Improvements to Ovi Store

| March 30, 2010 | Reply

Yesterday the guys over at Ovi blog announced an updated version of the Ovi store which is available to download now which takes it from version 1.05(611) to 1.06(18) on my X6 and I would assume it would be the same on other handsets.

The 4 main changes are:

  • Make it easier to browse, search and discover content
    • Search is a lot quicker and a couple of tests seem to produce better results
    • See screenshots for most if not all applications so you can get a taste of what you are downloading
  • Improve the quality of content reviews (eg: change from 3 to 5 star rating system)
  • Provide more product information to help you decide what to buy
  • Improvements to the desktop version of the store

    You will have noticed that the annoying scroll wheel for selecting your device has gone and an easy to use selection tool (took me a second to figure out where the option was, and it’s at the top right next to the language option)

Nokia seem to be rolling out these updates every month and if they keep it up, hopefully they can truly turn this good store into a great one, only a few more steps I think remain!


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