Whatsapp for WP Getting Custom Backgrounds and Notification Tones in Next Update

| February 14, 2014 | 6 Replies

WhatsappWhatsapp is one app that a lot of people rely on, unfortunately its performance on WP isn’t exactly the best out there; with random crashes, delayed notifications and a pretty ugly chat UI. However a lot of that is changing in the upcoming update for Windows Phone. The latest update to the Whatsapp beta brings the option to add a custom background to your messages, something that will give it a much nicer look and make it seem less depressing (the settings list has also been revamped with a nicer layout.


Another major change is the ability to set a custom notification tone, a feature that was made possible by Update 3 for WP; under the settings you have the option to set a custom tone for both group messages as well as individual chats, meaning we can finally do away with the standard Windows Phone notification noise (it can get VERY confusing if sitting with more than one person who has a WP).

Custom_whatsappThere isn’t an expected release date for these features just yet, but hopefully we’ll be seeing them soon





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