Should Nokia just concentrate making camera phone's ?

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Tomi Ahonen is a Mobile consultant for handset manufacturers and is a really respected man with a good amount of knowledge  and of course I follow him on Twitter. Today he made some very interesting comments on Nokia and their success in making camera phones.  Its no secret that Nokia are in a sort of trouble regarding their position of the world’s largest with Samsung breathing down their necks a lot of people have been suggesting that Nokia don’t innovate. Well I disagree Nokia does innovate but at a much slower pace and in places that people might find not that important. One area is camera and I have an interesting proposition or an idea or whatever you want to call it.

Back to Tomi’s comments, someone on twitter mentioned the only reason they haven’t moved to Android yet is the N8’s camera. After that tweet Tomi revealed some of the camera successes Nokia has had.

  • “Nokia understood the camera phenomenon early by studying deeply in Japan where it was invented and then did the carl zeiss partnership” (I wish Nokia would study smartphone users in America now)
  • “Since 2005 Nokia’s top camera phones have been at the top range of all the best camera phones on the planet definitely up there with Sony Ericsson cybershot”
  • “Apple obviously leads touch screen internet devices, RIM leads QWERTY and Nokia leads in camera phones”
  • “camera phones are most compelling as it is most people’s first phone”
  • “There maybe a Nokia ‘comeback’ opportunity as US consumer ‘rediscover’ the ‘good’ camera on the iPhone 4” ( I am sick and tired of people calling the iPhone 4 camera the best camera on a smartphone it makes me sick especially as those people have never tried camera’s on a Nokia)
  • “For 90% of people living on the planet, the only camera they have ever used is camerphone camera”

He also mentioned that he owned a Nokia N93 and he loved and found the form factor really cool and he wished a return for the phone. (me too, never owned one)

When it was my time to buy a new before I settled with the Nokia E72 I was thinking *In what areas is Nokia better than their competition* these where the things that came into my…camera…camera…free Ovi maps… camera…camera….. price…….iPhone owners are annoying…….camera….good hardware.

Nokia make terrific cameraphones everyone knows that so I was thinking with the N8 about blow up the competition when it comes to cameraphone technology wouldn’t it be a great idea if Nokia just concentrated making cameraphone’s, it already feels like it with Nokia boasting about the camera N8’s capabilities, seems like all their energy went into that area.

Wouldn’t be also great Nokia made a successor to the N93 with a 12 megapixel camera Symbian 3, xenon flash, same hinge design, optical zoom kick ass video editing software, touch screen come on we can all dream 🙂

The only thing which is keeping me interested in the N8 is the camera, I am sure I am not the only person on that, what do you guys think should Nokia just concentrate making high end camera superphones? as it is the only area Nokia seem to have made progress in the last few years

Let us know in the comments below 🙂


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