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  • Migmog


    The camera key currently has 2 functions:
    1. switch to the camera application, 2. take a picture. Currently you need to press and release the button and then press it AGAIN to take the picture if the camera application is not already in the foreground. This can be annoying if you are standing there with your finger tightly pressing the button for 10 seconds and the &^%! thing still doesn’t know you want to take a picture.

    It would be great if the camera application could sample the key when it is ready to take a picture and just take the picture if the button is still being pressed.

  • hamid

    make a way to use a vpn acoount in the phone
    also make a synchronization between contacts of the phone and friends in facebook
    for example you can pair a friend of yours in facebook with his contact in your phone and so the phone will move his birthday to the contacts and you can see or download or set as contact picture his profile pictures in facebook

  • Hatori

    A decent checklist app for Symbian^3 please. Cannot believe that there is zero usable checklist app for S^3. (Please refer to Note Everything Pro on Android.)

  • Gaye chapman

    I want voice commands to go straight into music player and play songs/playlist like my husbands iPhone 3GS he just says play music and it starts playing. I have to music player and it opens music player not much use on a motorcycle