IDC: Mobile phone sales up by 20%, Nokia losing out.

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IDC has just published their research of phone sales in the first quarter of this year. The total units shipped grew by nearly 20% compared to the same quarter last year. Biggest winner is Apple with a growth of over 100%, biggest loser is LG with a 10% drop in shipped units.

While the numbers from other manufacturers are interesting, we are mostly focussed on how Nokia did. And to be honest, they didn’t do really bad, but they didn’t do a stellar job either.
Considering the total shipped units grew by more than 60 million units a growth could be expected for Nokia, yet it only managed to ship 700.000 units more compared to a year ago.

Eventhough these numbers are for the entire mobile phones bussines rather than smartphones alone, it is worrying that Nokia even with their renewed Symbian 3 lineup hasn’t been able to ship more, especially considering S60v5 is what drove their smartphone sales in Q1 2010.

Samsung did have a significant increase in sales and is creeping ever closer to Nokia and might just meet their own goal of being market leader in a few years time. The succes with their Galaxy line does show, eventhough the majority of increase in shipment was due to feature phones according to IDC.

Numbers below from: IDC

Vendor 1Q11 Shipments 1Q11 Market Share 1Q10 Shipment Volumes 1Q10 Market Share 1Q11/1Q10 Change
Nokia 108.5 29.2% 107.8 34.7% 0.6%
Samsung 70.0 18.8% 64.3 20.7% 8.9%
24.5 6.6% 27.1 8.7% -9.6%
Apple 18.7 5.0% 8.7 2.8% 114.9%
ZTE 15.1 4.1% 10.4 3.3% 45.2%
Others 135 36.3% 92.2 29.7% 46.4%
Total 371.8 100.0% 310.5 100.0% 19.8%

What is more worrying perhaps is some news about Android having overtaken Symbian in market share in Western-Europe, a former Symbian stronghold. This apparantly was mentioned by IDC as well but I can’t verify that just yet.

Canalys does say that Android is now the biggest in Europe.

To conclude, Android is really starting to get a strong position in the market. A position that will get ever harder to challenge for whatever platform. All we can hope now is that Symbian can maintain Nokia mindshare and that Nokia comes up with a very strong WP7 lineup in this year.



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  • Ron

    As long as Samsung continues its love of plastic materials, i’m not going back to them.

    • fahoum

      the only thing that is holding me back from buying galaxy s2 when it launches is the bad choice of materials… Can’t go back to plasticy phones after the Nokia n8 … I just love my silver brushed aluminum N8. Lets just hope Nokia wakes up and catches the android ship before its too late… Android is the new symbian… In couple of years time it will have all What symbian has and lacks.

      • Ron

        Samsung phones only look good while it’s still new and shiiny but once the plastic goodness gets scratched and worn down, you’ll be left with a cheap ass looking phone.

        • Keist

          Samsung chose plastic materials to keep their devices light and thin.

          • fahoum

            agree… But weight gives the handset a premium feel, i don’t hear people complaining that the N8 is too heavy to carry around.

            • Misaly

              Couple of days ago i tried a HTC Desire HD, the live background was google maps, and the screen scolls laggy, the menu icons lagged when i tried the kinetic scroll. Is this the future? Shiny design, laggy underhood with 1 Ghz? It’s a joke, i dont know why it’s the hype present around the Android.

          • Pdexter

            I keep seeing people talk about that but to me it’s just cheapness.
            If Nokia can manage to make E7 13.6mm thin from 2 parts and is made 90% of aluminium, Samsung that’s superior currently on HW should be able to do it.

            I mean iphone 4 got 2 thick glass pieces on both sides of the phone. Wave, phone that was mid end year ago was made of metal and was still 10.3mm thin.

            HTC while ugly and boring phones got the materials on different planet compared to Samsung.

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  • stylinred

    the last samsung i had was the A600

    I loved it, but imo samsung has dropped the ball since then on hardware design

    back then there were all sorts of interesting, even odd-ball designs

    the last nice looking phone imo was the j770 and even then that was a budget device that was looking too much like the rest

    I can’t tell the difference between a samsung, lg, htc, apple phone these days 😉

  • Deep Space Bar

    i guess being a cheap ass pays off look at the other guys…….they got cheap and went to android instead of making their own smartphone OS

    • h3csc

      Whatever you say, they succeed.

  • Ron

    That’s why in all fairness to Nokia, I salute them for having the balls to go the hard way (WP7) than go the sure but boring way (Android). I admit, Symbian sometimes makes me want to pull all my hair out but it has a lot of great points, too. As for Samsung, HTC, Moto, and other Android-loving OEMs, what the hell should happen to them should Android suddenly effs up? Disaster. Hrmmm.

    • Keist

      I don’t agree. Android is where all the fun and excitement is now. Even former Nokia Symbian fanboys who jumped ship know that.

      • Pdexter

        I jumped the ship years ago and to me Android is not cutting it. Desire HD was buggy as hell because of my Google account(that i have to use). Bug that has been there for 3 years and in google support page there’s 300 pages about this but nothing has been done and battery lasted for 15 hours.
        It’s the last OS Nokia should jump in to. It’s already way too over saturated with little to no gains for any new manufacturer.
        Make something a bit different.

        Now using Pre 2 and iphone 4. Will be getting Samsungs 10.1 from Android side though.

  • Ninja

    In my genuine experience, most users of non-Nokia phones don’t know what they’re missing out on. Friends who’ve had Androids and iPhone 4’s are genuinely shocked and taken aback when they see what my N8 can do compared to their phones, and even those with stand alone digital cameras say my N8 takes better pictures.

    So, as we’ve known all along, it’s really a perception problem with Nokia, and a slight UI problem.

    Also the bulk of Nokia’s phone sales are S40 and I think Nokia are aware of their need to beef these up significantly. I think they do pretty well on that front, at the lower end.

    Even if a great Nokia WinPho device comes out this year, it will be so late it won’t sell very many until next year. I don’t think the combination of Microsoft and Nokia will produce anything very special, but I wait to be surprised.

    This is yet another news story where I am left thinking that really all Nokia needed to do was improve the UI a bit sooner and a bit better, and REALLY market their Symbian phones hard. But the paralysis caused by internal management and bureaucracy stopped them as everyone knows. Microsoft went through this when they were making Vista which is why it was so crap, and it seems this last year or two Nokia has been having it’s “Vista” moment.

    Unfortunately Nokia ditching Symbian is like Microsoft ditching Windows and going with Linux (I know that sounds good, but from MS perspective it would have been bad). Luckily Microsoft did the right thing (from their perspective) in improving what they had, but Nokia did the wrong thing in throwing out everything they’d worked for and ONLY going with WinPho. THAT was the huge mistake that will come back to haunt them.

    • I agree with you on your every point. They need a properly standarized, confussionless UI – good marketing to show features that belongs to Nokia only. Real life use of some apps and features. And of course better hatdware inside the devices.

    • pep

      +1 🙂

    • HVD

      Or just create another division to launch WinMo7 (or whatever version) phone for US market and if successful, launch at other markets.
      Though you are upto the point in whatever you have commented.

  • samsung very bad but the android OS make it good