Video: Lumia 1020 At&t TV Advert

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With the 1020 officially available it’s now up to Nokia and At&t to promote the hell out of it, and At&t’s first TV advert for it is a good start. The clips hows off the powers of lossless zoom, making every seat a front row seat thanks to the cropping; it could use a tiny bit more context explaining that the zoom doesn’t affect the quality but oh well.


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  • Good to see an ad that shows what makes the 1020 special.

    • asif

      its great phone 1020 when comes in camera all brand are fail

      • Viipottaja


  • twig

    There were two others out of six customers buying the 1020 when I bought mine. I heard one say” this really has 41 MP’s?” ATT salesperson said “yes it does”. I noticed we all hurry out of the store to our cars, once in the car OPEN this thing !! It’s taped !! I can’t get it open !! Grab the keys !! Cut,cut…no pretty box opening video here…and OH YAHHHHH. Lookie at that black. Turn it around to see the camera. Gasp. It’s like a we have entered a new twilight zone…and it’s sooo cool.

    • Deaconclgi

      That describes it all!!!! Great comment, thanks for sharing.

      • nabkawe

        +1020 , this is the feeling I had about my Lumia 920

    • xconomicron


  • That’s actually a good ad, wtf?

    • yes, with Nokia ads the surprise is a good ad … 😀

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  • SmoledMan

    It still lacks that emotional gut punch of Apple ads. You know those type of ads that tear your guts out and stomp all over them and make you cry in thanks to Apple for the privilege.

  • xconomicron

    Interesting…maybe AT&T was embarrassed by the whole “lady calling out AT&T to Elop during the event” -lol. I bet Ralph Vargas was shirking bricks when that lady ended the press event with that question.

    HOPEFULLY we’ll start seeing more ad’s on TV like this…

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