Qt 5.0 in the pipeline- Symbian not mentioned anywhere

| May 9, 2011 | 79 Replies

Lars Knoll over at Qt labs has just put up a post discussing the upcoming developments surrounding Qt. Seems that there’s a new, massive version of Qt on the way!

While the technical information will probably be lost on many of us anyway, the most important takeaway is that there will be no legacy support (binary-wise) in this new version of Qt. Furthermore, development is being moved out an in-house development model to an open/in the open development model. There also seems to be a significant emphasis being placed on the importance of QML as time goes on with C++ being relegated to as few tasks ask possible. Further, increased reliance/use of the GPU seems to be a major point to address by the developers.

As mentioned in the title however, there’s little to no mention of Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo or anything along those lines at least in terms of main development platforms. Windows, OSX, Wayland and X11 appear to be the de facto choices, albeit there’s no aversion it seems to the presence of other teams working on different OS’s


The Qt team’s aim is to get this version, in beta at least, out by the end of 2011, pretty fast no?

Thanks Markus

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