saving of the 34/38MP version and only save the 5MP one if you want.

  • torcida

    Would love to see more options for other resolutions, e.g. 8 and 12MP.

  • Pete

    Question for the Author – what HDR app for the 808 did you mean? Any particular one that you could recommend? I still have my N8 somewhere, and I’d like to try HDR on that (obviously, the N8 does not have an HDR mode natively, nor bracketing, and I’m too lazy to manually take 3 or so consecutive shots with different EV values, trying not to reframe in the process, and then stick these shots together on the Mac) since I always knew that it would wipe the floor with everything else if it deployed HDR, the 808 notwithstanding. I’m sorry, I think the N8 has better dynamic range, and with HDR it would be all the more superb.

    • jolla > nokia

      that app is called HDRapp, its development, i think, has been stopped because it has even come out of beta

      • nabkawe

        I think I have a beta installation file somewhere in my backup hard drive , will try to look it up.

        • Pete

          I’d love you to. I’ll start up my N8 already and search it in the Store, but it’d be great if you found it, too.

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  • dss

    The camera app launches slower than the 808… I am sure that they can improve on that, but its amazing how this is possible considering how much faster the 1020 is in terms of CPU/RAM compared to the 808.

    The time between shots.. ya, I would either stick to full res only, or 5mpix only.. the dual thing doesn’t make much sense anyway

    • Viipottaja

      see my comment above. from 10 min hands on it the save time seemed like something that would very rarely or never bother me.

      as for the app launch time, don’t really know but I set Pro Cam as the default in both of the AT&T display unit (hey, gotta help Nokia out a bit) and when pressing the shutter key it seemed to open fairly fast – obviously was not paying that close attention to that aspect though.

  • anon2

    I’ve seen so many mixed results by this phone I don’t what to believe

    • Viipottaja

      Perhaps you can believe what most if not all reviewers say: together with the 808 it is by far the best camera phone ever made? 🙂 Bravo Nokia!

  • art_vaider

    808 is not proud at all , he is laughing on it’s successor 😀
    Lumia 1020 image quality sucks. They added bracketing , but forgot about 3 and 8 mp. Pureview modes , color intensity ,
    contrast level , sharpness , saturation.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      The IQ of the 1020 does NOT suck, at least not when it comes to full-res images. (5Mp images seem to suffer from some substandard downsampler – prolly the S4 pro was just too slow to implement a better-quality algorithm.) Among other things, it has considerably better resolution. The only problem is the softness around the 10% area of the edges, but it can easily be fixed by simply cropping out those areas.

      • dss

        I guess taking full res and resizing later on a PC is the way to go..

        • art_vaider

          Great solution 😀 Very comfortable ! Manualy resizing hundreds of images , waisting time to achieve image quality same as 808 !
          I find that best balance between detail and image quality is giving 12 mp. photo made by 808. Pureview ratio is 3:1 , which is enough to combine information from RGB Bayer filter.

    • Yes, most people were confused by the 3,5,8 combination and oversampling worked best on 5mp so there’s that , next color intensity Saturation & contrast levels can be manipulated afterwards easily, hell Nokia Creative suit is almost perfect for this.

      what you can’t do in the 808 however is MF or long shutter times , there’s also select to expose where if you let the phone choose the focus manually on one spot it’ll change exposure to best match the place you pointed to.
      There’s also the fact that it has OIS , this means a shake of hand won’t ruin a great pic.

      There’s also the fact that this device is thin and light and with WP an os that is worth a shit compared to Symbian , 808 is a NOKIA DAMN PRODUCT that tackled a problem. The 1020 tackles a different problem all together. 808 tackled pure pics with amazing zoom . the Lumia 1020 is tackling lowlight & ZOOM , specially ZOOM hence the over sharpened nature of the pics.

      • Random Random

        1020 fixes the biggest problem 808 has.

        The flawed operating system.

        • Just Visiting


      • dss

        An open shutter for 2.7 seconds is more than enough for a sensor this size.

        Manual focus ? Tap the screen and you can focus wherever you want.

        8Mpix/Superfine/50iso is where the 808 shines. Oversampling works equally well in all 3 modes.

        The 808 is smaller than the 1020 overall.

        Symbian is in fact better than WP in more than one thing.. not overall, but its not a one sided affair.

        Is the 1020 worth $600-700 … no. Is the 808 worth $400… yes.

        $300 on contract is still very high.. but I am sure that we will see them down at 200 in no time.

        • mirco

          Give me a break… why should the sensor size limit the maximal exposure time? That makes no sense at all. A Lumix LX3 with a 1/1.63″ sensor allows 60s and it makes perfectly sense.

          Are you really claiming that tap to focus replaces manual focus? What if your auto focus doesn’t work anymore (low light, difficoult object) or you simply want a fixed focus?

          And finally… yes, Symbian is so much better… if you don’t use the browser for example.

          • Random Random

            Of course those Nokia fans say that.

            They claim that if Nokia is not offering the feature, it’s irrelevant.

            Just like when Nokia was not offering capacitive screens, it was just not something anyone needed. Nokia fans claimed that capacitive screen was not needed.

            That’s how honest they are.

  • DannyBoy

    i find a very nice review of 1020 here:
    and better on video
    and i find out that you can disable full res pics saving

    • Viipottaja

      See also above, I checked with WPCentral’s Daniel Rubino and he also confirmed the same.

  • rollo

    still missing the 8 MP mode from my 808…and the SD slot.

    • dss

      A lot of things are missing, and a lot of things are added.. you just have to balance your priorities.

      My music collection alone prevents me from being able to use the 1020 as a main smartphone, 32gb just doesn’t cut it.

  • Shane