Opera 10.1 for Maemo (N900)

| July 15, 2010 | 15 Replies

Announced on the Maemo Talk forums here, fans of Opera’s web browser can grab an updated version for Maemo from the extras-testing (or extras-devel for N8x0 users) repository as of today.

Here’s a copy and paste of the changes detailed in the forum post:

  • Geolocation support.
  • Javascript JIT support.
  • Fix garbage display after rotation due to incorrect stride.
  • Fix monospaced font in UI elements.
  • Fix display of Asian fonts in UI elements.
  • More efficient socket handling, decreases CPU usage slightly.
  • Suspend JavaScript, animations etc. when screen saver activates.
  • Reduced tearing while panning.
  • Fix proxy server mixup.
  • Fix crash when reading proxy settings.
  • Upgraded Opera Core, including many bugfixes
  • Many bugfixes to the UI

And the currently known issues:

  • Somewhat higher memory usage, especially on JavaScript intensive sites.
  • Due to timing issues with different geolocation information providers (WiFi, cell towers, GPS) first request may have poor precision.
  • Fast scrolling not optimized for page rendering.
  • Adobe Flash and other plugins are not supported.
  • Screen tearing may be visible when panning, especially in portrait mode.
  • The built-in on-screen keyboard is not supported. Use the physical keyboard or the on screen keyboard included with Opera Mobile.

The improved CPU handling is definitely a move in the right direction, though I’ve not tried it myself yet. I don’t think it’s going to replace the built-in MicroB for me yet, but it’s well on the way. I’m particularly impressed, however, at Opera’s support for a platform where Nokia abandoned them a few years ago (for better or worse).


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