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  • Alvester

    Juha Alakarhu joins Nokia back as “Head of Imaging” of Nokia Technologies

  • Alvester
  • Alvester

    Meizu Sends Out Nokia E71 unit Inside Its Sep 5 Event Invites

  • viipottaja

    Yeah.. hmm.. oh well.

    Interesting this too “The forthcoming ‪#‎Jolla‬ devices business could even consider using alternative software platforms ” [from their FB page].

  • Systematic Systematic

    There is one more interesting thing: Brand new company “after Hollydays is to be focused (also?) of “enhanced security devices” as said Peniaki. Note as my comment: this can mean many thingd and among them: specified by Russia or BRICS countries requirements related to security standards in Russia. This could be controversial IF would be requested adding a piece of software controlled by Russia or BRICS government which could play similar role as PRISM or MYSTIC in Windows and ANdroid.
    This split is also very important as this move can mean that Jolla is doing their best to avoid problems and situations which have implied from inefficiency of Nokia as organisation full of internal conflicts, rivalisation for resources, lobbying and counter lobbying. However in the same time seems that Jolla is repeating path of growth which Nokia have used in the past.
    Split s also important in light of declared of start of development together with Russian companies, and among them Yota which have announced that YotPhone2 and YotaPhone3 are to be Sailfish OS devices, unlike the dual-screen YotaPhone1 with Android.
    I think this is one of milestones in keeping Nokia legacy in Jolla alive and creative, also successful.