Recommend an App

On top of apps we’re finding ourselves, we’re also always getting suggestions on some great apps to check out and maybe review. But they’re often spread out over so many posts that unfortunately some of those recommendations gets missed. I’m even worse with email that if I don’t respond to something there and then, I often miss it.


So I thought I’d put together a page that you guys can put apps you wish to recommend to us to either share or to demo ourselves. You can be a fan of the app, something you’ve just heard about or even the developer.

This page will be updated around a monthly basis and we’ll strike through the ones that have been done. Even if we don’t get to review or demo them ourselves, I think the list might be helpful to other readers too.

It will be split into three main categories:

  • MeeGo
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
Please mention what platform the app is on when you’re recommending an app.

Thanks all!

  • Pulpi Rescue is the new game I made for Windows Phone. Please try it !

  • Try the new Loon Apps game for Windows Phone and Windows : FLY OR DIE !

  • Ananthan Unni

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  • Want to easily collect all photos taken at an event (birthday party, vacation, wedding, etc.) with friends and family? try Picturex for free!
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  • Tomáš Pojkar

    Here is a tip on App and game sales application. It’s free app, which cover one missing key feature in Windows 10 store. It shows actual sales in Windows 10 store. It’s easy to undestand with clear design.
    Key features:
    – support Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile (ARM, x86, x64 proccesor architectures)
    – have section for applications and for games
    – show you which applications/games are new on sale
    – have notifications about new sales (could be turn off)
    – primary shows only sales for user device (but can be changed, and app will show all known sales)

    Here is link to store:
    I wish you nice day