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  1. NeNoRmAl says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 appeared on the television series “ARROW”! – =]

  2. Jiipee says:

    Elop will have a mate joining him in MWC

    Too bad Marc is not presenting Nokia. He would be the ultimate rock star type instead of the typical Nokia presenters.

  3. Doug says:

    Nokia CEO closes the door on a potential Android smartphone

  4. stormtroller says:

    Soundwave, SoundHound client for Nokia N9.

    Soon will be for (Qt device) BB10/Symbian/N900

    • Jiipee says:

      It would be interesting to hear how the dev feels about releasing app using qt to multiple platforms. He probably customizes the UI for each os.

  5. incognito says:

    Nokia added maps for Serbia and Israel, after 4+ years of their removal (since they moved to Navteq-exclusive maps). Hooray!

    Still not available for N9/N900, tho, but they are available online.

  6. jiipee says:

    This could be good for WP ecosystem:

    “Microsoft to launch WP8 reference design in mid-2013, say sources”
    in other words, it should be easier for smaller manufacturer to release devices. Nokia should still have edge with their exclusive apps etc.

  7. PLL says:

    I knew I saw an N8 on “Pretty Little Liars”! Granted, another character was using it so it seems that props are interchangeable on this show. Amazing that they even used this phone as it is not that known in the US:

  8. Jules says:

    david a talented engineer in Finland or they mean working for NOKIA ??? :D

    Check at 50 Sec |

  9. sunnyvale says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted before, but there’s some headline claiming that Nokia is receiving a whopping 1 BILLION and bit mote dollars for developing the strongest material available.


  10. noggi says:

    Vertu to release their first Android luxury smartphone:

    I know that Nokia only owns 10% of the company, but I feel it still should belong here. What’s more interesting is that the phone was developed under Nokia’s full ownership – and was designated with an RM-828V model number, similar to Nokia’s convention & Lumia’s model numbers.

  11. noggi says:

    Nokia receives $1.35 billion grant to develop the ‘strongest material ever tested’ (graphene):,20773.html

  12. NSX says:

    Nokia MeeGo fans will appreciate UI elements of BlackBerry 10

    Summary: Anyone who used MeeGo will quickly see that BlackBerry 10 has many of those swiping design elements in its new UI. MeeGo went farther in some respects, but there are much better prospects for more extensive application development with BlackBerry than there are with MeeGo now that Nokia killed that project.

  13. Just Visiting says:

    Nokia offering Super Monkey Ball 2 as a free app for all Lumia users – it’s not the Xbox Live title with achievements ($2.99), but it is free:

  14. stylinred says:

    Blackberry superbowl commercial where they claim they invented the smartphone

  15. WhiteAdy says:

    ^wow stylinred they’re going pretty dramatic on that ad (which is not bad at all) but claiming that they invented smartphones? Come on…
    Here’s a new practical comparison between the Z10 and the Lumia 920

  16. Jiipee says:

    I knew that there has been a PhD dissertation on Nokia’s strategic choises. A tweet by ex-Nokian JP Helminen confirms that it is also very valid ;)

    Link to the paper in the tweet ad well as hint for pages to read

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