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This is a rather informal blog about Nokia, Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo related News, Reviews, Apps, Tutorials, Rants and Suggestions.

‘Founder’ of is Jay Montano (on twitter @jaymontano). Our twitter account is @mynokiablog. We also have a facebook page.


  • is a student previously based in Cardiff, UK, now studying in Manchester.
  • is from the Philippines but has been in Wales pretty much all his life
  • used to be known as Jose_R.A.M on mobileburnforums.
  • loves all gadgets and techy stuff, not just Nokia phones.
  • can be contacted at


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  • fail

    i want to know when you started this blog and how this blog gain success plz reply……..

  • raz0rz

    Jay, you haven’t replied to my e-mail.

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  • Nicole

    Why can’t I send and receive files via Bluetooth for my windows phone Nokia lumia 610 someone please help thanks from Nicole

    • hi, please wait for the 7.8 update, this should enable bluetooth file sharing, in the windows phone 7 devices, this was not enabled. All windows phone 8 devices now have this feature.

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