Leaked image of Nokia branded MeeGo device ???

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Oh look what we have here; at closer inspection you should see a Nokia device running a stock version (I think) of MeeGo by the looks of it. Now we can rule out that it is the Nokia N900 because in this picture the bezel of the device is very thin which is actually rather nice looking, in a funny way it looks rather like a Nokia E7 which is not a bad thing in a way.

From some of the stuff I have been reading, some people are saying that it could only be a device for developing MeeGo on not actual hardware that will come out.

Adnan form the comments also mentioned some other pictures have surfaced but they seem to come from a Nokia N900 by the looks of it but interesting non the less. I am thinking a MeeGo 1.2 which is scheduled to be released soon is being being developed on the device in the pictures.

In other news Eldar Murtazin has claimed on Twitter that the Nokia N9 HAS been CANCELLED. yeah you heard that right I dont know whether to take this seriously or not it does seems intriguing.

Now before we take Mr Murtazin correctly maybe it is necessary to read this about him and his vendetta against Nokia

via mobile-review.com

via ultimate.111


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  1. SGean says:

    I seriously prefer this keyboard to the default symbian keyboard… I do hope nokia will come out with an update that’ll provide us with an option, like maybe under settings, on which keyboard layout we whana use..

  2. Styles says:

    Alex68 said..”I don’t know how people will interpret when NOKIA are ready to make the announcement and arrangement in the near future …”

    -More delays? scrapping prototypes?

    for me right now Disappointment/frustrated/bored is my interpretation of Nokia. im still a fan though! LOL!

    • Guest says:

      I interpreted it this way. Near future sounds like MWC, but we will not see a finished product then. Meego for mobiles will probably not be ready then.

      As Nokia have told us earlier so will MeeGo 1.2 for mobile phones to be completed at the earliest in April.

      MeeGo and its phones are ready when they are ready.

    • alex68 says:

      But one of the positive things I can think of is the better development support for Meego community…

      • Don says:

        What can you say about that? We know Qt Mobility 1.2′s focus is completely on Meego backends. I guess there will be Meego integration in the Qt SDK? But what could be “better development support”.. it’s just Linux, it has great tools already.

        • alex68 says:

          What you talk are about is just a software-wise thing. Nokia can do more than that such as Meego reference like Google’s Nexus for developers…

          • Don says:


            “Nokia N9 ( with HW Qwerty) will be shown at MWC. But won’t have Nokia Meego UI, cause not ready yet. The N9 is not for mass-market, but for devs only like the N900 was. Nokia MeeGo device for mass-market and with Nokia MeeGo UI will be shown at Nokia World in September 2011. The Device will be truly the first Nokia MeeGo phone and will not have a HW Keyboard.”

            Has a date for NW2011 already been picked? I hope it doesn’t take that long. But Qt on Symbian is getting better fast, so if we see a bunch of great apps develop meanwhile we’ll survive :)

          • alex68 says:


            Where did you get the info? As for NW2011 part, I can say it is just a speculation…

          • Don says:

            The original source is http://www.meegolounge.com/lounge/?p=468, in German :) Google translate does a good job.

            Just thought it was interesting because it jives with your mysterious comments.

          • zymo says:

            Actually the the Quotation is made by me ;) I read the german blog and thought it was a interesting post. The guy knows something. Back 2010 he told that there won’t be a N9 at Nokia World and he was right. When everybody tweeted that symbian pr. 1.1 will be out in december, he said it will come in the last week of january or early February. Nothing special but few bug fixes. And he was right again! Now he is saying that N9 (HW QWERTY) will be shown at MWC and that this one is for devs only. The real Meego Phone from Nokia is coming in September without HW Keyboard. In the meantime the devs can build some apps with qt for the official release of Meego (by Nokia) in September. Nokia releases a dev phone so the Ovi store gets filed with apps, then they can release a Meego phone to compete with a the iphone 5.

  3. GS65 says:

    A thought:
    This might be mentioned here earlier but the images show the Nokia logo ”horisontally” just like on the N900. So my guess is that this is a landscape-oriented tablet with keyboard just like the N900. I would make a keyboardless tablet portrait-oriented with the logo ”vertically”. This might very well be the ”new” N9. But this is just my speculation from a very dark and grainy image. :)

  4. wes says:

    Did anyone see the mouse pointer on the icon of the big buck bunny video? Bluetooth mouse just like the N8? Hm…

  5. JokerNseries says:

    Some hints from an austrian meego blog:

    Nokia N9 ( with HW Qwerty) will be shown at MWC. But won’t have Nokia Meego UI, cause not ready yet. The N9 is not for mass-market, but for devs only like the N900 was. Nokia MeeGo device for mass-market and with Nokia MeeGo UI will be shown at Nokia World in September 2011. The Device will be truly the first Nokia MeeGo phone and will not have a HW Keyboard.

    Alex68 or anyone knows, can you tell if it’s true?

    • alex68 says:

      I have told earlier that E7 and N9 were not direct competitors…

      Qwerty phone market is much small and N9 candy bar is the right phone to combat against IPHONE. HW Qwerty phone will be used as Meego reference like Android’s Nexus for developers. I know the estimate or plan of N9 candy bar release time but I can’t tell. I don’t know if Nokia are determined to release it no matter what or when it is really ready, near perfect…

      • alex68 says:

        Besides, N9 HW Qwerty looks too close to current E7 which is from N8′s form factor. But candy bar is a totally different and unique design, which is said liked by many people at the first glance…

        Nokia’s Meego is carrying the historical mission of Nokia’s returning to the top end phone market. This time they must do it right…

      • JokerNseries says:

        N9 with qwerty hardware will be marketed as N900? Can you tell us only if the N9 is the full touch phone dsmobile called “sexy design”? We will see the first Nokia World 2011 in September?

        • alex68 says:

          Do you know if dsmobile and eldar are the same person?

          • JokerNseries says:

            Absolutely not. At least I think… Why?

          • alex68 says:

            In my impression, I often see something from dsmobile but refered from Eldar’s blog. Am I wrong?

          • tissot says:

            Definitely not. he is actually very pro Nokia.

          • KeiZka says:

            dsmobile is from Finland, IIRC.

          • JokerNseries says:

            Yes. I also read some comment from dsmobile here, but I don’t think absolutely “belongs” to Eldar. Returning to the speech before, can you tell us something about N9 candy bar, where we will see before September at Nokia World? Any suggestions on design? Can a white colour? I hope I did not like the square corners N8 and E7..

          • dsmobile says:

            LOL =)

            I’m very opposite of him. I actually prefer that all new things are kept secret until announcement. Some random toughs are not really leaks and I try to be as careful as possible not to talk too much in forums and best to keep talking about devices that actually are announced by Nokia.

            There is no point to talk about things that aren’t ready. All the stuff around Nokia currently is just guessing game.

            Time is not on Nokia’s side currently but after hard time is past it will be really smooth ride for dev’s and users. =)

          • alex68 says:

            Dsmobile, sorry for confusing you with Eldar. I dislike Eldar and don’t have an interest to visit his blog. That’s why I did not know what is your actual opinion posted there.

            I totally agree with your points. I should also be more careful with the info I give here…

  6. Markk117 says:

    the n9 with HW keyboard is a dev platforlm like aava smartphone!

    We see the commerciable n9 when it’s ready

    • KeiZka says:

      So hasty with all the rumours..! We can’t know that for sure until MWC or until Nokia finally deigns to launch it… ;j

  7. mohit says:

    just tell me a date that on this day n9 will be released in market because i am dying to buy and please suggest which nokia phone should i buy for best if n9 is coming next year

  8. passerby says:

    Guys look at this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_ubl-vMLqw
    This video is from 2010 if i’m not mistaken but if you check don’t you think the 2 devices look a lot alike ?

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