IDC: Mobile phone sales up by 20%, Nokia losing out.

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IDC has just published their research of phone sales in the first quarter of this year. The total units shipped grew by nearly 20% compared to the same quarter last year. Biggest winner is Apple with a growth of over 100%, biggest loser is LG with a 10% drop in shipped units.

While the numbers from other manufacturers are interesting, we are mostly focussed on how Nokia did. And to be honest, they didn’t do really bad, but they didn’t do a stellar job either.
Considering the total shipped units grew by more than 60 million units a growth could be expected for Nokia, yet it only managed to ship 700.000 units more compared to a year ago.

Eventhough these numbers are for the entire mobile phones bussines rather than smartphones alone, it is worrying that Nokia even with their renewed Symbian 3 lineup hasn’t been able to ship more, especially considering S60v5 is what drove their smartphone sales in Q1 2010.

Samsung did have a significant increase in sales and is creeping ever closer to Nokia and might just meet their own goal of being market leader in a few years time. The succes with their Galaxy line does show, eventhough the majority of increase in shipment was due to feature phones according to IDC.

Numbers below from: IDC

Vendor 1Q11 Shipments 1Q11 Market Share 1Q10 Shipment Volumes 1Q10 Market Share 1Q11/1Q10 Change
Nokia 108.5 29.2% 107.8 34.7% 0.6%
Samsung 70.0 18.8% 64.3 20.7% 8.9%
24.5 6.6% 27.1 8.7% -9.6%
Apple 18.7 5.0% 8.7 2.8% 114.9%
ZTE 15.1 4.1% 10.4 3.3% 45.2%
Others 135 36.3% 92.2 29.7% 46.4%
Total 371.8 100.0% 310.5 100.0% 19.8%

What is more worrying perhaps is some news about Android having overtaken Symbian in market share in Western-Europe, a former Symbian stronghold. This apparantly was mentioned by IDC as well but I can’t verify that just yet.

Canalys does say that Android is now the biggest in Europe.

To conclude, Android is really starting to get a strong position in the market. A position that will get ever harder to challenge for whatever platform. All we can hope now is that Symbian can maintain Nokia mindshare and that Nokia comes up with a very strong WP7 lineup in this year.



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