Skype Finally Officially Available for 808 PureView and Other Symbian Devices

| December 7, 2012 | 67 Replies


Quick update since I’m so excited about this, Skype has finally been pushed out for Belle FP1/FP2 devices including the wonderful 808 Pureview. So far the app looks like the old one did, will let you know if I spot anything new.

Download from the link below:

Thanks for the tip stephenquin58



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  • JH

    Skype has worked on the Nokia 808 since release, but you had to download the SIS file manually from the store and sideload it to install it.

    • Strange, it never worked for me on my 808; didn’t try after the FP2 update though. But when I sideloaded it the app kept crashing.

      • JH

        Strange, it worked for me when I downloaded the SIS for the Nokia 701 from the store.

      • j

        you gotta turn off theme. use the default evolve theme.

      • Mariano

        i downloaded it from ovi months ago :S

    • Davide

      It worked on my 701 FP1/2 too!

    • Mahesh

      yup, it was working fine on 808 from last 3 months, i;m using it.. 🙂

      • Atif Mumtaz Abbasi

        what about video calling????

  • pls

    I though there is an update, but I have this version of Skype on my fully updated E6 for at least 3 months now, got it from Nokia Store. So.. nothing really new.

  • Robchan

    Why oh why, why can’t they just enable the video-calling function!? Is it really that hard?

  • birju
    • not again

      stop spamming every article with this

    • JLy

      Wow! Cool video! 🙂

      • birju

        Lol im not :p i want it to be posted 🙂 so letting many see it

  • DM

    No N9 and no video call support?

    Skype you are a laughing stock!

    • shallow ocean shoal

      It’s built into the core of the N9, what are you talking about?

  • stylinred

    my 808 is acting weird the camera isnt loading or if it does it doesnt load the UI and wont take photos

    even if i reboot it may or may not work -_-

    i havent even added anything new to the phone -_-

    • Matt

      Had the same problem a few months ago and it turned out to be a conflict with a few third-party apps. In my case it was Extra Buttons. After removing that app the camera started working again.

      Have a look at the apps you installed most recently and try removing them one by one.

      • stylinred

        yeah that’s what i thought as well (conflicting apps) but i haven’t added anything new to the phone in ages, the very last thing i did add was Wellness Diary and I removed that just to see but nope, issue still happens

        • i’m curious, are you using camera pro or any other 3rd party camera app? mine acted up in a similar fashion when i installed camera pro. disabling camera pros option to be the default camera fixed the problem. now i just access camera pro from its homescreen icon. otherwise, try a battery removal or holding the unlock switch down while pressing the red power button for 8 seconds to do a reset.

          re: the article on skype, i’d never known this was an issue, as i’ve been using it on my 808 since i got it a month ago. someone said if you used the default theme there were no problems, and i never themed the phone, so maybe this is why.

          ps: how do you still have wellness diary?! i was looking for it but it seemed like nokia ended the feature/service and the app along with it disappeared from the (north american) store.

  • DKM

    Honestly Skype side load install did not work for me as it was crashing so i uninstalled it. But i saw the skype in the 808 store few months back and installed. It worked perfectly so why this news now when the app was available more than few months. I think someone just woke up from sleep and saw it. 😉

  • sdf

    skype should at least update its keyboard for fp2

  • Banderpop

    Boooo! I skim-read the title and thought this might be a story about Swype working on FP2! Or working on anything really, since Swype 2 Beta ending up breaking itself because of its built-in time bomb regardless of the version of Symbian it was running on.

    Does anyone know of a way to get Swype 2 Beta working that doesn’t involve hacking and changing hidden system files yet? Trying to type without it is just too frustrating, like going back to T9 after having a physical keyboard.

    • There is none. You either defuse the time bomb or you have to live with the consequences until Swype gives you what you deserve!

      • Banderpop

        Blegh. I don’t think I can live with the consequences much longer. I thought I’d give the FP2 keyboard a chance, since I’d also have to abandon Swype if I moved to Windows Phone. But I’m simply a lot faster and more accurate when typing with Swype!

  • ndeep4318

    i thought it skype added new version but what u are telling us is a ollllllllllldddddd news i already downloaded it about 2months ago

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  • MKnowles

    yeah, I installed this version through the store the day I got my pureview a little over a month ago

  • flyingbathtub

    “so excited”…i thought you mean we got video call on this lol

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  • Muerte

    By the way friends, do you have any idea why I can’t use my mix radio on Nokia 808 (all FPs installed)? It just isn’t there? Is there any way to uninstall and re-install Nokia Music? I think that I have the old version, because it just doesn’t have any Mix Radio options available – only tracks available for purchase. Thanks!

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  • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

    we should bombard skype with belle fp2 keyboard update, or maybe video call if possible.

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  • dss
    • Banderpop

      Yes, but what’s with all those sites linking to this story? Even Engadget has just posted a story on it!

      Bit weird really. It’s like tech sites know that there’s some appetite for Symbian news, but still can’t be bothered to bookmark more than one site to look for it.

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