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  1. thatsme says:

    Lumia – 4.4 Million
    Symbian – 2.2 Million
    Asha – 9.3 milion
    Feature Phones – 70 Million

    Still Lumia sales is low …Thought it would be 6-8 Million

  2. viktor von d. says:

    nokia 505 unboxing. looks very premium for the price. aparently it’s doing very well in sales too

  3. fkslf says:

    lulz, everybody discovered plastic unibodi construction WITH bright colours now.

  4. stylinred says:

    Mobilesyrup interview with Juha 23min long video and an article regarding pureview and nokias camera prowess (some errors but it’s from Canada ;))

  5. Beelzebub says:

    Nokia phones in high demand? Apple shares drop bc of weak demand? What is the world coming to?

  6. rishabh says:

    Use coupon code FLASH1001 and get a flat 10% off on
    buy a lumia now hurry

  7. incognito says:

    Not strictly Nokia related, but one should keep an eye on the competition – BlackBerry Z10 full walkthrough: . I see more N9 elements in it than I’d want to admit so I guess I’ll keep an eye on what BB has to offer.

  8. Viipottaja says:

    Nice (the low light point could have been made more effectively), focused, and good follow up to the previous ad with the same look and feel.

  9. stylinred says:

    Rogers Canada is adding White, Yellow, Red Lumia 920s; this must mean that the 920 is doing well in Canada as historically Rogers only offers 1 colour, at most 2, and doesn’t add additional colours unless the device does well for them to jump up to 3 additional colours is quite a surprise

  10. Marc Aurel says:

    Digital Photography Review (DPR) Connect reviews the Lumia 920.

    The first review I have seen with a correct assessment of the difference between the original and updated firmware.

  11. stormtroller says:

    Nokia 808

    Swedish House Mafia One last tour – Antidote.

    Nokia 808 + Low end stabilizer

    Swedish House Mafia opening

  12. Viipottaja says:

    WP getting CalDav support in due course, Google continuing to be the prepubescent teen it is about it. :P

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