Video: PR2.0 imminent? Youtube video suggest so!

| May 25, 2011 | 70 Replies

Update: Video back up. Cheers Shlomi and Moritz -> Officially available now: Anna update Video

Well, well, well. Just when you would start to believe PR2.0 or Anna would be months away we just received a tip from Fahoum that it probably won’t be so far away after all.

Nokia uploaded some videos about how to update the software on your phone with some very distinct references to features that are only found in the upcoming Anna release. Unfortunatly though, the video was quickly pulled but because of we can show you some screenshots of the video.

First off we have the already seen new icons, the screenshot also shows some that haven’t been seen before. Weirdly enough though some icons remain unchanged.

Performance improvements, makes you wonder what they are.

Improved performance and improved battery life? Could very well be, but there is still hardware as the limiting factor to that.

Further more there are mentions of the portrait keyboard and the new browser.

Improved virtual keyboard? Let’s just call that a necessary add-on Nokia?

All in all, it appears Nokia is gearing up to launch PR2.0 (kind of hate that Anna name) in the coming weeks. It would certainly give some new life to those N8’s, C7’s, C6-01’s and E7’s. In the end we all like new stuff, don’t we?

EXTRA: One odd thing; pairing your headset via NFC, that’s the first time I’ve read of that. Apparantly it has to do with how you pair a bluetooth device. Now you have to search for devices, verify it with a password. But with NFC you can just hold the devices to be paired close together and it is done. Very neat.

However, there are no mentions of NFC being in the N8. But there are several sources claiming it is in the C7 eventhough Nokia neither denies nor confirms this. With all Symbian 3 handsets having similar hardware it could be that Nokia has some extra functionality up their sleave.

Thanks to Fahoum for the tip.

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