Could the Nokia X10 be the 1st Symbian^3 device?

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Last night one of Nokia’s many holes sprung a leak and brought us the X10, which appears to be a capacitative qwerty slider with an AMOLED screen and some other healthy specifications (See below).

The video of the leaked document is below:


Full details from document:

Nokia X10 Release Documents (Ver. 1)

(Due to security reasons many outer details of the phone are not displayed.)

Nokia X10 Key Specifications

Slider form factor with Qwerty Keyboard

Multiple Home screens with auto Rotation

CPU: – ARM Cortex A8 @ 600 MHz

32GB/16GB Internal Storage

256 MB RAM



The new SYMBIAN^3 Mobile Operating System with Multi Touch opperations with Pinch & zoom in gallery.

GPA (With A-GPS support)

Accelerometer Sensor (for UI auto rotation)


  1. Front: – Video Call Camera (@ 15 fps)
  2. Rear: – 5 Megapizel with power LED flash

3.2″ inches AMOLED CAPACITIVE touch screen with Scratch Resistant surface

Light and proximity sensor

If this is a real phone it will be interesting, and strange at the same time where it is written “Pinch & zoom in gallery”, does this mean it will only be implemented in the gallery? (I hope not), and the camera has a “power LED flash”, is this more powerful then the current ones?

The RAM and CPU look good to be and with the UI impovements hopefuilly it should be a smooth OS!

Bring it on Nokia!


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