Symbian 3 is finished

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Symbian 3, Nokia’s latest baby was officially completed on June 17th, of course that doesn’t mean the N8 is coming tomorow. It means all the new features and improvements have been added, now the hard work of testing and tweaking begins, the boring bit basically but a bit Nokia needs to get right to avoid the debacle that was the N97 at launch last year. Symbian 3 includes 250 new features and nokia’s official blog listed some more of the important features here :

Some notable improvements and new features

  • Better Graphics Graphics have been given a boost with a new graphics architecture, hardware acceleration and faster software that improves some of the shiny bits in the OS such as Kinetic scrolling and cover flow styling in the music app
  • Multitouch A very important feature that Nokia phones have lacked and is finally available. The Symbian UI allows flicks, pinch and zoom and single taps to select :-). It also means that multiple fingers can be used to operate which means certain tasks like when typing on an on screen keyboard, so sounds like the N8 does have multitouch keyboard. Possibilities are endless with what you can do with multitouch it all depends if Nokia wants to into that direction and introduce new gestures that el jobso hasn’t patented  yet :-).
  • Better Multitasking Everyone knows that Symbian is the ONLY mobile OS to offer TRUE mobile multitasking none of the save the state of the app rubbish and well the Symbian foundation have improved it with better memory managment so you can leave more apps open without running out of memory and get more stuff done 
  • Location services New protocols have been added in the OS to take better advantage of the location data. A new app set to debut is Here and Now which offers services according to the location you are in at any given moment of time.
  • Networking The Symbian OS includes a new networking architecture that improves a whole lot such as the data flow performance, easier for services to create networking extras such as fire walls and hotspot log in apps. One click connectivity has also been included to make it easier to connect to access points.
  • Development for Developers Symbian will come with Qt installed (so get developing developers :-)) Makes it easier for you developers to develop apps for as Nokia phones as possible. The Symbian web runtime will also let developers create Web 2.0 style applications that interact with the devices core functions like the camera and address book.via

thanks to chandru for the heads up!


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