Alleged Leak of #Lumia #PureView ?

| April 6, 2012 | 182 Replies

Androsym have posted “leaked slides” showing off an upcoming WP handset from Nokia, boasting the impressive 41mp PureView technology. To me, it’s quite an ugly design, but some people have said they like the 808′s design so I guess, it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Based on the leaked slides, the specs of this device are;

  • 4.3″ Curved Glass touchscreen with HD display
  • 41mp sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
  • 1080p full HD video recording and Rich Recording Technology
  • Dual Core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
  • Windows Phone Operating System


Since WP7, as far as I know, can’t support a sensor that big, I assume the device will be powered by Windows Phone Apollo. Also, note the Windows capacitive button has the new Win8 design style. Compared to the 808, the face of the device is different, sporting a curved front, whilst the back shows us that the flash is separated from the camera module.

Source: AndroSym

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  1. Daniel says:

    look like remote control for

  2. Dave says:

    I like Nokia, and they will produce mind blowing phones at the end of the year, but this phone does not look good. It also would feel awful in your pocket.

    I know they need to find some tricky design to hide the big bump caused by the camera module but I am sure they will find a better was than this.

    It’s good to see them using radical thinking to come up with a new design.

    I think they should make it waterproof to 20 meters. If it has to be big because of the bump why not give it a completely waterproof case, like some of the waterproof cameras. Making a video call while surfing a big wave would be awesome :)

  3. Banderpop says:

    I’d have to say that it’s false on the basis that I really like it, and I’m not allowed to have nice things.

  4. ooh says:

    Something doesn’t match up: the new Windows 8 logo AND Nokia’s distinctive squircle underneath the Pureview branding. Plus, the position of the Xenon flash. From my understanding the Xenon Flash added extra bulk to the N8, not really the 12MP camera sensor.

    Oh, and yellow one reminds me of a banana. Lol!

    • viipottaja says:

      AFAIK, its not so much the light module itself but the capacitor that charges the flash that is bulky. And those two may not need to be right next to each other. Furthermore, those capacitors are becoming gradually smaller and recall reading about a flat design being in the works too..

    • viipottaja says:

      Oh and WP8 allows skinning of the camera app (clearly a Nokia requested feature I think) so the squircle could be used there.

      • Janne says:

        The squircle may also be borrowed from the 808 for these renders since final WP camera software screenshots were not available at that point or something. I’d be surprised if Nokia uses the quircles on WP, but of course if they decide to customize more for Apollo anything is possible.

        But either way, I wouldn’t take the squircle as a proof that the picture is fake, nor proof that squircles will appear in a PureView Lumia. It is probably just for illustrative purposes.

  5. GS65 says:

    Why so long? So much dead space beneath the windows button and also in the top. Really ugly and old school in my opinion. The form is a bit like the 3210. Would NEVER get this phone. Specs are amazing, but if that’s 4.3″ it’s the longest phone ever made in modern history, something like the 2110 from ’round -94! Really really hope that it’s fake.

  6. bwah1900 says:

    fake. they wouldn’t be so stupid to put the xenon in that place. it would light only half of the image.

    • bwah1900 says:

      also. this thing will be dead on the first fall.

    • viipottaja says:

      Hmm.. how so? the flash spreads the lightt, not to mention they could angle the flash slightly.

    • Madratz says:

      There are speculations that the close proximity of the Xenon flash & the lens is the cause of red eye problems we get on the N8 so too often. Probably Nokia decide to place them further away from the lens, yet angled to point at the exact spot where the lens is pointing 3 metres away.
      Anyway, normal cameras don’t need their flash right next to their lens, so why should camera phones; if the space permits.. I like this design as much as the 808, just don’t like WinPhone.. :P

      • RJC says:

        It’s not a matter of speculation, the proximity of flash to the lens causes red eyes, since the retina of the human eye reflects red light straight back in the direction it came from. That is an old fact and it affects most if not all point & cameras, because you can’t put the flash far enough from the lens.

        So moving the flash that little (what you see in this phone) will not change much as far as red eyes go. You’ve got to put the flash much further away. If you want to have good results, a separate flash unit is needed that is sufficiently far from the lens. So practically it’s only a DSLR with a separate flash unit that will give you red eye free photos.

        To combat the red eye problem on small cameras a “pre-flash” is used. That pre-flash will make the subject’s irises contract before the actual flash and thus minimizing the red reflection coming from the iris.

  7. Bharat Justa says:


    That’s too sharp!

  8. cristian says:

    ILOVEIT i hope its true, its beautifull

  9. keist says:

    This is hideous. I hope it’s fake.

    • viipottaja says:

      It certainly is original. :) we should bear in mind though that they may have other pureview models in the works, perhaps something with e.g. only :D 20mp sensor but a thinner profile that would fit a more mainstream design.

  10. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    yes this is the one….. wait till Nokia world its one of the shocks of a life tym in a positive way… in low end mid end and high end…

    hold ur breath Nokia is on speed of light :)

  11. Mapantz says:

    I don’t believe this is real at all. There’s nothing ‘Lumia-esque’ about it, apart from showing Windows phone on it.
    It just looks like a bent 808.
    As people have pointed out, i’m pretty sure the flash wouldn’t be put there. It’s sunk below the risen area where the seonsor is housed, that would cause awful pictures when using the flash, very much like when you accidentally have your finger too close twhen taking a picture on an N8, you’d have white noise all over the picture.

    • Janne says:

      Lumia is a name, there is now Lumia design language evident as far as exterior designs go, there is a Nokia design language that continues to evolve.

      Lumia 610 and 710 for example are from completely different families of design than each other or 800 and 900. But all are now-familiar Nokia designs.

      This design certainly borrows a lot from the 808 design and some Nokia concepts, so it is not impossible it is real.

      Of course it can be fake or internal concept too.

      • Mapantz says:

        Click the top photograph, then hold Ctrl and use your mouse to scroll in. It’s too pixelated where the images/icons/writing is, it’s definitely been doctored.

        • Janne says:

          I did, I don’t see what you say…

          But of course it can be fake. It is very much possible.

          Currently my guess (wishful thinking) is that it is not fake.

  12. bimda says:

    so ugly!

  13. says:

    oh, thats so sexy, nice curves

  14. Janne says:

    Good point from Jay: Many didn’t believe the 808 design was true either, when it leaked late last year.

    But it was real. So, we may be in for a surprise.

  15. Janne says:

    I think using the same 41 MP PureView module for Lumia makes sense from a couple of perspectives. One is of course the economies of scale: the camera parts they make and purchase for the 808 would go also to this phone. Also, the new Lumia PureView would market-wise look bad if it delivered anything less.

    Another, smaller PureView model may of course come with lesser specs too.

  16. Doug says:

    Also note the complete lack of HDMI out and the crappy cut/paste job done to create this image. Fake.

  17. J says:

    Likely fake, but still badass. Looks like it would be pretty comfy to talk on. Not that we use phones for that anymore.

  18. Kaizer Allen says:

    AHHH! This looks like the Nokia C1-00 :)

  19. uisin says:

    nice and this is why i will always love nokia,very different to other.

  20. alone says:

    I’m really fine with that design, remind me of the Nokia 7610-era, where Nokia was well known as weirdo manufacturer that produce weird phones :P

    But then again, the placement of xenon flash is on curvy spot?
    How on earth the xenon flash could complement the camera then? Since the flash will either being blocked and it will shoot at totally opposite direction : s

    But anyway, this design is really cool IMHO

  21. weirdfisher says:

    i see the thumbnail and immediately think wtf is this shit

  22. Keith says:

    It seems to good to be fake. It goes to show they will easily be able to incorporate a full size PureView into WP8 handsets.

  23. Ebon & Unicorn N9 says:

    The design looks good but I doubt if its real because the front look little too curvy and also the Nokia squiricle instead of WP icons.

    If it is real, I don’t think it has the 41MP PureView camera from the 808 because the bulge isn’t as big as the 808.

    • Mads Skipper says:

      Remember that its a 4.3″ the 808 is “only” 4″ that helps on it not looking as big, but not sure if thats enough but it helps

      • Ebon & Unicorn N9s says:

        You should remember that WP uses a 5:3 resolution screen instead of the 16:9 on the N9/Symbian. So WP devices will be wider. N9 and L800 has the same width but N9 has a slightly bigger screen.

        If this is indeed a 4.3in screen with 5:3 ratio, it is very long given the length\width ratio from the pics.. The bezels at the top & bottom will be too big.

  24. reonhato says:

    what ever it is, it is not coming till 2013.

    If you imagine Wp tiles on that screen, it just does not look right. Maybe some one can photoshop them in. The design looks good on squircle icons though.

  25. flyingbathtub says:

    on 2nd look this actually reminds me a bit of the all the legend…the 8110…

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