MeeGo tablet UI v Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” UI

| January 8, 2011 | 26 Replies

You must be living under the rock to not to have noticed something called CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is happening in Las Vegas right now and something that has the bloggers sphere excited about is Android 3.0 aka “honeycomb” the tablet version of Android. It certainly is impressive from the videos we have seen. We instantly thought about the MeeGo tablet UI and started comparing. So what we where curious about was what you preferred and why. Of course the MeeGo UI is pre- alpha and the Android 3.0 is only a sneak peak. But we are still interested what your first impressions are when comparing the two.

I will give you some of my opinions. I am really impressed with Honeycomb, there are interesting ideas that Google have implemented but my after thought was that its a bit too much like a desktop if you know what I mean, and not much innovation.

I am really one of the people that believes that tablets will replace laptops and desktops as our primary machines in a couple of years, but I also believe that tablets should have a complete new UI not a UI scaled down from desktops like windows or scaled up like iOS .

Call me crazy but my impression from the video was that, as good the Android 3.0 looked the pre Alpha version of MeeGo was better. It is actually a new UI rather than scaling existing UI’s that Apple and Microsoft are doing.

Android 3.0 preview

Pre -Alpha MeeGo for tablets

anyway what do you think which one do you prefer and why and any other thoughts you might have on tablets in the future


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