IDC: Smartphone sales up by 80%, Nokia still growing

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In follow up of our article about the entire mobile phones sales past quarter we can now also see the numbers for the smartphone market. Like expected, the total shipped volume grew by a staggering 80% once again proving that smartphones are becoming exepted.

In just a year time we can see just how popular smartphones have become. In 2010 there were 55 million handsets shipped, this year however there have been shipped nearly a 100 million units in the first 3 months of the year.

Biggest winner in the smartphone division is Samsung with an increase of 350% YoY closely followed by HTC that saw their shipments increase by over 200%.

Nokia, despite their February 11th announcement managed to ship just under 3 million units more.Which is impressive considering Nokia didn’t have any real new devices out in the market apart from the E7. Symbian is still showing it’s strength in the market.



1Q11 Market


1Q10 Market


Nokia 24.2 24.3% 21.5 38.8% 12.6%
Apple 18.7 18.7% 8.7 15.7% 114.4%
Research In Motion 13.9 14.0% 10.6 19.1% 31.1%
Samsung 10.8 10.8% 2.4 4.3% 350.0%
HTC 8.9 8.9% 2.7 4.9% 229.6%
Others 23.2 23.2% 9.5 17.1% 143.7%
Total 99.6 100.0% 55.4 100.0% 79.7%

Numbers by: IDC

Eventhough Nokia/Symbian did do a good job, it is somewhat visible through the sales of Samsung and HTC that Android is catching up but not fully there yet. Ofcourse these numbers can’t verify Android’s growth since it considers manufacturers share rather than OS share HTC’s and Samsungs growth can be primarily contributed to Android powered devices.

But still even combining their entire sales doesn’t top Nokia’s massive 24% share illustrating just how big Nokia actually is.

IDC is also mentioning an interesting thing: The smartphone market is far from saturated, there is still room for smaller players. That could be manufacturers or an OS, so MeeGo might have a chance then with LG, or WP has a chance with Nokia?



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