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| June 4, 2011 | 40 Replies

If you have not been to the Nokia online shop yet, you might want to give a quick look…the latest device from Nokia, the X7, is now available for pre-order in select Nokia online stores with an expected shipment date of “End of June 2011”.

The device appears to be available in either Dark Steel (Black) or Light Steel (Gray)

Availability and Sim-Free price:

If you find more, please post below and I will add to the list.

Some quick Specs:

  • Amoled 4” touch screen
  • Gorilla Glass (Scratch Resistant)
  • Brushed Stainless Steel design
  • Curved back so it sits comfortably in your hand
  • should come with Symbian Anna pre-installed

There are loads of posts on about the X7 which is a stunning device and looks to come with Symbian Anna pre-loaded, which is a good sign as it also means what the update for all of us Symbian^3 device owners hopefully should see it soon hopefully!

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