Recommend an App

On top of apps we’re finding ourselves, we’re also always getting suggestions on some great apps to check out and maybe review. But they’re often spread out over so many posts that unfortunately some of those recommendations gets missed. I’m even worse with email that if I don’t respond to something there and then, I often miss it.


So I thought I’d put together a page that you guys can put apps you wish to recommend to us to either share or to demo ourselves. You can be a fan of the app, something you’ve just heard about or even the developer.

This page will be updated around a monthly basis and we’ll strike through the ones that have been done. Even if we don’t get to review or demo them ourselves, I think the list might be helpful to other readers too.

It will be split into three main categories:

  • MeeGo
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
Please mention what platform the app is on when you’re recommending an app.

Thanks all!

  • stound

    galaxywar (dont separate) on nokia belle, its the clash of the planets version for symbian

  • Nysi

    You should review irc chatter, best irc-client I have used. It is used in Nemo and also available for meego.

  • zelenkovsky

    Are you interested in making a post about most selling FM Radio for N9? We are hitting 1k downloads now.

  • fledge

    Game: Word Tiles Multiplayer
    Dev: fumbo
    Platform: MeeGo N9 (my only experience, haven’t tried S^3 but app description says “on your Nokia” – so could include many devices)

    Basically Words with Friends but for MeeGo and it is free! Uses Push Notifications – I think you might need to keep the app open though.

    Quick game client, even over my slow 3G speeds.

    From what I can see, you can select friends if you know their username. Since I don’t have any friends with an N9 :( I have just started playing games with random people. This is easy and it is very quick to get started.

    The app is still in BETA so some bugs occur, but it is well worth a shot. I currently have 5 games going with people I have never met before, but it is fun to login and see you have moves waiting.

    Worth a review, MNB :)

  • rci500

    Through this link we could try to get draw something to Symbian. It’s a long shot, but it is surely worth a try. Just comment/like the idea in the link provided.

  • mite

    I’d recommend the possibility to sort LumiaAppADay apps by type and, definitely, by rating.

  • akinorta

    Best ever rotary phone in the Nokia Store.

    * Very unique retro design.
    * Sounds and Emergency call functions.
    * Completely free using with ads showing.
    * The free version requires internet connection for ads showing.
    * Designed for Nokia Belle
    * You can choose different backgrounds.

    This app developed by AKIN ORTA.

    Mediafire Link:


    No Signed link available now (yet)
    I’m waiting for Nokia Store QA for signing file.

    But I can’t wait to share my app with symbian users…

    Maybe you can show this app to users before Nokia Store…

  • Tsekio

    App for Meego
    Loanmoaner now available at Nokia Store

    Free simple app to mark things you’ve loaned to someone or the other way around and set the due date. Sync with Google calendar works great.

  • Phonolab

    Hello Jay & My Nokia Blog,

    Give Ringcorder a try, and truly personalise your ringtone! (For Windows Phone)

  • K-

    Has average of 4.88 over 16 vote on AppTracker.
    Cool oldschool 8-bit style game where Samuel is riding a rocket sledge. Addicting and free even without adds.

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks for the suggestion. That was very, very weird, but oddly addictive.

  • dansus
  • Hüseyin Ekmekci

    My new app “Big Mouth”. Check it.

  • Driems

    Have a look at Sophie Cam, a pretty cool photo app with high quality filters. Going for free for a short period of time!

  • Glenn

    I think Send to WP7 is the best app as its like Nokia Drop

  • Xenofin

    Just noticed that my Lumia 800 has ‘Tango Video Calls’ application listed in Nokia collection applications.

    Works on/between WP, Android and iOS and between phones and tablets/PC.

    Could you check this application. Requires account registration (email + phone number of course).

  • Gizmobuddy N

    Tank Shoot for Nokia N8, E7, C7, X7, Nokia 500 etc Touch Screen Symbian^3 Phones

    Links to Nokia store content and youtube video etc:

    (1) Full (Paid) version has 48 levels.

    (2) Free Version has first 5 levels unlocked– and NEVER EXPIRES!!! FOREVER FREE!

    Youtube Video Trailers of TankShoot Touch:


    We also have a S60 3rd Edition Version:
    (S60 3rd paid version– shortcut to ovi store link- type into mobile web browser)
    (S60 3rd free version– shortcut to ovi store link- type into mobile web browser)

  • SLH

    Tap2Match is an interesting memory game for windows phone. In this game it’s not just about seeing and remembring stuff, but also hearing and remembring stuff. Anyway, if you are into this kind of games, you should definitely give it a try.

  • H0r5t.Gu3nth3r

    i need teamviewer for Nokia Belle!!!!

    a functional alternative is KINONI Remote Desktop

    but teamviewer is more comfortable for use the Teamviewer ID and not the IP for connect thru the router to the computer.

    can nobody convert the android/iphone Version to nokia Belle?

  • Sonu

    Turbo camera- Windows app

    great one gives 10 pics per second!!!

  • snc

    I stumbled upon an unofficial port of Scummvm to the n9 harmattan check it out at scummvm forum:

    It does not support full screen size, but all games that i have tested work fine.

  • ahmed shouhdy

    nokia pureview is out at saudi arabia for only 1999SR = 533US dollars again first country in the world :))

    open the link … click on the magazine cover and scroll from the button bar to the offers

    a quick snapshot

  • Heron

    Line by Naver, messaging app with nice stickers.

  • Roman Pospisil

    Roaming Guard (

    Mobile phones commonly use mobile data transmission nowadays. Besides internet browsers and e-mail clients as such, maps, widgets, assisted GPS and a number of other applications may be secretly accessing data transmission as well. These applications typically request enabling access to the internet upon first use and then continue to automatically access it, even while roaming where data transmission is significantly
    more expensive. The fees often reach numbers comparable to a flight-ticket cost. Roaming Guard prevents all problems with unwanted access to data transmission.

  • mahesh

    symbian 3 not supported flash player 11

  • Joopajoo

    Remote desktop app with very quick screen updates and audio, can be even used to watch movies. Free demo available.

    Also available for Symbian: