Tutorials and How To

Here are some tutorials to help you use your Nokia phones. These are manually updated so if we’ve missed one, just message us in the comments. Similarly, if you have suggestions on tutorials to cover, email us at

Nokia Lumia:

General – Applicable to most/multiple Nokia phones

Nokia N8

Nokia N97/N97 mini


Nokia N900

Nokia E72/E73


Discontinued devices:

Nokia N85

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  • I found the restoring OVI store very useful. Cool tips!

  • des hutchinson

    how when making a call can you enter numbers for desired choice – it is doing my head in !!!!!

  • how to update ovistore on nokia5230 ,i’ve trouble on it

  • Pablo

    Anyone knows how to replace the charger port on a nokia 5800?

  • dave

    Does anyone know how to install another language onto the N8, so i can write txt messages in another language.cheers

  • Fredrick

    How do i get to insert my sim cards in the nokia E8 ?

  • I need latest firmware for my n97

  • K. Halahala

    My Nokia N8 wont open the camera, says ‘camera module not..’ pls help guys

  • super boss

  • Jazz

    My Nokia C5-00 cannot switch on. This happened after I deactivated the power saver. When the start button is depressed the phone vibrates but does not start up.

  • kapil

    can ne1 help me out with ma prob. ??
    ma prob s..
    i have nokia n8 version PRE PR 1.0
    and i want belle update in my nokia..
    how do i update it ..

  • I am using a Nokia with the Symbian S60 3rd edition software. I have seen some Nokia smartphones and I noticed that in all of them the gallery displays all the pictures available in the phone and if u try to delete a picture in the gallery it gets deleted from the phone. Is there any way we can keep certain photos out of the gallery?

  • Obed Afoakwah

    Please I need a guide on how to use phoenix to change nokia 701 product code and also to flash to the Belle FP1. I have a new code and downloaded its firmware from navifirm. Am left with how to change the product code and flash with the downloaded firmware. I am from Ghana. Thank you

  • I have N8 fon. I have taken photos n videos. Now I want to download them onto my IMac. How do I do that? Pls help!

  • Jai

    I wanna know how to store web pages to local in my Nokia Lumia 510 with preinstalled IE or UC Browser (that I love most)?

  • Alex

    I just bought Nokia 808 pureview with included fp2. but I would suggest if you can make me (i think all Nokia Consumers) happy. please release the update of theme effects to be the same 100% as in touyube below.
    I know Nokia team can do it easily and happy to help its consumber that is why I always support Nokia from the begging of using phone.

  • Melisandre

    The volume is turned all the way up. I can hear the phone ring and the caller can hear me but I cannot hear the caller. Mute is not on either. I cannot not hear if phone is on speaker either. What should I try?

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  • I just purchased a new Nokia Icon W8, 4G and am having trouble setting it up. I would appreciate it if you would give me simple on how to input Name, address & phone#’s, photos , e-mail addresses, transfer other stuff from old phone(HTC-Thunderbolt- 4G) I also have Face Book on it but do not want it on the Nokia. Can you please give me simple directions on how to do this? I will appreciate it very much. Thank you for your time and trouble. Alice