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  1. James Scott says:

    Looks as though Nokia’s Ad boys are really getting on the ball, check out this story.

  2. Dave² says:

    Rugged covers for the 820 to come in yellow, orange and green.

  3. dontom says:

    Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat had a preview of the pureview today. They met with Juha Alakarhu (Pureview inventor). This is what it said:

    “Iltasanomat test: How did Nokias camera of ruckus do in dark, while moving and in close-ups

    IltaSanomat took the new Nokia Lumia 920 in their hand and started to do what cameraphones traditionally has been bad at: taking pictures in obscure light, while shaking and Macros.

    Juha Alakarhu is an exited man. He talks a lot, his hands are swinging, when the Nokias chief architect of camera software is talking about the new features of the coming Lumias.

    - When you have one of these, you really cannot keep yourself from taking pictures! Alakarhu says.

    He really does have a point, saying this.

    We dim-out the conference room and create a bar-like environment. Bring up the Lumia and – snap, a picture taken in the dark shows.

    Comparing the shot with a few years old Canon Ixus 50 pocket camera show that the Lumia is better: Clearly less graininess, noise and shakiness.

    Next test

    Hands are shaking while taking a picture. While your hands are shaking zooming in on a fixed object you see a sharp picture of the object on the screen, and the photo is sharp as well.
    You don’t get a sharp picture with extreme shaking though.
    It’s easy to imagine that you could call this feature ‘hang-over cam’.

    Lastly we take some extreme close-ups.

    Putting a finger almost on the lens and taking a picture of a backpacks buckle captures sharp and good looking. They stay good looking even when zoomed on.

    Nokia did not want to give us the pictures to take with us, because it claims the software still is not finished.

    We say – unnecessary precaution. They don’t need to be ashamed of showing these pictures to a bigger audience.

    New features of the Lumia Camera.

    Photobeamer – moves pictures wireless from the camera to the TV. You don’t have to do anything else then to take a picture of the barcode on the connected TV, and the pictures start showing on your TV.

    Smartshoot – is the group shot savior. Because there is always someone with their eyes closed the feature helps you choose the best one from a number of pictures. You can also remove someone you don’t want in the picture at a sigh – or why not from a family portrait.

    Cinemagraph – or the “Harry Potter -lens you can give life to a part of the picture. Make lips or a hand move. You can do this because it takes video and uses the movement to make a picture.

    Real 16:9-pictures. Usually widescreen pictures are done by letterboxing a 4:3 picture. In the new Lumias the widescreen pictures are about 7 mp instead of the letterboxed 6 mp.

    Photobeamer, smartshoot and cinemagraph are software enhancements that also are coming to older Lumias in the Window Phone 7.8 update.”

    • Reptile says:

      Awful Chinese Clone:

      - Camera: 3.2MP
      - Video: 176 x 144 Pixels (Max)

      The phone itself decries that it’s 41mpx, but it’s a lie, usually they don’t claim that it’s Carl Zeiss when it’s not..

  4. Vikas Patidar says:

    How blind are apple fans.

    A hilarious fake news story.

  5. cache says:

    LOL for today – origin of N9/Lumia design:

  6. Paul Grenfell says:

    Possible partnership/collaboration with

  7. jiipee says:

    Does Chris Weber feel threatened by HTC or why is he tweeting so aggressively?


    • Dave says:

      3 tweets is aggressive? Do you write for the verge?

      • jiipee says:

        YOu should look deeper than that. I give you a hint: try to find tweets of Samsung’s WPs. try to find comments on Iphone 5. Try to find comments on SIII.
        Why does he need to try to trash HTC, if it is not comparable?

        • Dave says:

          It’s hardly thrashing, though I agree it’s also unnecessary. There have been (Nokia, not necessarily Weber) tweets on the i5 reveal, and the S3 reveal, and the S-Vita reveal.

          HTC is of course the company which put busses outside Nokia world 2010, so I’ll never support them, bunch of freeloaders, but WP8 sales are good Nokia regardless.

  8. Viipottaja says:

    I thought Elop was supposed to stop all this kind of nonsense hippie stuff too? /s

    • Viipottaja says:

      Yeah, just saw that, would be pretty amazing! Anyone here from HK to give us some sense how prices there generally compare with other markets?

      It is conceivable that Nokia decided to not announce pricing before seeing what competition is doing (I am sure they knew HTC was coming out with compelling products).

      The other thing is that they have now done a big part of the investments into production lines needed to produce polycarbonate bodies and perhaps some of the other parts as well and in general scaled up production. So they may be in a position to lower retail price a bit without eating too much into the margins.

      • Viipottaja says:

        then again, someone in the wmpoweruser comments says:

        “I live in China now. I am 95% sure it’s not true. The rumor started from a guy posting on a Chinese forum but soon it’s copied to every tech websites as shocking news.”

        we’ll see.

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