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  • Viipottaja
  • meh
    • Viipottaja

      Pretty great price point and size.. might think about getting an unlocked one for when I travel.

  • spacemodel
    • Sonny

      amazing review but the fact that it got a below average score for speaker test and that they think the audio quality is not worthy of a flagship is kind of keeping me away now 🙁

      • marco

        @Sonny it is still better than sgs3(it has only one speaker)

  • Viipottaja
  • Viipottaja

    More interesting:

    Otherwise a pretty standard story on Nokia Here, but have not seen this specific hints at what they are planning for 3D and voice guidance before:

    “While Google’s Street View offers panoramic photos, Nokia intends to offer a computer-created graphics-based version of the planet by combining Lidar-collected data with colour information gathered by panoramic cameras.

    The advantage, Mr Fox suggests, is that Nokia can offer a highly-detailed depiction of the environment to pedestrians, but a less distracting version to motorists.

    “It will also allow you to blank out part of the buildings or make some of the buildings opaque if your destination is behind several buildings,” he adds.”


    “But it’s not all about eye-candy. Another use of its data is intended to make it unnecessary for Nokia map users to look at their screens at all.

    Called Natural Guidance the facility aims to give the kind of voice-directions a knowledgeable friend would offer rather than what’s currently provided by turn-by-turn systems.

    Instead of saying, for example, “turn left in 100 metres” it will say turn after the church, or once you’ve crossed over the bridge, explains Mr Fox.”

    Somewhat disappointingly though, the story claims:

    “Tellingly when the product launches next year it will be one of the firm’s partners who gets it before Nokia’s own devices.”

  • Viipottaja

    “Portico” update to WP8 rolling out! Presumably this will come to Nokias as well. “Keep wifi alive”, save draft SMSs, select-all-to-delete for SMS threads, and answer calls with SMS features added.

    • Patata

      All features would be possible on WP7.x too, but I guess WP7.x users will never get them, since WP7.x has no priority anymore for MS

      • Pdexter

        I’m not sure about WiFI alive feature. That CE is very restrictive on WP7.X.

  • NeNoRmAl

    Just a heads up, Nokia Lumia 900 appeared several times on screen in the latest episode of Pown Stars. =]]


    • NeNoRmAl

      They were teaching Chumlee how to use Skype with it. =]]

  • Pj


    Are there rumours about the lumia 1020, or the future?

    Thx just curious.

  • jiipee
  • Vikas Patidar

    Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 launched officially.

    Default map application is from NOKIA and it open “”


    Source Link:

  • rishabh

  • rishabh

  • Patata
  • Peter L

    For a post that’s comment section will be filled of the same old tired conversation…

  • Peter L

    Here’s literally where Peter Skillman’s been hiding…

    Looks like he’s up to something good.

  • Oleg Derevenetz

    Latest e-mail from Nokia Developer Support:

    In China N9 paid content will no longer be supported

    Recently we are going to deploy an upgrade of store billing to improve the billing in China, but unfortunately as a side effect of this, we will lose billing support on N9, which means content on N9 can’t be billed in China anymore.

    We contact you because you’ve published excellent apps into N9, China, but as a result of above, we have to take down all your paid content lived on N9 China shortly:

    – If your content is published into China only ,then it will be unpublished(for the user who ever purchased your content before, it still can be re-downloaded via store)

    – If your content is published into areas including China, then only China distribution will be rejected and won’t affect other areas.

    There is no action required but inform you about this. If you still wish to have your N9 content published into China, please make it a free version and resubmit it.

    We apologize for the lost caused by this and thank you for being a valued publisher!

    (Note from me): By a strange coincidence, just before Lumia 820/920 launch in China. My apologies to my former China N9 customers.

    • Noki

      Idiot’s, gaaaaaaaaaaa, Nokia limited to eat its hown market share, don’t they see that only piss off users and developers like that

      • Oleg Derevenetz

        Yeah, it seems that Lumia and N9 are compete each other in China (and N9 wins) instead of Lumia and N9 competing jointly against iOS/Android. It’s a bit funny.

        • Peter L

          Not true at all. The N9 selling more than Lumia part I mean.

          • Oleg Derevenetz

            You always know everything better, huh? Anyway, I consider this as slap in the face to current N9 China owners, no matter are N9 sell better than Lumia or not. I know for sure that there are plenty N9 owners in China – after all, I have downloads & purchases stats for my apps.

            • Peter L

              I’m sorry for your situation but even that does not allow false statements.

              Whatever the reason for this development is should still be looked from the list of far more obvious ones instead of suggesting some far-fetched conspiracy theories.

              It’s soon two years from the announcement that MeeGo will be discontinued, running it down has to start from somewhere.

              • Oleg Derevenetz

                If this is related to “discontinued MeeGo”, as you claiming, they should at least stop to sell devices first before cutting support for them. N9 is still available for purchase in China right on Nokia China official webpage for the price of ¥3,799:


                (I should note that it still available for purchase here, in Russian Federation, as well as in other countries). Also, you have no official sales stats for N9 in comparison with Lumia (and if you have, please share a link). All you have is only speculation (I should note that I have no official sales info as well, so I’m speculating too). So please stop this.

                • Peter L

                  It was _you_ who started with the speculation in combination with a factual error so you don’t get to patronize anyone here.

                  For the official sales stats, there are these simple facts:

                  1) N9 sales globally were very restricted, way below 2M

                  2) Nokia said in their official communication that Lumia sales overtook N9 sales very quickly

                  3) Estimates for number of Lumias sold up to date start from 10M Lumias (7M sold by beginning of September).

                  4) Adduplex says China takes approximately 13% of the WP market taking the number to at least 1.3M Lumias in China,

                  So unless way over half of the N9 made EVER were bought in China (hell no), Lumia does have a bigger market there.

                  • Oleg Derevenetz

                    In fact, you have an OPINION that Lumia outsell N9 in China (and all these “below 2M” remind me about Eldar with 92k N9 units), and I have a different OPINION that all these N9 support cuts are related to Lumia x20 launch in China, because previous Lumia line doesn’t do well in China in comparison with N9. Both are OPINIONS. I can’t dispel your opinion because of lack of official information, and you can’t dispel my opinion because of the same thing. But you can’t force me to shut up with my opinion, unless you have official facts (not speculations as above) regarding N9 sales in China. So it goes. Reminding you again: please stop this.

                  • Oleg Derevenetz

                    BTW: overall Lumia sales in China in 2012 Q3 was 0.2M units (against 0.1M units in Q2). Not very impressive.

                    • Peter L

                      And I can find 500k Lumias for the Q3 if I wish, random analyst guesses do not count. I thought you said no to speculations? My previous comment at least used some actual WP usage data and sales numbers but fine, let’s forget the sales numbers for now. Debating on that it’s fruitless.

                      Because even bigger point against your preposterous “N9 is winning in China” claim is still the trend where that market is going. Even if the N9 would have bigger numbers in China as you said, it would be running on fumes by now.

                      On one side we have the N9, premium price device without carrier availability, limited production numbers with a discontinued OS.

                      Then we have a range of old and new Lumia phones with different price ranges together together with excellent carrier availability and full support.

                      You are simply wrong in this matter.

                      ps. I argue only about that “N9 wins” claim, the situation about Nokia Store sucks big time. I also have a N9 in a niche market of Finland and I do appreciate my local apps very much.

                    • Oleg Derevenetz

                      I’m not against speculations and opinions (as far as we have no true facts), I’m just against the situation when you can speculate and I can’t 🙂 You believe that I’m wrong and I believe you are wrong, so be it for a while 🙂

                      Regarding your N9 – there wasn’t announced end of support for paid N9 apps in the rest of the world, just in China, so there is currently no threat for your own N9 🙂 I requested additional info from Nokia Developer Support regarding plans about rest of the world, and plans to bring paid apps back in China as well (may be this is just temporary issue, but they doesn’t mentioned that in their e-mail).

    • Oleg Derevenetz

      Looks like these news do not deserve front page (not WP-related?) Anyway, here is latest update from Nokia Developer Support regarding this situation:

      1. This is NOT a temporary solution;
      2. This affects only China store, other areas won’t be affected.

      Apologies to my N9 China customers, again.

  • Viipottaja

    I would guess Nokia will get some of the penalties, through its deal with the patent holding company.

  • erzhik
  • Mark

    whatsapp available in store again for wp8

  • Patata

    Nokia Drive and Public Transport got updated for wp7.x

  • James Scott

    Nokia 920 back in stock at Amazon USA with aggresive pricing for the holidays, $39.99.

  • WhiteAdy

    Here’s an awesome full 33-minute disassembly&assembly for the Lumia 920 😀