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  1. Stephen Elop reveals Microsoft’s “Selfie” Phone (Superman) and High end WP phone (Tesla)
  2. Jolla pre-order expands to Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyz; Hong Kong Soon!
  3. Microsoft’s Siri vs Cortana advert brings back whiff of Mac vs PC
  4. 6.1 Million/25% more cars having HERE Maps in first half of 2014
  5. Nokia Lumia 930 and Microsoft One Experience Live – Family festival stunt
  6. HTC Pulls a Nokia, offers One M8 to Galaxy S4 owner after phone catches fire
  7. Press Release: Nokia Corporation Interim Report for Q2 2014 and January-June 2014
  8. Press Release: Jolla Phone in Kazakstan
  9. Video: Nokia Lumia 530 promo
  10. Microsoft wirelessly charges Nokia Lumia 930 organically with Apples and Potatoes
  11. MixRadio, Display and Network+ updated
  12. Mary Jo Foley explains ‘One Windows’ – what it is, and what it isn’t!
  13. Modern Combat 5: Blackout appears in store
  14. Nokia’s Coloud Bang 19 Euro speakers
  15. Adam Giles demoes the new Nokia Lumia 530, 4″ Polycarbonate, quad core and fixed focus camera
  16. Jolla Sailfish Launcher for Android (alpha) updated to v0.2.1
  17. SkyDrive updated to v4.2, Battery Saver also gets update.
  18. Video: Preview of the new dynamic Lockscreen app for WP8.1?
  19. MyDreamNokia #106: Cute little Nokia Lumia 330 – Asha/mobile phone replacement concept
  20. Video: RAW vs JPEG, advantages and disadvantages
  21. Video: Tahkalampi Jolla Sailfish Update 8
  22. Software update for Nokia Lumia 930
  23. GSM Arena Camera shootout: Nokia Lumia 1020 camera beats Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 and Oppo Find 7
  24. Jolla Releases First Early Adopter Release of Sailfish OS HADK
  25. Jolla docks in India
  26. Superphone 3D Touch Nokia ‘McLaren’ is killed, but 3D touch will still be a part of WP.
  27. MNB RG: Nokia looking for consumer product designer for a relaunch
  28. MixRadio to live on as a “spin-off”
  29. OpEd: Why MS Layoffs Are Not A Surprise & Elop Not To Blame For Nokia’s Demise
  30. Nokia X and all feature phones to be killed off in favour of Windows Phone
  31. Video: Nokia X and Nokia Lumia 930 unboxing
  32. Video: Nokia (MM UK) Promo – Meet the Nokia Lumia 930
  33. Nokia Lumia 930 camera vs Samsung Galaxy S5
  34. Jolla available in China?
  35. Press Release: Lumia Cyan Rollout starts rolling out today
  36. Jolla Summer release available: Sailfish Software version, Tahkalampi
  37. New #SailfishOS SDK Alpha “1407″ release for is now available! #Jolla
  38. Video: Microsoft Research demoes real life Pokédex on Windows Phone with Project Adam #Cortana
  39. Cortana does impressions? (Video)
  40. Nokia Lumia 930 on Clove with £130 promotional offer and accessories