OVI Store v2.08.042 being pushed out

| June 8, 2011 | 77 Replies

Remember the post a few weeks ago about a new OVI store? No? Well you’re forgiven, because the update was apparantly quickly pulled due to some unforseen cicrumstances, whatever they may have been.

Those unknown wrongs have now been undone and the OVI store is now being rolled out. This version (2.08.042) is supposed to bring the ability to update your apps from inside the OVI store. Just open up the OVI store on your device and you should be prompted to install a new version, easy as that.

So, have you received the OVI Store update yet? And what’s new for you? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks Jeet for the tip

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  1. Fritz Pinguin says:

    My silver N8 in Thailand is just downloading the update… at 50% now.

  2. Gerii says:

    Update all + Smart Installer = utter fail…

  3. Obefiend says:

    ah finally i can see the updates and updating now. Im from Malaysia by the way

  4. mussiexxx says:

    i updated my dark gray n8 last night no problems

  5. nathanfake says:

    i’ve got this annoying bug.. ovi store won’t disconnect wlan/3g after exiting :(

    all other apps (opera, nimbuzz, mail, widgets) disconnect few seconds after exiting… only ovistore keeps connected forever :(

    • Ninja says:

      Just switch the phone to Offline mode (by tapping on the Profile widget usually marked General (or whatever profile you use) below the battery bars on the home screen. Let it go offline, so signal strength shows an ‘X’ then repeat this procedure and switch back to your normal profile (e.g. General)

      • nathanfake says:

        i know that ;)

        or i can just manually disconnect wlan…

        annoying thing it, only ovi store won’t disconnect automatically…

        all other apps work just fine =)

    • HD says:

      I am facing the same issue nowadays. Though I am pretty sure it is related to Qt binaries.
      I noticed one thing, previously Ovi Store used to work smooth and good. Then I installed something which installed some Qt binaries. Ovi Store started behaving this way.
      Again I installed some app, which again installed some Qt binaries and Ovi Store started working smooth again.
      Again I installed some app… well the same old story..

  6. Seylan says:

    The “F-secure” app and “WhatsApp” on my E7 keeps on connecting to the Wlan/3g…Does anyone know how to turn it off? Oh, and how do you update the OVI Store?

    • Ninja says:

      Disable or uninstall the app. Why do you need F-Secure? There are no viruses on Symbian phones, it’s just utter rubbish!

      If the data connection won’t shut down with no apps running, then follow this procedure:

      Just switch the phone to Offline mode (by tapping on the Profile widget usually marked General (or whatever profile you use) below the battery bars on the home screen. Let it go offline, so signal strength shows an ‘X’ then repeat this procedure and switch back to your normal profile (e.g. General)

      • Harangue says:

        If my memory serves me right, F-Secure (anti-theft that is but I think Seylan means that one) comes with the E7 as standard in it’s office related apps pack.

        I’m surprised you as a Symbian fan didn’t know that. But I’m just a delusional writer for this blog with little to no knowledge of the industry. ;)

      • Babis says:

        it works this rogress thanks but if we have to do this all the time then is same progress to go at connection manager and close from there
        however next time still stay connected and so again progress

  7. siazshuakme says:

    i got an update from Malaysia, and it has been successfully updated for my N8.when i launch new ovi store, it shows notification that i hv 2 apps need to be update.i kinda like this feature..

  8. DAEX says:


    What is your phone product code? I already wait few weeks and no any update of Ovi store.

    • siazshuakme says:

      N8 RM-596
      product code; 059D1G4
      r u Malaysia?

      • DAEX says:

        N8 RM-596 Grey
        Product Code: 059D1F9 (Zitron Set)

        Zzzz..why my product code always wait so long. Next time I don’t want to buy any Zitron set product code.

        Thanks sya~ nice to meet you. ;)

        • siazshuakme says:

          I believe mine also Zitron..
          btw,how u define via product code whether it is from Zitron,Avaxx or others.
          Do u mind to tell me,at least 4 my knowledge

          • DAEX says:

            I don’t not sure about this, but I just know all our N8 sell in Malaysia is country variant product code, that means Zitron company apply several product code with Nokia and sell it, maybe you told me just now is one of Zitron country variant product code, and you are lucky to get an update the new Ovi store. For N8 in Malaysia, I think we are hard to find out or buy a product code like apac1_gr_malaysia 0599298, apac1_blu_malaysia 0599321 something like that, this is a free region product code and you can get any new firmware update on time.

  9. Andrew says:

    New Ovi running well on my Nokia N8

  10. Saj says:

    I am in UK, got update and installed, prompted me to 4 new updates, Skype, Angrybirds RIO, Copter it and IM chat
    So first thing I download was RIO and guess what? It was version 1.0 and it took me back to March and April, I then have to install the May update from angrybirds rio itself
    Is this only me or other people having some sort of problem?

    • Babis says:

      yes almost same problem
      i have from a website angry birds rio 1.1.0 and asking me to update to 1.0.0
      of course i did not update it to lower version

  11. H0r5tGu3nth3r says:

    Update works fine in Germany – No Problems

    i have after installation more Free Capacity on C-Drive thats great

  12. ganesh Sha says:

    Update received In india …. Updated Successfully

  13. DanT says:

    11 updates found … pretty cool ;)

  14. sayantan says:

    Its working nice!

  15. italian7 says:

    nothing for US product codes as usual! wish you could permanently switch product code.

  16. Babis says:

    update for my n8 and c7 was good.thanks nokia
    giving now the update for ovi and not together with symbian anna i guess anna is long way ahead

  17. DAEX says:

    Yeah! Just updated the new Ovi Store.

  18. Rock says:

    Only just got it… -___-

  19. Deaconclgi says:

    To anyone that has not gotten the new Ovi Store or needs to re-download the store for any reason.

    Here is the link to the Ovi Store download, from the Ovi Store.


    I suggest bookmarking it on your PC. Log in and click send link to phone. It will download the latest Ovi Store to your phone after clicking on the text message that you recieve.

    I just reinstalled the store after messing it up with QT installs.

    I hope this is useful to someone.

    • Deaconclgi says:

      Even though the picture on the web store shows the S^1 store. The Ovi Installer will download the latest version to your phone.

  20. momofarm says:

    I download the upgraded ovi store.

    But when I scroll down to browser new apps, I see a lot of empty items on menu.

    I thought it’s just wait for cache, so I wait but nothing appeared.

    Is that a bug?

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