Microsoft and Nokia in talks about a partnership

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"Can you throw us a lifejacket please our boat is burning"

Day 203948 in the continued tragic Saga that involves Nokia, this time Bloomberg and the Wall street Journal are both reporting that Nokia are in talks with Microsoft concerning a software deal, I would imagine Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia devices *excuse me while I quickly go to the toilet and throw up on the thought of that* What astonishes me is that the deal is near to completion. Wait what ?!?!? that means we will not see a Nokia powered Windows Phone 7 if it happens until Q4 at least while they get their act together and implement Windows Phone 7, how is this supposed to help Nokia this is just going to add more months of development which Nokia cannot afford right now, unless they take the N8 put a new more powerful CPU and dump WP7 on it of course.

Stephen Elop also has been in discussions with Google on putting their Android on to Nokia device *excuse me again while I go to the toilet to throw up on the thought of that* but with the recent

“Two turkeys don’t make an eagle “

sounds like Google are bit angry not being able to strike a deal with Nokia.

Now Bloomeberg are pointing out that Nokia will want a strategic deal rather than being just a OEM for Microsoft which will likely lead to some special allowances for Nokia if they do go ahead with Windows Phone 7 deal.

My take on this is its gonna happen folks. Stephen Elop will announce a “strategic alliance”  which never sounds great, which will involve Windows Phone 7 powered devices in the near future *I think I have to go an throw up again* Its obvious Elop is pleading internally with his senior managers (if you believe the memo) to forget symbian for the high and MeeGo, which  is far from ready to do any real impact on the market if you believe the reports again.

Tomorrow is going to be a momentous day for Nokia, I mean the last time Nokia had this much media attention was when…….. well I can’t remember to be honest actually. The thought of reviewing or writing actual news on a WP7 device by Nokia for the site sounds terrifying to be honest unless Jay shuts down the blog and buys and iPhone 5 of course :-D……… but then again what choice have Nokia got at the moment they are at snails pace when it comes to software development, then again Microsoft are as well. Look at HP they are putting WebOS on PC’s, so this supposed alliance does sound like two desperate people getting together which never ends well…….

P.S Sorry for asking is Palm still on sale LOL……..

via Bloomberg

via Wall street Journal


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