Dying Beast ?

| June 16, 2010 | 26 Replies

Nokia today released statement by announcing that second quarter sales are going to be worse than excepted and you can read the press release here as it gets quite boring and depressing to be honest.

The point is Nokia have sort of not learned their own lessons that they admitted last year and are still making the same old mistakes that bother me.

  • Fragmentation in new devices is defiantly getting worse
  • Whats the point of having a Xseries when music is a basic feature in phones today?!?!?!?!
  • The Ovi store’s shopping experience has improved at a snails pace and apps still look like they are made by Amateurs from the exception of Gravity
  • They are taking even longer to bring out high end devices (no meego till December potentially what?!?!? (please @eldarmurtazin relaese some n9 leaks??)

I have got to say it but I am really fearful for Nokia,  yeah they might have 1.3 billion people using their phone, yeah every 4 out of 10 phones are made but nokia yade yade ya, but the reality is Nokia are slowly are fading out of consumers minds when it comes to purchasing a smartphone, they are getting virtually laughed at in the American press for their failure to bring put a true ‘iPhone killer’. Their mindshare is disappearing rapidly, and there are signs that Samsung might overtake Nokia as the worlds largest Mobile Phone maker (SCARY!!!)

What is their problem, it might sound easy but its gotta be more than the usual stuff people bang on about

  • Cant they hire decent software engineers with the amount of money they have???
  • Is it really that hard to add some colour to the ovi store to make it prettier???
  • Where’s the so called new version of the Ovi store promised earlier in the year
  • Cant you just pay developers to make Apps for the Ovi sore (Microsoft are sort of doing it)????
  • Get the N8 and N9 on a network in America ?????

You might think this is sounding a bit harsh but the truth is when you are a fan of something or someone your are basically in a relationship ( like a marriage for example) and every relationship goes through its ups and downs and right now my relationship with Nokia and yours as well probably, is definitely at a delicate stage. I want Nokia to succeed as I do not want to live in a world where Apple and Google will dominate the mobile space, look at the Microsoft Apple battle in the PC space where did it ended up they running out of ideas and all they could sell us where faster PC’s with better graphics cards and more storage space, we are already in that stage with Android where the CEO of Motorola made the bizare stetement to expect 2 Ghz processor phones at the end of the year,

Is he INSANE 2GHz in PHONE?!?!?!?! with batteries that will not last longer than 27 minutes.

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