• Andrew_b

    Another shit piece of journalism from the BBC:

    He complains about the dimensions of the phone and then says it’s the best build and nicest to hold in the hand. He calls the quality of WP7 apps the Lumia 900’s Achilles’ heel, implying that their quality is poor. He’s supposed to say it’s the low quantity of apps, not the quality! Didn’t he get the slagging off Nokia for Dummies memo?

    He needs to be put straight and shown what Steve Woz said about the Lumia 900…

    • ashok singh

      After sales service support of nokia is very-very bad.I purchase nokia lumia 710 before 10 days.There is sound problem that i return back to dealer where i purchase mobile.Now they told me when we recv. your mobile then call to you.Time is not sure it will take already 4 day,s till they are not given me time commitment.Way of taking is i can,t explain.I think dueto this kind way of working now samsung is cover nokia market.

  • Justin Cohen

    Hi Jay just letting you know that I have been in contact with Nokia Aus through email and chat asking them to bring out the 808.They do not want to know and don’t care that they are losing customers down here by the truck load.Now I have nothing against WP7, I just want them to release the best in show phone from CES this year.Their is a lot of internet chatter down here but they don’t seem to care.So I was thinking with your pulling power to start a petition to force Nokia to release it here.Thanks in advance.

    • Paul Grenfell

      They got a lot of feedback today..still same ignorant response..

  • huseyin
  • Stuart

    I am emailing to see if you have any advertising opportunities currently. I am looking to promote a mobile phone comparison site that is about to relaunch next month. If you could send me details of any text link placements you can offer along with pricing information, I can make an immediate decision and pay by Paypal today. Ideally we would be looking for a link within a sentence of text, placed on your homepage only.


  • Duraisingam

    Dont buy NOkia C2-03

    within a short period of five months its touch screen pad is not working properly.
    when contacted the nokia care they didnt have stock of touch screen for replacement for more than a month.
    subsequently they will say the defect may be due to improper use like water entered etc etc to avoid warranty commitments.


  • sasidharan

    pls send belle os update for nokia c5-03. serial no is 359331044727523 and type is RM-697

  • noki
    • noki

      “Didn’t Nokia say Windows Phone will actually help them show up on the market faster? It doesn’t appear to be so. Also, notice how no one is talking about Windows Phone 8, but only about Nokia’s hardware? That’s because there’s nothing exciting about WP8”

      as bad as nokia would have wanted it meego would not have been this disatrous

  • Max
  • Grendell

    Hi Jay, I’ve been a long time fan of Nokia’s 5800 Xpressmusic. It was an awesome device in its day marrying some pretty good functionality with good value for money. It gained a pretty decent following as well. None of the units that were thought to be successors to the 5800 ever really did it any justice and it is the one thing currently lacking in Nokia’s current lineup is a 5 series. Would it be possible to write a what if article or poll on a current day Lumia 5800 Xpressmusic? What tech can we expect to trickle down? I know you’re very busy but I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to appreciate an article like this.

    Many thanks!

  • Gerii

    Felix Baumgartner dropped his Nokia. 😀

  • shiya

    in my noki n8 ovi store is not working,software version is nokia belle refresh,but i want to do to get it connected,plz send useful information

  • JimJim78
  • Jii
  • Grazy

    Hey Jay,

    Went onto O2 today (UK) and stumbled across the recycle service they offer! Oddly they allow you to recycle your N9!! never would but if you did they would only give you £95 for a 64GB!!


  • Sudeep Pal

    Suggestion for Nokia: Because I believe Nokia’s hardware and now Microsoft’s OS. Please bring up a mobile with dual sim within a budget of Rs.12000 to Rs.15000 and Dual Camera. I am waiting to buy Nokia Lumia with of dual sim and dual camera and please add File Manager so that we can see folders. Please have a strategy to the make price high with respect to the innovative features with the high budget Phone so that people will compel to buy. But first bring up a reasonable and affordable Model to India that will give you the highest sales of your product.

  • syed asif Ali

    actually I saw some pics of Nokia W10 on internet which are very much good in design and slim too why Nokia is not trying that design.

  • syed asif Ali

    Please bring call recording app for Lumia…

  • himanshu

    Nokia’s global Facebook posted something I did’n understood please it is saying mission,accomplished.

  • leo

    check this user on youtube

    a lot of 1020 videos

  • Kumara

    Hi guys.
    I was waiting for one feature in WP wich is very usefull to me. I thought WP doesn’t have this feature, then I saw it on youtube with lumia phone.
    It’s basic video function: SLOW MOTION!
    Please can you post short video of slow motion function, how it works, does it perform any good and so on (how are details). Preferebly on 1020 if possible.
    This is a feature very esential for my work if I’m using a video shot to review the exact moment (for sport purposes).

    One more thing:
    I’m on my n9 and wanted to shot with iphone 5 a video (didn’t have my phone at my hand). Could not shoot a proper video, because iphone didn’t have adjustable exposure compensation. I had shoot where the window was and outside was realy bright sun, so video was to dark. Iwent for my n9 because of this basic things. And slider instead of a slowmotion was performing realy good on my n9, compared to iphone 5 wich jumped to much frames when sliding with my finger.

    If Lumia have slow motion and if it’s good, then this should be advertised!!!
    Guy said in editor you have a slow motion (this should be somewhere near of play button, so people would know it exsists).

  • jacob

    hi there im using Nokia asha 303 and since i installed this new aplication on my phone is no longer operating,my ovi store and internet are not working,how can i restore the old soft wares?

  • anonymous

    hello to everyone, i would just like to request to include youtube links whenever the post includes youtube videos for i am still a symbian user using an opera mini as my browser. What i usually do here before is to go to the youtube link provided and copy the title of the video and then search and stream it using third party apps for symbian but now i cant do that coz you guys are no longer providing links that i can go to and i cant stream straight thru my opera mini browser or even the default browser of my 808. I hope you guys can consider my request i believe it’s not that too much for some of the followers of this blog. Thnks.

  • I want to buy a new nokia…
    I m confused between lumia 1520 mini and nokia XL android powered… I want to know that XL has only 768 mb ram… So can apps like subway surfer, temple run works on it or not…
    Plzz suggest me as soon as possible nd also tell me when Nokia 1520v (mini version) available in india.
    I shall be very thankful to you
    When would the nokia lumia 929 or nokia icon available in indian market? What would be its price?..

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