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This week is Google I/O 2018; the event where Google shows of what it’s been working on for the last 12 months across its complete product suite. This we saw a range of innovation from AI based assistants that can book hairdresser appointments for you, to an Android version targeting Internet of Things. Which leads us into this post.

One of the most anticipated tidbits out of the I/O event every year, is to see where Android is heading – this year was no exception. Google showed off Android P, it’s latest iteration of the Android OS. (Side note: I’m tipping it will be P for Pop Tart – though Popsicle seems to be the preferred popular vote)

So what’s new in Android P? (Full list of changes can be found at the Android Developer Blog)

  • Adaptive Battery and Brightness
  • App Actions and Slices
  • Smart reply in notifications
  • Machine Learning (ML) Kit for Developers
  • Gestures
  • Digital Wellbeing (this is cool – basically helps you understand your usage habits and encourages you to disconnect)
  • Updated UI tweaks

Take a look at the new gestures in play on the Nokia 7 Plus, courtesy of Shimon Das.

Getting the Android P Beta Preview on your Nokia 7 Plus is super simple but there is a process. Be prepared, the below will for you to wipe your phone in order to proceed, as recommended by Nokia. You may be able to do it without, though that choice is on you.

DISCLAIMER: The below steps are performed at your own risk and no liability will be taken.

  1. Head over to Nokia Beta Labs and sign in (or register)
  2. Download the Android P file (you’ll need to flash this later). I would suggest renaming it something simple as you will type the name.
  3. Activate developer mode on your Nokia 7 Plus, by heading to Settings > System > About – and tap Build Number several times to enable the mode.
  4. Now that Dev Mode is enabled, go to it, and enable USB Debugging
  5. Download  and Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot from XDA (this is how you’ll flash the update)
  6. Power down your phone and plug it into your computer
  7. Hold Power and Volume Up (+) until you see the Android boot screen
  8. When you see the Android Robot and a “no command” text you’re on the right track.
  9. Hold Power once again, and press Volume Up (+) just once. This should bring up the Recovery menu
  10. Choose Factory Reset (Volume keys to scroll through options and power to select). Then confirm to complete reset.
  11. Once the Reset is over, go back to recovery mode and scroll to “Update from ADB”
  12. Open command prompt (Win + R – type CMD and hit enter)
  13. In the window, type (without quotes) “adb sideload C:\file\path\to\Update.Zip”replacing the file path and name of the file to where you have the file saved and what you renamed it.
  14. Progress bar for the install should show in screen. Once its complete, Select “Reboot Now”
  15. Enjoy Android P on your Nokia 7 Plus
 Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below!

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