E7 pre-orders go live- Finally!

| March 24, 2011 | 28 Replies

To be honest, very few of us could understand the hold-up on this one, apart from possible firmware issues but it looks like pre-orders for the LONG, LONG awaited E7 have gone live in a few select markets. If you happen to live in the US, UK, Russia, China, Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain or Sweden head on over to your regional Nokia site to plop down the funds for your favourite keyboard-toting, Symbian^3 device.


Nothing’s changed on the specs front as one would expect with the same 4.0 inch Clear-Black AMOLED display, 8 Megapixel camera and penta-band HSPA radio in addition to the standard Symbian^3 fare (680Mhz ARM11 CPU, 256MB RAM, Broadcom 2727 GPU). Strangely, the Nokia UK site is reporting support for MicroSD cards on the landing page, something they might want to fix before there’s some consumer backlash.

Pre-orders should be delivered by “End of April 2011”, quite a bit too vague for my tastes but what’s a few days when you’ve waited a few months eh? In any case, those itching to buy the E7 can head right over here.

Be warned though, if you’re a US buyer prepare for a good deal of sticker shock.

Let us know if you’ve decided to buy one!


Thanks Ozzyl


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  • Andreas

    The E7 has actually been available quite a while from various web shops in Sweden. WHy order it from Nokia when I can order it from some other place and get it in one or two days πŸ™‚

    • Rant

      Wasn’t it available from Nokia directly in FInland for a while as well? I recall it being available a few weeks or so back.

      Still though, not quite end of 2010 availability, is it?

      • Ali

        the E7 has been available for ike 2 weeks in Jordan which is surprising considering what a backwards country this is

  • I didnt know that :P, Thanks

  • Andreas

    It’s kinda weird that Nokia can’t send the E7 until late April. I wonder if there is some difference after all? Some firmware fix perhaps. And all web shops then have the old batch of phones (?).

  • Janne

    It has been on sale in Finland for a month or more, from Nokia retail as well as online. In fact I am writing this on one. πŸ™‚

  • stylinred

    wow $680 USD the N8 is only $450 (nokia store prices)

    $680 also @ Amazon with a Mar 31st availability whereas the N8 is only $400 on amazon (it was $350 for a time)

    • Mendax

      This stood out for me too. The N8’s starting price was $549 U.S. which is $130 less than the E7 price on Nokia USA.

      I understand that the larger CBD screen and slide-out keyboard are a huge plus for many consumers, but I’m just wondering how they’re planning on pushing these devices when the N8 is $449 (occasionally $399 during sales or if bought from other websites).

      Considering that the N8 has an excellent camera and FM transmitter, I wouldn’t say the screen and keyboard are worth the extra $230 seeing as both run S^3.

      I guess they’re trying to gear the E7 toward business users, but I would imagine most business consumers would sooner go for a Blackberry.

      That’s just my opinion, though.

  • A-S-D

    The E7’s been on sale in Australia for ages for $700 – $800 compared to the N8’s $500 – $600 price, though when the N8 came out, it was $600 – $700.

    • Glenn

      Yeh, i got mine from Nokia 2 weeks ago.

      Great device, but really $200 more than the N8, isn’t that a bit steep.

      N8 has FM Trasmitter and 12MP with Xenon and microsd

      Features that the E7 lacks

    • stylinred

      wow the n8 is quite pricey down under πŸ™‚

      • A-S-D

        Almost all phones are much more expensive in Australia compared to other countries πŸ™

      • My sister got her N8 just a couple of days ago. I got to play with it for the whole day and so far I liked it, but many many things could be iron out (or hopefully already have as update is just around the corner). I have been thinking to try one of Symbian^3 devices, bet let see.

  • e7 is too big for many people, why cant nokia make edge to edge phone?

    i hope iphone 5 rumour is true, 4 inched in the same phone size body!
    apple really know how to please their old customers and new customers!

  • James

    Grew tired of waiting for the E7 so went ahead and bought the N8 a month or so ago. Coming from an E72 I kind of miss the physical qwerty but I’ll get over it. Love the N8! Wish it had the 4″ CBD display though…..

  • Mike

    It went on presale in the U.S. a couple of weeks ago too….

  • Chris_Skylock

    Nokia Philippines will go live and on sale the E7 in about 3 days more. hehehehe. pre-orders were online a week ago. hehehehe.

    • brwneagle

      skyluck indeed!

      • Chris_Skylock

        lol. im not going to get the E7. the keyboard, in my opinion and based on the dummy phones suck but I wish I can hold on a real E7. T_T.

        In the Philippines, we have DUMMY phones. T_T

        • fi2n

          The keyboard and hinge are totally different on the dummy devices! On the real device the keyboard is the best keyboard I have ever used on a device smaller than a laptop, on the dummy device the kb is rubbery and dead. Similarly the hinge was crap on the dummy device. I can’t believe how badly Nokia shot themselves in the foot with the dummy device, but luckily the real thing is perfect in terms of hardware.

  • gordonH

    Got mine 2 weeks ago. The 4″+CBD does make it pleasant on the eyes. Not easy choosing between the E7 and N8. Add some decent HTC phones to the mix and it gets confusing.
    Tried going touchscreen only, but not for me. I can’t seem to function properly without the hardware keyboard. Guess an N8 + CBD + slide up keyboard like the Pre would be great for many.

  • Nokia Philippines will go live and on sale the E7 in about 3 days more

  • Qmot

    Nokia E7 is available in Indonesia mall since couple weeks ago.

  • EmmanuelM

    Andre, sorry you are late on this one…

    E7 pre-order opended in France a while ago, and phones are delivered since one or two weeks..

  • Matt

    Here in the Netherlands the E7 has been available in various shops for some time, just had one in my hands this morning…

  • bigolo

    where did you get your news? its out for months beside the us. copy paste editors.

  • OzzyI

    Regardless of when the E7 came out in Georgia or Jordan or wherever, it literally just (within 24 hours) has been made available for pre-order in the UK!!!! So that’s why we crooked teeth, tea drinking dandies are celebrating.

  • Joe Khays

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