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On top of apps we’re finding ourselves, we’re also always getting suggestions on some great apps to check out and maybe review. But they’re often spread out over so many posts that unfortunately some of those recommendations gets missed. I’m even worse with email that if I don’t respond to something there and then, I often miss it.

So I thought I’d put together a page that you guys can put apps you wish to recommend to us to either share or to demo ourselves. You can be a fan of the app, something you’ve just heard about or even the developer.

This page will be updated around a monthly basis and we’ll strike through the ones that have been done. Even if we don’t get to review or demo them ourselves, I think the list might be helpful to other readers too.

It will be split into three main categories:

  • MeeGo
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
Please mention what platform the app is on when you’re recommending an app.

Thanks all!

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  1. mahesh says:

    adobe flash player 11 support symbian3 device plz

  2. akinorta says:

    pls checkout this video
    new cool app for symbian developed by me.
    Coming Soon in Nokia Store

  3. Dear Sir or Madam My Nokia Blog editor,

    I’m tipping you of a great all family application for Symbian^3. (Also available for Android and iOS).

    We released our application called HeyWe! last week. Since then we have managed to get over 2500 active users that include 890 families from 103 countries. The feedback we have been receiving through email and ratings has been very positive!

    You can find the application at nokia store:

    You can also find information and screenshots about the application at

  4. Nysi says:

    Nokia carmode available for n9!

  5. Devin says:

    Hello! I’d like to recommend an app/game for the Windows Phone platform. It’s called Kalculate and a new version of it was just released with cool sounds and great visualizations. Would love to see a review from you. Thanks!

  6. Toria says:

    I’d like to recommend this cool and simple but addictive game called Dot Pop.

    Android link to Dot Pop:

  7. Pallav Pathak says:

    I’d like the developers to come out with an app for drawing or sketching or photo editing like putting effects in photos and images for the S40 platform as it is the most widely used and affordable platform for most of us.

  8. CardLearner Press Ream says:


    We are happy to tell you that CardLearner is released for WP7. Your readers will be interested to know about it.
    “CardLearner is a revolutionary app, which helps you to learn and memorize any type of
    information really quickly. Smart repetition system analyses your progress and determines
    the most difficult material. You can learn foreign languages, flags of Europe, road signs
    and a lot of other readymade card sets, which are available for FREE! Want to learn 50
    new Spanish words today? It’s easy for you with CardLearner!”
    Marketplace link to CardLearner:
    Press resources:

    Thank you!

  9. HyApp says:


    I would like to see a review of a new windows phone real-time strategy game Empires!

    Empires! is a empire building game about building up a historical empire, constructing new buildings, gathering resources and researching new tchnologies.

    Marketplace link:

  10. QONQR is a fantastic app, super addictive! I manage the marketing for them, I’d love to chat about a possible feature, my email is

    Here’s a link to QONQR in the Window’s Marketplace:

  11. krish says:

    One of best Countdown timer / stopwatch i have ever seen. Timer by Aristocrat Inc.
    There’s a separate exclusive app for stopwatch too with much more touch friendly UI.

  12. Oleg Derevenetz says:

    It seems to be not so many Christmas apps at Nokia Store, so I released a new entertainment app for upcoming Christmas holidays, named ChristmasTree. This app is available for Symbian and Meego phones at Nokia Store as well as for Windows Phone devices at Windows Phone Marketplace. Below is a brief description of this app and links. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and I’ll I’ll be happy to get a review from you :)

    Decorate your own virtual Christmas Tree with a variety of beautiful ornaments and tree toppers and save image of decorated tree to your phone’s photo gallery. Have fun by choosing different background and tree variations.

    Choose toy you like from gallery by holding your finger on it and then drag selected toy to appropriate place on Christmas Tree. Press and hold your finger on the toy to send it to background or bring to foreground. Move toy away from Christmas Tree to remove it.

    ChristmasTree is available for purchase at Nokia Store here:

    And at Windows Phone Marketplace here (free trial):

  13. toti dev says:

    The Movie App allows you to quickly view detailed information about movies that are now showing and coming soon with a Metro look and feel. You can search for movies, view similar movies and read movie reviews, find movies by genre, add movies to your collection and search for people. The app allows you to watch trailers, view and save movie posters, and share links with friends. Once movies are in your collection, they are easily sorted by name, release date and genre.

    This free app is only available on Windows Phone 8 – a WP7.5 version is currently in development.

    Download it here:
    Watch the app in action here:

  14. zlutor says:

    I would like to raise your attention for this button football application:

    Currently it is available for j2me compatible phones having touch screen with following screen resolutions:
    – 240×400 (e.g. Nokia Asha 3xx series, some Samsung phones)
    – 360×640 (e.g. Nokia 5800, N8 and other, symbian OS powered models)

    It can be downloaded from official Nokia Ovi Store:
    For Asha 3xx(x):
    For Symbian (360×640):

    It would be more than welcome if you could give us your valuable feedback how we can make this application even better and more fun.

    FORFICTIONmobile (

  15. zlutor says:

    We wish Merry Christmas to all of us with these nice apps:


    Other Symbian/S40 touch phones:



  16. zlutor says:

    MeeGo, iQ:Slider

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  18. Bhairav says:

    Hello to mynokiablog editors

    I have made a windows phone exclusive app called B Anglemeter (Windows phone 7,8)
    The app is the worlds first app that lets the user measure 2 d horizontal angles i.e. protractor (no equivalent functional app is available on any ecosystem apple,google,etc)


  19. B. Jay says:

    Lumia 920 loses against iPhone 5 in camera comparison.

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