Video: Nokia N8 USB On The Go tests – E72, N900, portable hard drive, powered external hard drive and DivX AVI playback

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In the video below, you’ll see the Nokia N8 connecting to a load of different devices, acting as a USB host and accessing the files on the respective devices.

From E72, N900 to powered external hard drives and portable (non powered) external hard drives. It’s awesome to see it connecting with the portable hard drives as this means you can quickly access and store on the go without ever having to find a power source/connect to a PC.

This would be great, say, on holiday if you’ve taken quite a bit of photos not only to back up your photos, but to empty out the memory.

You’ll also see the N8 playing back a 720p DivX clip. Now this means you can have your whole DivX AVI library (on portable hard drive) and play it back through the N8 via HDMI.

[The music on this video is made by RAY Music – Song “Waiting”]


List of devices used in this video:
-Samsung HD 1.5 TB (1 Terabyte=1000Gb)
-USB Hard drive Drive (Standard Case – 16 GB SSD inside)
-USB Stick
-Nokia E72
-Nokia N900

List of  filetypes used in this video:
-Pictures (JPG)
-Mp3 Songs
-Mkv (Lost, 624×352)
-Divx HD 720p (Big Buck Bunny, Surround Audio 5.1)
-MP4 (Mountain Video, 848×480, Filmed with N900)

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