Lumiappaday 51-100 (100 Lumiappadays reached!)

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Lumiappaday started as a little project/challenge to share some apps everyday that I enjoyed since I first got a WP  but had been waiting for a Nokia Windows Phone to share it on The apps work for all WP but I’m focusing them for Nokia folks using Lumia handsets, hence Lumiappaday. I guess in hindsight I might have left the extra a (lumiaapaday) there as it then it would look Finnish (well to me anyway).

When I said I’d be doing one everyday, I didn’t realise how much of a task I let myself in for, but surprisingly everyday since November 22nd, we’ve managed to get at least one Lumiappaday 🙂 Major thanks to Ali (and Nokia Connects for his loan Lumia) who has helped lighten the load quite a lot assisting in several Lumiappadays, finding lots of different apps I had not come across.

It surprises me that it has reached this far as they take surprisingly quite a lot of time to do. I thought blogging alone might be difficult to maintain but then another commitment? But I enjoy finding apps to share (as of course, blogging) so it doesn’t seem so much of a chore. Plus, it is easier now not being the only person doing lumiappaday. It’s kinda nice to have a ‘day off’ so to speak every now and again :p (as in days when I’m just exceptionally busy and can’t guarantee I’ll be able to upload them in time in the morning an do all the necessary procedures.

What do we usually do? What’s taking time?


1) Using the app. Some apps require more time to know what everything does. Some apps are quite addictive e.g. games so lots of time spent playing :p2) Recording. Takes a bit of time to set up (for me anyway, and more for rerecording accidentally deleted vids). My 60D is annoying, I might be recording and it’s completely out of focus or it decides to randomly stop recording :S3) Processing. My computer’s not the fastest so it can take between 1.5-4 hours to process a video (depending on the length) 🙁5) Uploading. Thanks to Virgin Media this may take 1-2 hours. I have since compressed the videos further so they might upload quicker but only marginally.6) written portion and photos. I love how photogenic the Lumia 800 looks in the hand.

Since we’ve done quite a few there’s now sort of a system and it’s somewhat easier. No way is it as intense as the very first few Lumiappadays in terms of depth (that unfortunately wasn’t sustainable).  Finding apps hasn’t been a problem. There’s more apps on the list of todo’s than I have time. There’s quite a lof of variety and quality apps at MarketPlace – the ones in Lumiapapdays are just the ones we’ve come across/have demoed. It is not representative of all the content available, just what MyNokiaBlog has handpicked (and has had time to demo)

Although we’re saying there are already tons of apps on our to do list, we still always welcome suggestions.  Sometimes if there’s one that we really like, we put that ahead on our list. In terms of new apps for WP, we don’t normally talk about them until we get around to demoing them as I think there would be too much in the way of app news. But obviously we’ll still love to hear about them if you tip them so we can put them on the list of apps to demo.

Something else we’ve heard from you guys is not wanting N9 to be left out. When I first did Lumiappaday, I never thought I would actually get a Nokia N9 from Nokia. It was not something I had planned to have time for and was unwilling to make the same commitment I did with Lumia apps. As mentioned, even blogging itself gets difficult by the day due to med school schedules, let alone doing Lumiappadays. So, due to time constraints, I’m not able to do the same level of video demoes with the N9. However, I will now try and share apps aout the N9 and take snaps from the N9. If I have time, I will occasionally do videos (or if there are videos from others, we’ll share that).  Again, we would gladly welcome tips for some great N9 apps to try/share.

Anyway, 100 Lumiappadays. YouTube says that’s 7 hours, 52 minutes and 40 seconds worth of videos.

Thank you all for watching our app demoes 😀

Lumiappaday 51-100

Lumiappaday #51: Ask Ziggy (Like Siri on iPhone 4S)

Lumiappaday #52: Finger Rugby

Lumiappaday #53: Hydro Thunder Go #XboxLive
Lumiappaday #54: Pocket Revolvers
Lumiappaday #55: Doodle God #XboxLive
Lumiappaday #56: Monopoly #XboxLive
Lumiappaday #57: TED (TEDTalks)
Lumiappaday #58: Wordament
Lumiappaday #59: Armed! 
Lumiappaday #60: Meme Generator
Lumiappaday #61: Another Level
Lumiappaday #62: Lumia Music
Lumiappaday #63: Rainbow Rapture
Lumiappaday #64: Line Birds
Lumiappaday #65: Clash of the Planets
Lumiappaday #66: Clown College
Lumiappaday #67: Blow up the Frog
Lumiappaday #68: New Group*
Lumiappaday #69: The Onion 7
Lumiappaday #70: Sudoku#XboxLive
Lumiappaday #71: Orientile
Lumiappaday #72: Square Off 
Lumiappaday #73: Snake ’97 
Lumiappaday #74: Dictionary
Lumiappaday #75: Monster Stack
Lumiappaday #76: Bouncy Mouse
Lumiappaday #77: Vädret (Weather View)
Lumiappaday #78: Periodic Table Pro
Lumiappaday #79: StraySperm
Lumiappaday #80: ESPN
Lumiappaday #81: Chromatic
Lumiappaday #82: Tanks Classic
Lumiappaday #83: Allrecipes
Lumiappaday #84: Tic Tac Toe 3D
Lumiappaday #85: Cocktail Flow (10/10!)
Lumiappaday #86: theCHIVE
Lumiappaday #87: MyFitnessPal 
Lumiappaday #88: iLOL’d 
Lumiappaday #89: Unit Converter 
Lumiappaday #90: Implode!  #XboxLive
Lumiappaday #91: Ping Pong Seven
Lumiappaday #92: GhostScape #XboxLive
Lumiappaday #93: Save The Roundy
Lumiappaday #94: Amazing Weather
Lumiappaday #95: My Data Speed
Lumiappaday #96: Basketball
Lumiappaday #97: Air Hockey
Lumiappaday #98: Top Truck
Lumiappaday #99: BBB App-ocalypse (Bye Bye Brain) 10/10
Lumiappaday #100: PC Remote



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  • Stound

    Bah Im sad to realize that not all the apps are available per region, I wonder why though, guess Ill have to get them via USA option on marketplace

  • Stound

    this is to-download list when lumia arrive in the philippines

  • Steve

    If others have time to do reviews for N9 apps will you let them on the site?

    • Steve

      *bump* @Jay


    • Jay Montano

      Sure thing! If they want to come post on MNB their N9 app reviews (or other Nokia app reviews, e.g. S40) we’d love to have them on board.

      My limitation is time. I can’t do all platforms on my own as one guy suggested below because ‘this might not be a nokia blog’ – even with Ali’s help in Lumiappaday it’s difficult to keep that up with our schedules…

      • Saul

        It’s good to know there’s no “regulation” as such.
        Thank-you for this honesty…
        You’ll keep a broad base going forward w/that attitude.

  • incognito

    “I guess in hindsight I might have left the extra a (lumiaapaday) there as it then it would look Finnish (well to me anyway).”

    And this way it looks Spanish, at least in certain dialects of Castellano, if you know what I mean 😉

  • OMG

    damn 100apps reviewed. its a shame you guys dont to this for symbian.I guess you have also jumped off the symbian ship to wp ship! do you guys get paid to do these reviews? if not. why dont you guys do a symbianappaday? or meegoappaday? arent they still at this moment part of nokia? and this is a nokia blog rigth? but im just saying though

    • Saul

      It’s understandable why there’s very few Symbian^3 ones now.
      No doubt it’ll pick-up again this yr thanks to Belle/Carla.
      But it def. shouldn’t be on the same scale as WP or even Maemo6x.

    • OMG

      okay sorry i see you do have n9app reviews but still you can give symbian some love! its really not that bad of an OS as some make it out too be. Btw im know troll or whatever, i just thought it would be cool if all nokias platforms got the same exposure

      • Saul

        And as Jay said….
        If Symbian/Maemo6x users take the time to do reviews themselves.
        He will allow them to be posted on this site.
        I assume he’s being 100% honest when he says that.

        He has limited time, & it’s clear he wants to devote it mainly (not entirely) towards WP.
        That’s something us Symbian/Maemo6x users will have to get used to.
        It will only get worse as time goes on…

        He has however been clear that we can submit our own content.
        So, instead of whining, get busy submitting…

    • Jay Montano

      “damn 100apps reviewed. its a shame you guys dont to this for symbian.I guess you have also jumped off the symbian ship to wp ship! do you guys get paid to do these reviews? if not. why dont you guys do a symbianappaday? or meegoappaday? arent they still at this moment part of nokia? and this is a nokia blog rigth? but im just saying though”

      Thank you for being understanding of my schedule. You know what, I don’t have to do any app reviews at all. I was just happy that when I got WP there were lots of quality apps – the kind of quality I wasn’t used to in Symbian. I have always demoed apps from the handset I was using. S60 5th with N97, lots from N900. N8 less so as I wasn’t able to find as much interesting apps but there are a few. I have just never numbered the Symbian apps.

      I actually do have N9 apps. I would like to ask that perhaps you attend med school, take part in all the extra curricular stuff, then maintain a blog and then on top of that, you then record symbian, meego, wp apps everyday, you process them and you upload them.

      BTW, Who else is doing Symbian app demoes huh? Even Camb078’s stopped. If someone else demoes an app, we of course always share it. Yes, this is a Nokia blog, and guess what’s Nokia’s main platform of focus? If you want to assist in doing Symbian app a days, by all means do so. I just don’t have the time to do everything.

      Darn it. Everytime I try to do something extra, someone’s always saying, er, not enough do more. I’m sorry buddy, I don’t have time. I’m always tired enough as it is trying to do everything and maintain a blog. Thank you for the suggestions, sorry if I am a little short with you, it is another hectic and long day and this wasn’t what I was expecting.

      • Saul


        “Do the fracken reviews yourself & submit them to MNB.
        And I won’t get in your way at all!”

        Am I right? ;-P

        • Saul

          Am I right? ;-P

          • Saul

            correction: @jay

        • Jay Montano

          As I’ve said in the other comments, I have nothing against Symbian/N9 demoes if other people want to chip in and help us out. Obviously when we get sent Symbian/N9 news, we talk about it. I actively look out specifically for N9/Symbian stuff as less of it happens. You can get the state of things happening in Symbian by looking at what’s happening in AAS. Not a lot regarding news stuff (and we do feature their articles).

          • Saul

            That’s cool…

            I’m just checking that you don’t screen out N9 content.
            Just so in some weird way you keep WP stuff more “buoyant”.
            Not saying you would do that…

            I don’t care all that much about Symbian.
            Maemo6x is more interesting to me, & maybe eventually WP.

            • Jay Montano

              As I have always done when blogging about Nokia, I blog about what’s there. i see a lot of WP news either myself or sent to me. In fact it’s WP that I would filter out, and by that, i mean things like nokia’s promos. If I find Nokia’s promos for Lumia dull, I’m not going to share it. As I said to the other writers, just write what interests you and when you feel like. If I don’t find something Nokia’s doing interesting, how am I going to expect my readers to?

              If there is news on N9/Maemo (and stuff that I understand – sometimes there are technical things that are left to Michael) then we post it. Don’t you see how fast we get around to writing N9 stuff? If folks share N9 stories with us, we get it out to the readers ASAP. I don’t screen out N9 content, on the posts or in comments. If you’re a reader here for a long time, you know that my favourite OS is Maemo, and my favourite device is my N900 and every day I see it without direct successors makes me want to slap OPK in the face with a trout.

              You say, ‘just checking’ have you seen examples by where we have ignored N9 stuff? If we have that may be days when we’re busy and we haven’t written much about anything at all.

              • Saul

                “You say, ‘just checking’ have you seen examples by where we have ignored N9 stuff? If we have that may be days when we’re busy and we haven’t written much about anything at all.”

                No I can’t speak personally…
                As I haven’t been submitting stuff regularly for at least 3mth.

                You can calm down, it’s not a personal attack in any way.
                I do realize you have a life outside Nokia news 😉

                All the best.

                • Jay Montano

                  The comment was not meant to come across in a defensive tone as you seem to have picked up 🙂

                  It was there just to clarify in case there were times you had noticed that what the reason might have been for 🙂

                  • Saul


                    cool mate!

  • Aliqudsi

    Don’t know about you Jay but I find the most difficult part of these LADs is actually the written part; it’s difficult to sum up a whole app in a couple of paragraphs; it’s much easier to just show it off…

    • Jay Montano

      Yup, demoing is relatively the easier part. If I could just record and it be the end of it it would be fine, haha.

      The write up is difficult because we are actually giving feedback. Though sometimes I don’t go into much depth at all (just the ones perhaps that might need it). The structure of the very first Lumiappadays were so much in depth I did not think I would make it past 20. If the video says a lot, it might be easier in future to just refer to the video for description.

      The processing side is an absolute pain because it takes too long. My PC grinds to a halt trying to process 1080p video – taking in between 1-4 hours for things that are just 4-12 minutes long :(. It would be much easier if it processed more quickly. Processing for me is not just to add the title, but to reduce the size. my 60D for 12 minutes is about 4GB! I can’t even upload file sizes that big on my YouTube. And the average 2GB file is ridiculous. I guess I could use N8 but I find for me the set up easier with the twisty screen.

      Thanks BTW for all the help with Lumiappaday, it might have stopped a while a go if you didn’t join in the challenge 😀

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