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  • Dave

    FYI – the UK availability of the 808 has been delayed until mid July according to Clove.

    Frustrating! How very, very frustrating.

  • Jari
  • stipe
  • moazam

    My dear nokia bring belle os handsets in low mid to mid range and bring qwerty’s with 3.2 screen many people wish to get belle qwerty’s with carl zeiss in candy bar with 720 resolution. Also bring mid range windows 8 tablet people are waiting in south asia where nokia is champ.

  • Thomas F
  • CokeZero
  • Windows Phone Lover

    According to Gizmodo, the Lumia 920 is too heavy!

    I hate Gizmodo! Grrrrrrrr!

  • Prashant Mohta

    No Nokia androids are there but why?

  • Jeetu Sadarangani

    Guys nokia lumia 1020 show on flipkart as coming soon…and lumia 1020 will be same in.india also…nokia employees showed device to many nokia authorised dealers in india…launch soon…

  • Duncan Waugh

    Hi MyNokiaBlog,

    We tried using the contact form above but it just led to a blank page with an error warning, we wanted to get in touch about our new game for Nokia Phones – PuzzleStones.

    It has loads of content and high quality art and audio throughout. We think you might be interested in it and it’s available at:

    We also have a trailer showing the game:

    We hope you like it,
    Duncan Waugh

  • julia ann

    Hi dear!
    Hope you’re doing well!!

    I’m julia and am an avid blogger, just like you are!

    While going through your blog, it struck me how similar our interests and thought processes are and I can’t help but ask for an opportunity to write for you.

    Do let me know if it is okay with you!


  • John Thrasher

    Please unsubscribe future notices. Thank you.
    john Thrasher

  • ejfjjkcky

    Contact – My Nokia Blog

  • Max Adelman

    I want to tip you on a new startup run by a group of high school students (check their contact us page). They accept photos from people and pay them a huge portion of what they make off advertising. It appears as though photographers have already begun to support their efforts and are advertising on their site. I am attaching a link to their site. I found the site through one of my friends who liked one of their photos on Instagram. I think it would be great if you were able to write a piece about them. This is a great demonstration of what kids these days are doing, and they should be recognized for their efforts.

    If you have any questions about the tip, let me know.

    Max Adelman (

  • Alan J. Pimentel

    Hi. I hope I could get an answer from you guys. I owned a Lumia 520 and updated it to WP 8.1 and got all the features, it was 3 days ago. I also owned Nokia X because I’m curious of its UI/OS in Nokia.

    I always watch movies online, free movies in actually. In my Nokia X it is smooth, the movie would play fine, the embedded ad is not a problem at all considering it’s Android. But

    when it comes to Lumia 520 all of that is impossible. I’m literally stuck on its homepage. I can’t play the movie. It redirects me to the ad which is useless for me. And when I go back to homepage the same problem occurs. Now, I would want to know, if I may, that Lumia 520 or other Lumias are limited to watch movie online unlike Android? Both 520 and Nokia X YouTube are fine. Do I need to install a flash player or something? But MS doesn’t support it. My reasons why I bought Lumia 520 are because of Nokia, its reputation, and MS because I’m a PC user and expected that the 520 would almost be the same of a PC. I hope you could address my concerns asap and would appreciate your time. Thank you, guys. Please reply to my email.

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  • Bimal Mukharjee


  • Bimal Mukharjee

    I really unable to install Google play store in Nokia XL,Its installing but getting error tht its not supported in your Device contact to your manufacturer,Really Third grade cell I never seen before like this….

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