#NokiaGulp Day 5 – Final thoughts and full gallery

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Fresh from my trip to #NokiaGulp in Wales, it’s time to share some closing thoughts about the event along with a comprehensive photo gallery I took with the N8.

Nokia’s attempt at creating world’s largest motion-stop animation ever is still in progress. As I said in my previous post, the weather conditions gradually became more unfriendly as the week went on. The planned night shoot I was so excited about was postponed as the wind on Thursday night was becoming too severe, putting at risk the safety of the crew as well as the filming gear. I wish the #NokiaGulp team best of luck with successfully finishing the shoot next week!

There are many things I will remember well about my experience at Nokia Gulp shoot. First off, the chance to have a behind the scenes look at what truly is an ambitious project in making. Not only had we had directors with a filming crew from Aardman, but also sand artists, working on the set. As Jamie from Sand in Your Eye admitted, working closely together with animators was a completely new format and experience for them. And in stop motion-animation, every little detail is important but time is always a major factor.

Factor in the sheer scale of the project (max canvas size was ~46m), the unpredictable weather and time constraints due to the shifting tides of the sea, and it become shockingly clear how technically challenging the whole Nokia Gulp project really is. Frame by frame, the Nokia Gulp video came together as I witnessed on the monitors, and without spoiling much here, I can surely say the end result will be simply mind blowing,  especially when you realize that you’re seeing real life objects in the video.

Secondly, I loved the ability not only to observe but also interact with the people involved in the project. Knowing the right time, I could ask freely questions to the people working there, even the most technical ones as you saw in my previous Nokia Gulp posts. It’s not everyday you can learn more about filming and animation from the people working in the industry, and so this was a great, unique opportunity to expand my horizon.

Thirdly, and that goes without saying – I immensely enjoyed chatting with Tim (Nseries blog) and Dan (blogger who studies animation in London) about mobile tech stuff (Nokia, of course!). I was probably quite annoying so thanks guys for listening to me pimping my newly acquired vintage Nseries classic – the Nokia N90 (cheers Richard!).

And finally, here’s the Nokia Gulp photo gallery, spanning from day 2-4 of the event, all taken with the wide angle 12Mpix lens of the Nokia N8, enjoy!


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As always, big thanks to WomWorldNokia for sending this geek to see new places 🙂


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