Nokia Says Windows Tablet In Pakistan Was “Simply an Example of WP UI”

| February 13, 2013 | 50 Replies

Yesterday we saw what appeared to be a Nokia tablet along use the current range of lumia devices at a Pakistan launch. We didn’t really believe it was actually an upcoming product, but seeing how MWC is just around the corner we didnt want to leave anything to chance.
We got in touch with Nokia about the tablet image and below is their reply:

That’s not a leak. That is a picture that simply shows WP UI alongside Win8 Tablet UI alongside Xbox UI. They are not Nokia specific products.

So there you have it guys, unfortunately that’s not the real thing, but woo knows maybe we’ll see something similar next week!

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  1. claude says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, my loyal fans. What’s going on in your life lately? Are you excited about the Lumia 1000 to be announced at MWC?

  2. Ajit says:

    More of a Microsoft Advertisement than Nokia’s….

  3. cyan says:

    if they are going to make a windows tablet without exclusive apps then they are more than welcomed to join

  4. twig says:

    Senna with exclusive apps from the hands of Nokia…perfect. I have to hold my Surface up to a heater to warm up the metal and it still gets cold after a while. Nokia is needed.

  5. joza2006 says:

    ” So there you have it guys, unfortunately that’s not the real
    thing, but woo knows maybe we’ll see something similar next
    week! ”
    Really ? You would like Nokia to release piece of hardware that looks like that ?

  6. incognito says:

    Thank insert your favourite deity here, they still have at least some sense. Releasing a Windows RT tablet would be one of the dumbest moves Nokia could do. Well, not on the level of stupidity to go WP exclusive, but not very far from it either.

    • Harangue says:

      Well, I’d say an Rt device in the 7 inch range would be the best Nokia could do. Nokia shoudln’t compete with the likes of Asus/Samsung/HP/etc.

      Besides that, put out a W8 Pro device and the price will shoot through the roof due to expensive Intel parts. The Atom is nothing better than a curren ARM so there is nothing to be won there apart from maybe having the ability to run X86. No, an RT device makes sense. Slam in some high end ARM SoC, keep it around 7 inches large and it could potentially sell pretty good. X86 on a tablet makes no sense whatsoever, not as long as active cooling is till required.

  7. M says:

    The image yesterday was the faked image of a Lumia 900 stretched sideways and copy and pasted with Windows 8 as its screen.

  8. Farhan says:

    I took this picture at SwitchToLumia event in Karachi and tweeted it saying ” Nokia Tablet Leak ?” and from there it went viral :)

    You can read all about it at :

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