Leaked image of Nokia branded MeeGo device ???

| January 23, 2011 | 116 Replies

Oh look what we have here; at closer inspection you should see a Nokia device running a stock version (I think) of MeeGo by the looks of it. Now we can rule out that it is the Nokia N900 because in this picture the bezel of the device is very thin which is actually rather nice looking, in a funny way it looks rather like a Nokia E7 which is not a bad thing in a way.

From some of the stuff I have been reading, some people are saying that it could only be a device for developing MeeGo on not actual hardware that will come out.

Adnan form the comments also mentioned some other pictures have surfaced but they seem to come from a Nokia N900 by the looks of it but interesting non the less. I am thinking a MeeGo 1.2 which is scheduled to be released soon is being being developed on the device in the pictures.

In other news Eldar Murtazin has claimed on Twitter that the Nokia N9 HAS been CANCELLED. yeah you heard that right I dont know whether to take this seriously or not it does seems intriguing.

Now before we take Mr Murtazin correctly maybe it is necessary to read this about him and his vendetta against Nokia


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