Minimum Spec for MeeGo 1.2+ devices confirmed

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If there were any fears that Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo devices would have specs in keeping with current S^3 devices, we can all breathe  a somewhat collective sigh of relief.
Recent tweets and announcements from the MeeGo conference follow on twitter here minimum specs have been confirmed to be a minimum of 512MB RAM, 600MHz+ Arm V7 or x86 processors (Snapdragon, A4, OMAP,ST  U8500 all fall into this category) 512 Mb internal ROM and GSM/HSPA. Unfortunately for those living in certain regions, CDMA is looking unlikely to be supported until version 1.3. In addition, the official releases for 1.1 and 1.2 DO NOT include support for LTE (bummer 🙁 ).

Update: MeeGo 1.3 is looking at an October 2011 release, soooooooooooooooo far away

I’ll try to keep you all posted on anything coming out of the conference.


Update 2

MeeGo 1.2 is expected to be released in April 2011 in keeping with the 6 month cadence between release versions. Should be noted yet again that these releases are not directed towards the end-user.

Action items for MeeGo 1.2 include increased QML use in applications, an integrated backup-restore mechanism, Office document viewers integrated with OS, better package managers and security features.

NB, Office viewers are currently being done by separate developers, see KOffice for MeeGo tablet.

Update 3

Twitter is reporting that screen res requirements haven’t been decided upon. Of big importance this bit. Aspect ratios matter a lot when writing apps (at least for beginners 🙂 ) careful consideration should be given to the available chipsets, display technology and touchscreen controllers. The latter being very very important for running touch-controlled interfaces. Terrible idea to match 720p or XGA screens with sub XGA controllers. VERY VERY bad.


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  • chfyfx

    thanks for the update, much needed

  • ashton

    does this means that the nokia N8 will not support meego?

    • Andre

      No, that was never part of any Nokia plans.

  • Roger

    Sounds good, but I see NO reason not to stick with Symbian for the forseeable future. Considering the ongoing updates to Symbian I can honestly see no point in me buying a MeeGo device anytime soon.

    I think some of us just get completely carried away with endlessly wanting the next more powerful thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, forever more, without actually considering why exactly we want them?

    I am only just letting go of my very trusty N82 and moving to an N8.

    • Andre

      Symbian will be around for quite some time but note that these releases will likely be vastly different from productised releases.

      Can assure you that Nokia’s release early ’11 will be something to keep an eye out for.

  • Schneider

    Sadface, this means it is not as efficient as Symbian (?) 🙁

    • Andre

      Not necessarily. Linux handles resources differently and thus it’s best to establish certain minimums that will allow for decent function of the OS, UI etc.

    • Jim

      it’s not as efficient as symbian and I don’t think it’s wanted to be. One of this reason is that will probably have a rich animated UI which require a lot of CPU/GPU.

      Symbian on the other hand has a simple UI and a different kernel.

      Think this as windows 95. win 95 compared to today hardware you can say that is hardware efficient but it will not provide you the same ux as win 7.

      Complexity comes with its price.

  • Jim

    I can say I watched the presentation live. And a good question was if that 512 MB ram is minimum for meego 1.2 does that mean that N900 will not support meego?

    @Roger symbian is more designed for smartphones(low and middle) ( phone+features+some amount of apps) and meego is designed for high-end (phone+more features+ huge amount of apps-because of the large amount of linux libraries). depends what you are looking for. Also meego can offer a better connectivity between your phone , car, TV and so on.

  • zonk0r

    so, dowethink 1.3 is retail -ie.does this mean nonokia meego handset until late 2011?

    • Andre

      These releases are targetted at developers and handset/ device manufacturers. It’ll never be released in this form to the general public.

      Unfortunately that means that certain “updates” may never come to devices that are well capable of it. That said, if the OS is designed in a modular enough fashion it likely won’t matter what changes OEM’s make.

  • jf

    no version will be called the “retail version”

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  • Cod3rror

    Only 600MHz? Should be 800+ IMO, maybe even 1GHz minimum.

    And here is the main question… WHEN? when are we going to actually start seeing a retail phone with MeeGo? They seem to be moving at such a slow pace.

    • webby

      To be fair, the roadmap hasn’t changed. MeeGo 1.2 should be ready for retail and that’s still on for April. I assume the phones will start coming out a couple months after that.

      MeeGo Harmattan on the N9 is anyone’s guess. 1H 2011? Maybe 1Q? Maybe announced at MWC?

      • Jim

        if by meego harmattan you mean maemo 6 branded as meego that will not happen. they will go for full meego. the meego device release date is uncertain at this moment and it’s tied to qt development, mainly with qt-components.
        That’s a good move made by elop to focum more on qt. if they create a nice and powerfull and fast SDK then improving meego will be fast(at least in terms of the UI)

        • Waiting game continues! 😀

          April? Good, I can save my money for post-exam Amsterdam party 😀

          • Andre

            I can’t wait til APRIL!!!!!

      • Andre

        MWC is likely

  • Rudeboi

    I knew it would be awhile for the device to get release considering the amount of pressure that’s upon them. I know as well that it would be leading age technology that most consumer would love. I’m totally happy about it cause I love my N900 and one question I do have is: How many Android updates with different names for these updates do they have. It appears that the Android updates that is aways coming up is just to get where Symbian is already at but with a little more user friendly being the main target. I still say that the N900 is the most underrated device on the market and so many post are being shown via you tube on what the device can do. I still say faster processors are way overrated and good experience of that is when I had the Samsung S Vibrant which froze alot and self rebooted so many times it was unreal and sold it quickly what a expensive trial huh. lol

  • Rudeboi

    I’ve installed media box and showed my brother how you can watch a video on the N900 and shrink it like a desktop which still shows the video and hear the music and chat through IM or SMS or surf the net at the same time and he had a shocked look on his face. I said your Iphone 4 can’t do that. However he did have a interesting point on the risk involved with buying unlocked phone and that’s repair issues and have a loonier phone to use while that is being repaired or replace. I wish Nokia had stores like Apple where you could have the convience of what customers have with apple

    • Andre

      Funny thing is… I’ve had fewer issues with my unlocked phone than ALL of my friends with carrier bought phones.
      Shocking I know.
      If your Nokia is covered by a warranty though you can simply ship it to them and they’ll repair it. They used to have stores in NY and Chicago but lack of demand somewhat crippled those ventures

  • SG

    Stating the obvious, but… by the time Meego phone comes out post April 2011…
    512MB RAM, 600MHz+ Arm V7
    Will seem very very very dated technology… all hope is lost?

    • Andre

      It’s possible but by no means guaranteed.

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