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I often get emails directed to me as if I was customer support.

Whilst I try to reply to as many as I can, there’s so much more that I’ve missed which is a shame as I’d like to help them out but I’m just limited with time.

I thought it might be better to open up a section where folks can possibly leave a question that others might be able to reply to (either with direct help or a link to where that help can be found). It’s an interim solution whilst there is no forum at the moment. More people to assist and more likely they’d know more than I do using the collective force of Nokians. It’ll also make it slightly easier for me to see those questions as I also often miss emails if I don’t get to them in time.


This section will be visible under tips. Tips>Ask a Nokian

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Ask a Nokian:

If you have a question or query about your Nokia, just leave a message below.  If you know an answer to someone else’s question, or know where that question can be asked (e.g. a link) feel free to help them out.


  • Muktesh

    can Lumia 510 dowload videos from the internet from sites other than facebook or marketplace?

    I saw on nokia conversations that a nokian complained about his Lumia not downloading videos from a movies site.
    And someone replied that it cannot cause of windows’s restrictions!

    Is it true?
    Please reply fast as i’m looking to buy it by the end of this month.

  • Trevor


    I reset my Lumia 920 (holding down volume, on/off and camera key), the phone willnow not switch back on it is stuck on the Nokia logo screen.

    How do Iget the phone working again?

    Your assistance would be appreiciated.


  • nokia

  • Joao

    Hi, I feel guilty, not sure if it was the right thing to do, but after this long wait for the 7.8 update for my 610. I installed Nokia care suite and in the care suite it’s self (No Navifirm) it said my phone was out dated… So when I clicked on download firmware (still in care suite), It started downloading Firmware version 1066.0000.8858.12470, With my product code and carrier and everything… Nokia care then said I must refurbish the device… I did and 7.8 booted and is now working… Just one thing, no ringtone maker app, and I can’t download it… So how do I know if this “7.8” is right? I mean I hear the 610 comes out now with 7.8… What Firmware do they have???

  • reverseBungee

    Hi, I am a Lumia 800 and 900 user. Thinking of switching to Lumia 920 when stocks arrive locally.
    The recent contacts transfer problems from Google contacts bothers me. All of my phone numbers contacts are in Google contacts, the others are in Windows live. Is there a way to transfer my phone numbers contacts from Google contacts to Window Live or a way to let Lumia 920 sync with Google contacts?
    Many thanks.

    • arts

      i think you can export your contacts to a file and import them to your live account. =)

  • Ankush

    Hi all,

    Can anyone let me know how can i send video/audio files via watsapp on lumia 920.. I tried all the steps however couldnt. 🙁

  • Tom

    Is it possible to turn off automatic connection to the internet from my Lumia 800? Im getting enormously large bills from my network provider because of internet usage. Thanks. Regards.

    • You can turn off the 3G data connection from under “mobile network” in settings. (It’s easiest to download an app such Connection tiles) to quickly access 3G settings from your home screen.

  • Srikrishna


    Can anyone let me know when lumia 620 launch in indian market.


  • Bane

    Is there viber app for nokia asha 306?

  • Jikku ben

    Can anyone guide me to the country-wise distribution of Nokia s40 devices.. ? Its for my final project and hope u guys can help me. Will b a great help … thanks

  • gerald olivier

    Hi I got a new SIM card for my Nokia N8 and when inserted I get the message “sim card inscription failed”, as a consequence I can’t use the phone. how can it be fixed, please?

  • AshGo

    What is the latest version for firmware update for Nokia E6 belle.
    My current version is 111.140.0058 on a product with code 059F124.
    My phones’ update section and the one through nokia suite do not show any update. It is been a long time since i got my last update. I see that there are already FP2 versions starting with 113.XXX.XXXX but not for E6.
    Kindly update me on this!

    • reptile

      you have the latest version, Belle Refresh. 113.XXX.XXXX is for Gen II devices (700,701,603,808)

  • paul

    how do i contact nokia firmware makers? I want to ask for enhancement on my phone thanks

  • prathamesh

    i’m using nokia asha 308
    m not able to use whtsapp wid my phn..i searched for it bt it shows asha308 dsnt supprt the appl…
    can u suggest sum solution for it or ne other generic version dat wil workon asha 308

  • Karel

    He guys,

    What do you expect from Nokia at the MWC?

    • arts

      lumia 1000, lumia 710 replacements, maybe and just maybe, a goddamn pdf reader that works like how smart office handles their pdfs. Smoooth.

  • Purpleube

    My Nokia N9’s keyboard doesn’t appear on device lock. How can I enter my security code? I’ve been reading forums about it and the only way to fix it is by flashing the device. I was ready to do the flashing but the computer doesn’t recognize the device. Is it because the device is lock? Please help!

  • Nouf

    Can anyone answer me plz , I just got lumia 920 and Ithink I regret becuz , I got it for the camera but I relized that my I phoone 4s takke better pics , every pic I take on lumia 920 is worse if I zoom the pic Iphone 4s win and if its about colors 4s is more realistic and more sharp plz can anyone let me know is there any update will fix this or its better I get back to my old phone , I was excited about lumia 920 but now I’m really sad

    • Check your firmware under: Settings > About > More info. If the number under OS version is 8.0.10211.204 (last 3 numbers don’t really matter) then you have the latest SW and the camera should perform better. If you still have a number below the above then you should check for updates and install them and see after that if there is any improvement.

  • Licciana


    I have a Nokia N97. Do you know what the little icons are below the signal strength area of the main menu? Sometimes its a small blue dot, sometimes a small yellow dot, and at the moment there’s a small red triangle in place. I assumed it was to do with my network, but they say no and that it’s probably a Nokia thing, but I can’t find any mention of it in the manual.

    My ignorance is driving me mad, so if anyone can help I’d be very grateful.


    Hi there guys I am planning to get a new a phone but I wanna ask something can the display in the Nokia Lumia 820 or even the upcoming Lumia 720 beat or compete with the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 ?
    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    • From the top of my head; There are 2 differences, 1) The S3 uses a Pentile layout for the screen, meaning that eventhough it has a HD resolution it won’t look as good as an RGB layout HD screen.

      The second thing is screen technology. The S3 uses AMOLED and so does the 820. The 720 however uses LCD. The difference there is that AMOLED has more vibrant colors and black are really black. The downside to AMOLED is that it need to light up each pixel separately which can be a drain on the battery when viewing web pages with a lot of white.

      My personal preferences is an LCD screen like in the 720 and 920. The colors are a little more natural and you don’t have that over saturated look.

      To answer your question; based on specs alone, yes I’d say both the 720 and 820 can compete with the S3. There might be a few areas where the S3 is better with the higher resolution, but I think the difference won’t be that big because of the Pentile layout on the S3.


        Many thanks man for the quick replay also one more question it is said the Lumia 820 screen has less protection unlike the 920 however are there any info about the screen protection of the Lumia 720 ?

        • Don’t know about that. There are indeed some talks about the 820 not having Gorilla Glass like the 920. But that doesn’t mean that the glass will easily break. Even the 820 uses some kind of toughened glass just not made by Corning (the people behind Gorilla Glass)

          The 720 is listed to have Gorilla Glass, similar to the 920. If you ever want detailed specifications of devices, be sure to head over to There you can compare any device out today and see all specs you need, although sometimes there can be slight errors in newly launched devices.


    Oh thank you again, do you know a good site which where I can compare the new Lumia 720 with the HTC 8X ?

    • Viipottaja has fairly comprehensive specs listings for phones, not sure if they allow you to easily compare side by side though. I am sure there are others too. E.g. may have the comparison function.

  • Aalam

    I have forgot the security code of my Nokia 5250, Is there any application for S60 v5 mobiles that can tell me my forgotten Password. Because i don’t want to Hard reset my mobile.
    There is one App named Unlockme v1.0 which do the required Job but that only worked in s40 devices. Plz Help

  • Mawethu

    I would like to locate my nokia lumia 610,I have been trying the “Find my phone” button but no luck. I am in South Africa,can anyone please assist.Thank you

  • Nicole

    How do i delete a gmail and yahoo mail fro my nokia lumina 820?

  • Duvan

    why meego is no in the usa

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