Windows Phone 7 annoyances and bugs list

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As mentioned at the end of my Windows Phone 7 impressions post I felt it important to give a list of all the issues, bugs, annoyances inherent to the OS that I was using. Hopefully this post will, with the right publicity get to all the right people at Nokia. So here I present

Andre’s Laundry list of Windows Phone 7 issues:


  • No unified email application that contains your multiple email addresses and allows you to  subsequently manage them all at once.
  • No easy way to delete an email account
  • Going from lock screen to notifications requires unlocking,swiping and THEN clicking on the toast notification
  • Notifications are not persistent.
  • Battery and signal indicators are not persistent
  • No percentage or easy way to gauge battery life
  • Applications and games more expensive than their Android or iOS counterparts.
  • No easy way to jump between applications unless using the back button
  • Apps don’t all save their states and most take too long to restart. Given the likelihood of accidentally pressing back and exiting or pressing the lock button, this is unforgivable.
  • Turn by turn navigation is strangely unavailable
  • Inability to switch between 3g and 2g easily and manually
  • Keyboard takes up too much space sometimes
  • Keys below screen strangely don’t stay lit as long as the screen does
  • Account management in XBL is laughable
  • No easy way, widget or otherwise to manipulate connectivity settings
  • Cannot connect to secure wifi networks using WPA P2K security.
  • Marketplace doesn’t allow large application and game downloads over 3g
  • Music player doesn’t have ratings for songs (though you can specify whether you “heart” them or not
  • No ability to create playlists on the device
  • No new songs, top-rated or most played playlists on the device
  • The volume controls in media seem to strangely effect the volume of the ringer.
  • Battery life in standby is worse than Symbian devices. 
    • Stopped charging at 12am, played 20 minutes of monopoly, push email on and read an e-book for about half hour battery was less than half by 12 pm. (On further analysis it looks like the Super AMOLED screen is to blame in this case.)
  • Charging takes forever, worse so when the screen is on… it’s TERRIBLE, not sure if hardware specific though but it’s an annoyance nonetheless
  • I like haptic feedback, the N8 had haptic feedback, my 5800 had haptic feedback, Please make sure haptic feedback is in your Windows Phone devices, thanks.
  • No way to back up your device using Zune or on device back-up



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