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On top of apps we’re finding ourselves, we’re also always getting suggestions on some great apps to check out and maybe review. But they’re often spread out over so many posts that unfortunately some of those recommendations gets missed. I’m even worse with email that if I don’t respond to something there and then, I often miss it.

So I thought I’d put together a page that you guys can put apps you wish to recommend to us to either share or to demo ourselves. You can be a fan of the app, something you’ve just heard about or even the developer.

This page will be updated around a monthly basis and we’ll strike through the ones that have been done. Even if we don’t get to review or demo them ourselves, I think the list might be helpful to other readers too.

It will be split into three main categories:

  • MeeGo
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
Please mention what platform the app is on when you’re recommending an app.

Thanks all!

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  1. adandennis says:

    PSP Emulator for Symbian Phones. Tried out myself on my N8 and works well.



    • Aliqudsi says:

      Tried this, but it was so slow and non responsive; dissappointed since it seemed like a great app; maybe a smaller lighter game? (I tried god of war as it was one of the only compatible games I could find)- any suggestions?

  2. Puhn C says:

    “Ciel” is a latest app on Windows Phone that let you take a photo and then overlay places and weather information. it is a huge hit in another title on another platform, Windows Phone people will love this!

  3. fiddler says:

    I would recommend to check out Airyware Tuner 1.5 – very good tuner app for musicians.

  4. Qperience says:

    All of you who still are using a Symbian or Meego phone, you are not forgotten :)

    We, Qperience, are still developing our games and apps for these platforms. At the moment the best thing we got to offer is “Jewels”:
    Symbian ->
    Meego/N9 ->

    See what else we’ve got to offer on Nokia Store:

    Or checkout our Youtube channel:

    Following us in twitter is also a good idea:
    And Facebook page is a fun thing to like:

    For those who like to see our own page we have this:

    If you’d like to see more on your phone, just give us your support.
    New software is in the production pipeline and will be published pretty soon ;)

  5. Ibtesam says:

    I would like to recommend the next generation word game. A unique combination of Letterpress and Words with Friends. The game name is Wordness and can be downloaded at


    Here is some great news for many Windows Phone 8 users with lower-specced handsets.

    Our editor Lucas has been complaining long and hand that there is no technical reason why games like Temple Run could not work on handsets with 512 MB RAM.

    It seems Microsoft has been listening, as they have just announced that Temple Run will now work on Windows Phone 8 handsets with the lower memory limit.

  7. capedonut says:

    Nautics Sailmate – Nautical charts Finland (finnish)

  8. zlutor says:


    We would like to raise your attention to our fresh new game: Gooble Invasion:

    We are a small indie dev. team and it would help us a lot if you could provide the app some visibility…

    Thanks in advance,

    Zoltan (@FORFICTIONmobile)

  9. Haisheng says:

    UC Browser is currently the most popular mobile browser on Windows Phone Store, and last year we just reached 400 million users across all the platforms UC Browser is available on. In the Windows Phone Store, we’ve recieved 17,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars from US users alone.

  10. kng says:

    Free 15GB storage upon signup of this cloud storage and get 5GB upon get a user to signup (Dropbox offers only 2GB upon signup and 500MB when you get a new user) from Barracuda Networks

    The Windows Phone Store link as below :

  11. Pavel says:

    I would like to inform you about project It is hybrid web and mobile apps project (cloud based) concerned with creating of time picture series (time-lapses).

    The one group of potential users can be tourists and enthusiasts due to ability to create collaborative time series of travel interesting places, sights, etc. Thanks to this, the project can be interesting tool for advertising of travel targets, for recording the evolution and/or aging of the places, etc.

    The one of added values is an ability to create time-lapse in cooperation with other app users. The apps is for taking a pictures with help of some tools like images opacity control with already captured picture, etc. Also, the unique player offers the interactive functions to watch the time series and pictures, as well as registered user can embed the player to their web presentations.

    Windows 8 app and Windows Phone app are released, the apps for other platforms (Apple primary) is in development process.

    Thank you for any feedback
    Best regards

  12. Luke says:

    Hi there,
    I’m wondering if you’d consider reviewing the windows phone app for my open source project, Media Browser. We’re a personal media streaming server with a growing open source community. In addition to windows phone, we have apps on nearly every major platform (android, ios, roku, win RT, win 8.1, etc).

    We were recently reviewed by wpcentral:

    You can learn more about here here:

    Thanks for your time

  13. Michele says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could check out and review my app for all those addicted to TV Show’s a simple to use game and it would be great it you could help me gain more visibility.

    Thanks for the attention.

  14. Michele says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could check out and review my app for all those addicted to TV Show’s a simple to use game and it would be great it you could help me gain more visibility.

    Thanks for the attention.

  15. wp8lob says:

    Currently Windows Phone has no way to quickly enable and disable connection settings. Also information about battery cannot be accessed from all screens (specially other apps) and battery percentage is not shown unlike in android/iOS..

    Kirik Settings is a new app that will enable you to toggle between your settings like Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth, Location etc while viewing their status from ANY app or screen. You can also access it from lock screen. You can also check your battery status (first app to do this!), send emails and sms from lock screen and lot more. The app will not work with music, unfortunately.

  16. Jiri Kuruc says:

    Your guide through filming locations all around the world is called Movieloci. Check it, it’s free for all WP users:

  17. I am so glad I read this submit. I also purchased
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    I will absolutely email you about getting pdfs.

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  18. Bijjol says:

    Clarity.Cal seems to be beautiful new approach to Calendar.

    Link to the app –

    Thank you,

  19. C3 says:

    Another upvote for Clarity.Cal – a rather different approach to a calendar app…especially on WP.

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